Five Good Reasons Why Not to Have a Cat

Cats are bad pets.

     I find cats to be very bad pets, but that’s my personal opinion. Most girls think cats are just perfect little animals, those girls who want cats as pets of course. So, here are some reasons why not to have a cat.

  1. Cats sleep ALL the time. They take short naps all throughout the day instead of sleeping 8 hours a night like normal human beings.
  2. Cats aren’t useful for keeping guard on ANYTHING. Some of us, like myself, have cats that sit at the top of the stairs every night and just keep watch. But, are they really going to do anything if something happens? No.
  3. They eat too much. Cats are always eating and that’s why they get so fat. Cats eat, maybe 5 times a day. But to people like us who are buying their food, we go through those big 5 pound bags in two weeks to a month.
  4. Cats shed hair ALL over the place. It seems like their fur wont stay on their little bodies. I don’t know, its kind of a mystery why cats always shed their fur. It might be because they are always licking themselves though.
  5. They get mad way too easy. Cats are always scratching, clawing, or biting people. I guess they just feel threatened because we are so giant and they are so small.

I’m telling you from experience, do not get a cat as a pet. Instead, get a hamster or a bunny. They are so much easier to handle than a cat. And you wont have to change the litter in their litter box every week.

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  1. You’re an idiot.

  2. Totally agree with you that cat are the worst pet some1 can get, they are aggressive for no reason, temperamental, can’t adapt to anything unless you go 10 000 miles out of your way for them, they are opportunist and you never know when they will scratch other animal eyes out or worst a baby. (its a fact more cats attack than dog attacks occur every days, they are not just reported since cats are such feeble animal that they can’t hurt full grown human even with their killing intent).

    Cat act like wild animal and are scared of everything for no reason, if they were as big as dog they would be extremely dangerous….anyways i could go on and on because there are so many reason why cats are bad animals, but one that must not be forgotten is bad owner. Yes most cat loving ppl baby their cat so much that they turn out bad. It makes them act like royalty and they think they own the world…

    Anyways cat are good pets for ppl who like to be bossed around so if you wanna be owned by a cat, be my guest lol

  3. The wise word of a moron. Ignorance is such a sad disease.

  4. You sir/maan are an absolute idiot. You are ignorant and stupid.

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