Dog Ear Infection

Got a dog? Here is information about the symptoms of ear infection, the treatment for it, and other helpful tips for keeping a dog healthy.

How does a dog’s ear get affected?

The dog’s ear canal has a vertical and a horizontal component. This predisposes the dog to ear infections as debris must work its way upward rather than straight out.

Disease of the ear usually stems from over-production of wax as occurs in response to irritation. Allergic skin disease affecting the ears is one possible cause (especially in recurring cases); other causes of ear infections include ear mites, foreign bodies (such as grass awns or fox tails), or hair growth deep in the canal (common in poodles and schnauzers especially). The moisture of the wax promotes bacterial growth and infection. Soon wax in ears is joined by pus.

One thing of concern in dogs that are professionally groomed is the practice of plucking the hairs out of the dog’s ear. The serum which then comes out of their pores is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, which is a common cause of ear infection. Vets generally don’t recommend you allow your dog’s ears to be plucked unless their is a good medical reason to do so. An example of a good medical reason is if there is a large mat of hair that is blocking air flow.

If the mats of hair are in the ear canal, they should be removed by a vet only. If they’re not, first soak the hair in a coat conditioner for a few minutes to soften it. Then, with your fingers, separate as much of the mat as possible.

You may be able to untangle the rest of the mat with a comb, but more likely you’ll need scissors or a mat splitter. Be very careful if you’re using scissors. Using a comb, position it under the mat to protect the skin. Hold the scissors at right angles to the comb, and cut into the matted fur in narrow strips. Very gently, tease the mat out, and then comb out any snarls that are left. Regular grooming, with the right tools, will avoid mats forming in the first place.


Dogs show discomfort around their ears by scratching, rubbing their ears on the floor or furniture, or by shaking the head. If the infection reaches the middle ear, affected animals may have a head tilt, a lack of balance, and unusual eye movements.

Infections – Aural Hematoma

When a dog with uncomfortable ears shakes and scratches vigorously, a blood vessel in the ear flap may rupture. This leads to bleeding into the tissues of the pinna . The usual recommendation is to have the blood clots removed and the ear bandaged and cleaned under anesthesia. If the hematoma is not so big as to occlude the ear canal (thus preventing medication), the option to forgo surgery exists; but without surgery, the ear may scar down into an abnormal appearance.

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  1. My dog has BLACK sappy like material in (L)ear and shaking head alot. I have been cleaning with C 1/0 but no luck getting rid of gunk. Vet bill is too much for me at this time is any other way to get proper medication than to pay $165.00.

  2. I would recommand you to pay the $165 to treat it now before it gets worse. I have the same problem with nt Beagle and now my vet bill is $700 and counting. My dog shaking her head alot and end up hurting the neck, if you don’t treat the ear, that may happen to your dog as well and then the vet bill will be much more than $165.

  3. Just took my Lab mix to the vet today, he was shaking his head and scratching…turns out he has a yeast infection in his ear. I had wiped it out with a little tissue with a small amount of peroxide and the vet said it was actually already almost over, but still gave him some drops. I recommend at least getting it looked at, but certain breeds are prone to the yeast infections..Bassies, Labs…and a few others; It’s really uncomfortable for them. Why don’t you try to find a vet that will give you one of those doggy vet credit cards, that you can pay on time?

  4. My Cockapoo has her third ear infection and the cost for testing and medication was only $117.00 which I gladly paid. Some vets do let you make payment as they know not everyone can afford the cost these days plus there is always pet insurance. Good luck

  5. My Akita has an ear problem. He has such a nasty temper with the vet, that we just don’t go. I’m treating his ear with colloidal silver water, available at most health food stores – and it’s working. I was glad to see “silver” mentioned in the article. Colloidal silver is reputed to be effective for over 650 types of bacteria. I used it myself as eye drops to clear up a problem. It works!

  6. I have a 3 yr. old bullmastiff. He has a psudomonas infection that is resistant to everything we tried. What should I do now??

  7. i have a 4 month old chihuahua puppy who is shaking his head and rubbibg his ears on the floor his ear don’t have anything in them and no bad smell. i have been putting ear drops in his for two days but he is still shaking and rubbing. any advice?

