Family Dogs, New Born Babies and What I Want to Tell You

Family dogs and newborn babies together in the same house.

          I just saw in the news where a family dog took a 4 day old baby from the crib and took it outside.  One thing I have learned is that when you have a new born a baby, you have to introduce the dog to the baby, set the car seat down and bring the dog over to the car seat, tell the dog about the new member of the family.  I’m not saying leave the car seat on the floor, I’m just saying that you have to introduce the two.  If the dog was in the house way before any children, the dog is going to feel ignored when all the attention goes toward the baby.  New parents have to learn to communicate with thier dog too, make him or her a part of the baby’s life.  That’s exactly what I did with my dogs.  I had Xena four years before I had any children, my son Connor was born 6 weeks early but when he came fromt he hosptial I sat on the floor with the carseat and called Xena over to me.

         She was fascinated by the car seat and sniffed around, she saw the little boy in seat.  She sniffed him, that is normal, a small lick isn’t bad and won’t hurt him at all.  I pet Xena and told her, this is your new brother, your new charge.  You have to help protect him too.  I know some of you out there think that it’s stupid to talk to an animal like that but it works.  Not all animals are stupid, same applies to humans, not all of us are stupid.  When I talked to Xena she listened to me and did what I said just like she was a person.  I talk to my dogs Toby and Barkey like that too.  Barkley is pretty good about listening, Toby is getting there.  My point is that when you introduce two dogs, it’s a slow process as they get to know each other and they learn that they are going to be living together. 

          The other thing to remember is that if you’re not going to introduce the baby to the dog, make sure the door is closed to the babies room.  I have read too many stories about this kind of thing, it’s not totally the dogs fault.  I feel sorry for the families that this has happened to and I feel sorry for the dogs.  When they feel left out and ignored they do the same thing as a child who feels ignored.  They will seek out any attention they can just to get thier owner to give them some attention.  I am no professional animal trainer but I have been around dogs all my life and I have had many different breeds of dogs.  I have taken in a number of strays and taught them to trust humans again. 

          I am in no way talking about the dogs that get out of the yard and tear up an older child, I am talking about the family dog who took the baby out of it’s crib or play pen.

          I send as much sympathy as I can to both the families of those who feel betrayed by thier dog, the children who have had to suffer because of this and the animals who have had to be punnished for what they did.

          I am not trying to offend anyone, only offer some advice.

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