Five Foods That Can Make Your Pet Sick

You know chocolate is not good for your pet, but do you know the other four foods that can make your pet sick?

We have heard of not giving our pet chocolate, but are you aware of these other foods below? The foods we, human, consume are delicious and perfectly safe, not always good for our pet.

Dogs and cats owner should watch out for these five particular foods listed here.

As much as you love your best friend and want to share everything with him or her, it is best to keep our human foods to ourselves.


Chocolate has a high content of cocoa, especially the dark one. The theobromine substance in all chocolate is a stimulant that can affect heart rate, and central nervous system. If your dog or cat consumes as little as two ounces of chocolate, he/she may have diarrhea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat or muscle trembling.

Gum and Candy

Gum and candy that contain xylitol is a danger for your pet if he/she eats a few pieces. The xylitol is a common sweetener can cause a drop in blood sugar. Your dog becomes weak, may have seizures, liver failure, and could die.


The chemical called n-propyl disulfide in onions break down red blood cells, and prevent oxygen from circulating. If your dog or cat consumes just about three ounces, he/she may have blood in urine; feel weak, fast heart rate, and breathing rapidly. This can cause serious threat.

Grapes and Raisins

For just half an ounce of raisins, or a handful of grape, your dog may have kidneys failure in 48 hours. This can bring on stomach upset, vomiting and may lead to death.


Dog and cat if consume about one teaspoon of salt can be seriously sick, because salt changes how liquid holds in your pet’s body. In some cases, it causes swelling in your pet’s brain. This causes your pet tremor, and seizure, and sometimes death.

Not that you are going to feed your pet mushrooms, but here is a little note about it. Store bought mushrooms are perfectly safe for your pet, but back yard mushrooms are poisonous and dangerous, so be aware.

If your pet accident eats one of these foods, has difficulty breathing, seizure, or unconsciousness, rush him/her to the pet hospital right away. Remember your pet’s birthday, weight, breed, and how much he/she consumed would aid the process of treating your furry friend faster.

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  1. Thanks for making many aware of these “pet-allergic” foods!

    Great work!

  2. Must admit that I didn’t know about raisins, and grapes. I have given my dog both. I’ll be more careful in future though. Thanks.

  3. i read that seedless grapes are ok…. the seeds contain a form of arsenic..

  4. Thanks for the wonderful advice. I bathed my dog with eucalyptus oil (for fleas)the other day – very little, but my cat grooms him and she got very sick. The vet says that cats have been brought to her with seizures after flea remedies that were made for cats. They can be very sensitive, so we need to be careful with our fur babies.

  5. Thank you everybody for your comments.
    I am deepy grateful.

    I didn’t know about seedless grapes! However, I don’t dare to test that out either. I can’t afford a vet bill right now…lol..

    Thank you for mention that. We need to know that important information also. Thanks again.

  6. Great tips! My cat likes chocolate eventhough it is not good for her and she will try to help herself if I am not watching.

  7. I’ll give PEOPLE food to my dogs the day after I give DOG FOOD to my children.

    It’s a lot better for the dog (and my nose) to just keep it simple.

  8. The pets of this planet owe you a debt of thanks. Good show Icy!

  9. Important information to know, thanks! I did recently hear about raisins and it can be terribly dangerous. I knew about the chocolate and try to be really careful. Thanks for the great info.

  10. Nice article.

  11. Thank you everyone for your comment.

  12. The comment about mushrooms is ridiculous. Being “from the store” does not impart magical properties to mushrooms. What you were trying to say is that the ones at the store are known to be edible while, unless you’re a mushroom hunter, the ones growing in your backyard may be inedible or even poisonous. The only reason for that is the variety of mushroom, not where they came from.

  13. Jay,
    I am glad you found something in the article to comment on.
    And thank you for defining “what you were trying to say…”

  14. Real chocolate is dangerous but artificially flavored isn’t. Most of the chocolate people consume has very little cocoa content.

  15. Lainey,
    Thank you for verifying about the chocolate. Good to know.

  16. Good article. Thanks for sharing, these are really important to know.

  17. Manda,
    Thank you for your encouraging words..

  18. Whoa…I knew about chocolate…but not the other items. Thank you for this important, informative piece.

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  19. Thank you Liane, and LionessofGD.

    Your comments sure made my day.

  20. This article was great! Good solid information and right to the point. Perfect! I have to admit that I didn’t know about the gum, candy, raisins, grapes or salt. Not that I give them to my dogs or anything, but I do have kids and they do crazy things you know. My Pomeranian (Cupid) came running through the house the other day with gum caught in his hair. You can imagine how fun that was to get out of a Pomeranian. I will really have to watch out for that gum now, for more than one reason. Thanks so much!

  21. Very informative. I had no idea about the raisins and grapes.

    We have a four month old kitten who vomitted twice tonite. We think he may have eaten some banana so we googled and got your article about foods to avoid.

    Peg S.

  22. Thank you Rebecca!

    Thank you Peggy, I am glad you found this article helpful in some ways.

  23. I also loved the info. Grapes and raisins…Who knew. A little piece of raisin toast thrown out to the birds can make any pooch sick,let alone my own! I lost my big girl Hazeloni today due to kidney failure. After Googling every thing to make sense of this,I actually learned from it,more valuable info. Thank You. I will pass this on to all my clients.

  24. Dear Robyn F.
    I am so sorry for your lost. And thank you for your generous comment.

  25. Can PB&J make a cat sick?

  26. Corrina–in general, PB&J can make a pet sick! If your cat has eaten PB&J before, and it didn’t get sick, then it must not be from it!

  27. always good to remember

  28. any mushrooms are not ok. store-bought or not. that only means its safe for you. bad for dogs

  29. Good info BC. I’m careless about onions, never thought that it could be harmful. Now I know, thanks.

  30. What about a dog eating lipstick? Will it make it sick or feel really bad? My dog (she weighs between 20-25 lbs. She knows how to unzip my purse. She got into it without my knowledge. I found her with and eyebrow pencil, but had no idea she had chewed up and ingest some lipstick. She threw it up about 3 different times. She seems a bit lethargic right now, but I think she’ll be okay – I hope! Does anyone know about this kind of stuff? I need a little help with this one. Thanks!

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