Extremely Colorful Small Birds for Pet

Here’s a list of small species of birds with the most brilliant and brightest coloration.

 All body parts of the first bird on the list are extremely colorful. The bill, the feet, the head, the wings, the belly and all other parts are indeed brightly-colored.

1.) Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx erithaca)

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The Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher is a surefire winner in terms of brightness of coloration. This small red and yellow kingfisher with yellow under parts and bluish upper parts inhabits lowland forest of South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is also commonly known as the Black-backed Kingfisher.

2.) Regal Sunbird (Nectarinia regia)

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The magnificent-looking Regal Sunbird is a very colorful small bird species of the Nectariniidae family. It can be found in the African countries of Burundi, Congo, and few other neighboring countries.

3.) Rufous-collared Kingfisher (Actenoides concretus)

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Kingfisher birds are well-known worldwide for their brilliant colorations. One of the most brightly-colored kingfishers is the Rufous-collared Kingfisher. This beautiful and lovely-looking bird inhabits tropical and subtropical forest of Southeast Asian countries. This bird is threatened by loss of habitat.

4.) Gouldian Finch (Erythrura gouldiae)

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Without a doubt, the Gouldian Finch is truly one of the most beautifully colored small birds in the world. This colorful passerine bird is native to Australia. Thousands of Gouldian Finches are being kept as pets.

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This pretty bird is also scientifically named Chloebia gouldiae or also commonly known as the Lady Gouldian Finch. It is widely bred in captivity but classified as endangered in the wild with a remaining population of about 2,500 birds.


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  1. very beautiful birds. :)

  2. Too cute and colorful! I love the first one, the blend of color is quite different.

  3. Really pretty birds.

  4. These birds are all beautiful but I especially like the first. Thanks for sharing this and I would love to see one in real life.

  5. They are like flying roses to behold…

  6. Very beautiful. They look almost alike.

  7. WEll shared lovely post.

  8. Excellent list of colorful birds, kabayan.

  9. Very colorful indeed.

  10. Finches yes.. but I have never known anyone to keep Kingfishers as pets…

  11. I like the Gouldian Finch a lot. Nice colors.

  12. These are really looking cute.

  13. ang tindi ng mga photos. Great share, bro.

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