Dogs Do Communicate a Lot Like Humans

This is a true story……….

I have a childhood friend who owns a three flat building, shared with family  members, like a Family Apartment Building.  Emergencies are usually solved in a timely manner because of the close proximity of the members.  If a key is lost and someone is home, they don’t have to worry about getting in, particularly.

Such is the case that her daughter was locked out of her apartment, locking the self-locked door with the key inside and coming to her Parent’s apartment to get a spare.  The Dog heard her beckoning as my friend, the mother was in the Kitchen preparing her Dinner.

Her pet came to her many times with this strange voice, not a bark but strange sounds to the point that my friend thought that she had swallowed something.   She checked because this is a docile, nice dog to her family and there was nothing amiss until my friend noticed her going back up the hallway to the front door and coming back with this strange sound, as if she was trying to actually express something.  Well, the light bulb went off in my friend’s head and as she turned to go up the call, the dog ran before her and began barking – finally and wagging her tail.  Relief.  Her daughter was at the door, locked out of her apartment.  The mother (my friend) asked her what she was saying to the Dog and she said “I kept saying, Bridget, tell Mama I’m at the door and locked out”. 

I have now dubbed her “Bridget, The Wonder Dog”.  We have laughed about this a lot.  She knows my slight aversion to Dogs (yes I’m a little nutty, so what) and said “This is the sweetest dog in the world.  You would not believe how she acts if she thinks something is wrong with me”.  I always say “You were born in the South where most households had a dog..  I was born in the City whereas all the crazy folks had Dogs and the dogs acted as bad as the children playing on the street….you can only imagine my early experience with them.  Not good! “  But righteously I have learned so much more about Dogs, the different breeds and their personalities and I don’t have the same aversion. Believe me.  Peace :)

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  1. As they say, Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Even I’ve had few pets of mine and my neighbours, and the most communicable animal I found were dogs. We might not understand them, but they definitely understand our feelings. Great share.

  2. excellent work Good useful info :)

  3. great share..

  4. Dogs are wonderful!
    Dogs, cats, and birds are very human like, when they live in a loving home…they are so beautiful. Only difference is: birds are not mammals.
    Great story, and inspiring…Thanks!

  5. Dogs are awesome human companions! No wonder in Japan today, families prefer dogs to children!

  6. Dogs know how to communicate with us, definitely. Just one look into their sad eyes and I am hooked.

  7. Well written, thank you. And thank you for your support.

  8. This is such a great experience. Yes, dogs can really be wonderful.

  9. Amazing article thanks for sharing.

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