Hoarding Pictures. Shocking Hoarding Pictures From Around The World

Hoarding pictures which will shock the hell out of you. Guaranteed.

Hoarding is a kind of psychological disorder which causes people to collect and store things that most people find usually useless. Hoarding often results in a clutter which can even cause safety and sanitary risks to both the person who is hoarding and his  community. You will be amazed by the deterioration of a house in which hoarding is taking place.

Hoarding in Kitchen. Is that a kitchen or a dumpster?

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Just have a look at this picture and what Hoarding has done to this Kitchen. Kitchen is a perfect place for bio hoarding. Hoarding generally starts with discarded food materials. The first stage is when you fill up the refrigerator. Once that is done, food slowly stars piling up in the counters and slowly people who are into hoarding simply toss the stuff to a corner. People who are into hoarding lacks the ability to see this room as other normal person would see. Hoarders do not care to take out the trash. Because of their mental condition they think that each and every item in the house is of some use. Does this hoarding picture give an indication of your kitchen. For your sake I hope not. 

Hoarding pictures with a pattern.

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Hoarding need not look like a mess always. In some cases of hoarding you can clearly see a pattern. In the above Hoarding picture you can see stacks of bottles, cans, cigar cases, jam bottles and what not arranged and stacked in an orderly fashion. In this kind of hoarding people have trouble parting with the items the posses. Even though it might seem like a useless item to you, to the person who is doing hoarding, that might seem valuable. Some people have a tendency to keep empty bottles or plastic containers but they cannot be categorized as extreme hoarders.

Animal Hoarding pictures

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How many pets do you have? one? two? If it is more than 10 and you don’t have any control over your pets, then you might be very well into animal hoarding. What you see in the above hoarding picture is not a pet cat sanctuary. It is the result of animal hoarding and cats taking control over the house. In the case of animal hoarding, you will find dead and decayed animal parts in some rooms which will cause serious health hazard. Mostly the neighbours complain after getting the foul smell but the person who is into animal hoarding will not be able to detect the foul smell because of his or her condition.

Hoarding pictures of excessive shoppers.

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Do you have trouble parting with items which you shopped but never used? Do you feel that even though an item cannot be used right now, it will become useful soon?  Well if you buy tons of items and stack it up and use it only once or never at all then you might be a good candidate for shoppers hoarding. People who are into shoppers hoarding will be compulsive buyers too. They cannot resist the urge of going to a shop and buying things. They are not sure what they will use the stuff for. But just buying them gives them a sort of gratification. They will either stack these items neatly or there will be an attic or a room which they will toss these things to. Slowly the room or attic will be full and stuff will start overflowing to the rest of the rooms.

Side note:

Many psychologists believe that hoarding is a sort of obsessive compulsive disorder especially seen in adults and old age people. Have you seen anyone hoarding? Please share your experience.

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  1. LOL great pictures!!! Where do you find this stuff?

  2. nice :)

  3. Good Post

  4. Nice write-up with relevant images.

  5. great pics! and where do you draw the line between collecting and hoarding?

  6. Excellent question. This self assessment test will help you find the answer. http://www.oprah.com/home/Hoarding-Severity-Scale

    In short, If your collection restricts you from effectively doing your day today activities or if you are having trouble with parting some useless stuff, then that I think is the boundary line.

  7. @laughoutloud. I saw a video in facebook and was interested in learning more. Did some research.

  8. Whoa! -Shocking! :-o

  9. This article has been indexed inThe Triond Experiment Thanks and goodluck!

  10. I live with a hoarder. We live in a rual area now, but for years we dealt with angry obnoxious neighbors (which eventually ended up with them chasing us out of that neighborhood at midnight with torches) 4 places we moved because of his collecting his treasures. I understand it’s a disease, it brings blight to nice neighborhoods, and undesirable individuals,beside bringing the property values down, but what I hate is the trash that comes with it. And who needs 20 lawn mowers, which none work, or 50 vacumes, not one working in the bunch, lawn chairs by the hundreds??????? I finally came to terms with it and employeed a woman who did laundry 24/7, (the clothes people toss, unreal) She would have two washers and two dryers going all day and all night. She’d sort it and display it in size. Whenever someone came to my house with a story about losing everything, I would tell them, grab some boxes by the back door and then just follow the path, (I had finally began sorting things that were multiples, toasters, coffee makers, pot, pans, silverware, dishes, children’s books, lamps, etc) These people had lost everything, yet still if my hoarder came home before they left or as they were walking out with boxes, he had the nerve to ask me how much I made……..? I usually just said, It cost me nothing, except my time and effort to get in into some kind of organization, clean it, make sure it worked, were you just piled it willy nilly into the yard, then you ask if I made any money? I’m paying it forward, I’ve felt for a long time that I am just a waystation for this junk, it is just waiting for the person to come along who needs it. He was always speechless, what could he say? He was greedy and I think part of his hoarding was just the plain fact that he could brag about what he had found. Kind of like a kid, Nanny Nanny Boo Boo, I have more than you do. You can’t have it, haha! I can’t tell you how many times I had friends with trucks come in the middle of the night when he was gone and we’d pile up the junk, no matter what it was, and go to dump it back into some dumpster. What I never have been able to understand, since he knows the consiquences, why he never learned and played the game? He used to use the ‘it’s my constitutional right to have privacy and it’s my stuff, no one can tell me what I can or cannot collect!!!!!!! I am pretty neat, there is a place for everything, I hate clutter, so when it creeps in, I get pissed after awhile and chuck it out of the house, not giving a crap about breaking anything or ruining something that he may be able to sell. (which of course he would never ever part with) It is actually cathargic and gets rid of my anger while doing that. I figure if I have asked him to clean it up and get it out of my house and he hasn’t done it after about 7 attempts, well then it’s fair game. I just wish that he would finish his workshop and then get all his tools (which are everywhere outside) and have a place that I won’t care how messy it is. I know enough about this disease and him, that I realize that it makes him happy. As long as I don’t have to look at it, I let him continue cos he’s happy!

  11. picture #2 is not hoarding…it’s a beer can collection.

  12. I think, I am one of the candidates!

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