Freckles Poem

This is a poem I made a while back.


                     Freckles is my bunny

                     She sometimes is funny

                     I love her a lot

                     When she is naughty she gets caught

                     She is as white as a cloud

                     She is never loud

                     She’s a lop-eared bunny

                     Her ears are the color of honey

                     She is very sweet

                     She licks my feet

                     She sometimes is dumb

                     When I call her she doesn’t come

                     Soft is her fur

                     So I cuddle her

                     She is kind of fat

                     And bigger than a small hat

                     Her feet are big

                     She likes to dig

                     I love to pick her up

                     She looks like a baby seal pup

                     She loves to hop

                     And also flop

                     She loves to eat

                     And stomp her feet

                     Freckles is a good pet

                     She is the best bunny I have ever met

Liked it

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