How to Gain a Cat’s Trust

The simple steps necessary to create a relationship with a cat are not too difficult. Patience is a virtue, and it must be applied with diligence.

Whenever a human gets a new cat there are some concessions that must be made to gain trust, if the hope of ever forming a relationship will come to fruition. Whether adopted at a shelter, bought at a pet store, or found as a stray, all cats have certain similar personality traits that must be respected. Trust issues pertaining to a cat mostly involve their survival instinct, and to attempt to infringe on that instinct too quickly will result if either a frightened or aggressive reaction.

To gain a cat’s trust, begin with providing the basic necessities of life. Good quality food, fresh water and a comfortable place to live and sleep are an excellent starting point. Refrain from exposing the cat to loud noise, music or voices and try to create a pleasant atmosphere for the cat to flourish in physically and emotionally. The key to getting a cat to trust a human lies in not pressing the issue too quickly, and respecting the cat’s space and wishes.

Children and new pet’s, particularly cats, often have issues in communicating at first. A child frequently is so excited at the prospect of a new family member that they assault the cat’s senses with smothering affection. This can really slow the progress of forming trust, so it’s best to closely monitor kids and cats. Teach children that cats have individual personality, and they must learn to read the cat’s mood accordingly.

Slowly over time, trust will begin to form with each meal, play session, or opportunity to display affection. You’ll notice the cat will begin to search for you when it has a need, because it knows you are more than willing to help. Eventually, the cat will trust you totally, as though you have known each other for a lifetime.

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