  8. All dog pathologies are explained here: Dog illness

  9. WOW! Linn – I was so glad to hear you use silver!!! We use it all the time in our family. I am going to try it on my Chihuahua’s ear problem, too!!!

  10. I can empathize with all of you! I have an english mastiff who has an ear infection that won’t go away! He’s been on a couple of antibiotics both topical and ingestible, but they only provide temporary relief. Since, it may be food related, we finally bit the bullet and put him on an allergy free diet. We tried several brands and finally found one that he likes!! Hew! He lost 8 pounds in the process. His ear has been cultured and he has a bacterial infection (pseudomonas and enterococcus) both are aparantly very resistant to meds. he is on baytril and dexamethasone adn trizedta solution twice a day. I hope it works for the both of us $$$$$

  11. I am at my wits end I have a 8 year old german shepherd that has been on every antibioticand steriod sometimes for years….and only helps for a bit then it is back again.
    Her ear canal looks to be closed with a little pus i just dont know what to do!
    I have spent over $1000.00 to asssit her and will spend more to alieve her but, i need something that works i have changed her food to a very expensive one and stil.. the infection…
    It came back last night~
    Anyone out there that could help???

  12. Does anyone know if vinegar works well to clear it up? I have heard that is does.

  13. How do you use the silver water, do you just put a few drops in their ears?

  14. Venus,I live in CA and half my cases are allergies of some sort. Fleas in the summer. Atopy in the winter. Food allergies the year round. In my practice severe ear infections are usually due to some sort of food allergy, Really bad ears suggests a food allergy. Infected ears that dont respond to steroids suggest a food allergy. You are right to change the diet but dont expect miricles over night. You have to try hypoallergenic diets for at least three months to see results.If you dont try another diet. In my area the cost of these diets has sky rocketed so I would suggest you find a recipe for a hypoallergenic diet on line. Make up a weeks worth and try that for three months. Also he can have nothing else to eat during the trial, REPEAT nothing. No treats no leather chews, NOTHING.

    I have seen dogs with horrible ears make complete recoveries, but it takes alot of effort on the part of the owner.

    Also many of these dogs have severe yeast infections( can confirm with cytology ear smear) and I use ketoconozole oral (10mg/kg) for 21 days to clear these infections.

  15. My yellow lab has the same infection in ear as post#6 pseudomonas airuginosa. trying ciprofloxacin anibiotic if that doesnt clear it up, vet recommended surgery. $4000.00 yikes!! what is this organism from? shakes his head constantly, and all the gunk flys out. i feel bad for him. Help???

  16. my yorkie had a yeast infection in her ear so we tried hydrogen peroxide and it work, it cleared most of the junk but i still took her to the vet just in case, so they prescribed her a gel to clear her hear at the end of the session it cost me almost $250, its been almost 5 months and the infection is back im ssssooooo scared to go to that vet again.

  17. To all of you who have dogs with ear and skin problems go to this site and read up on it.
    It will help you understand that there are many causes of ear problems and give you some suggestions on how to treat them

  18. I purchased colloidal silver for my dog’s ear infection. How do I use it on my dog?

  19. My black lab has a smelly ear that is bothering her. Should I use the antibiotics that cleared up her last ear infection?

  20. Hey I have a Siberian Husky who always has a lot of trouble with her ears she has ever since she was little,but right now it is very hard financially. I have 2 Dogs and a baby so yea i really cant afford it. I feel absolutely horrible for her.What else can I do for her? Does anyone think that ammoxicillian the antibiotic that they give to adults for infections would work for her at all? It might do the same thing since the purpose of the medicine is killing the infection.Does anyone have any advice for me please please help me out!!!

  21. I have a book you may be interested in if your dog has a yeast infection in the ears go to

  22. My Long Haired Shepherd has had an ear issues for the last year. First the black gunk, we finally got that cleared up then around December he started with rubbing his ear on the floor, shaking of head, scratching and screeming. We brought him in for his annual and the infection. Suprise he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Because this has to do with his immune system, would this have anything to do with why the antibiotics and topical won’t work? I am getting another apt. for an ear culture to see if it is a different type of bacteria. Because of the Chemo Therapy his ear treatment has to be done a little more carefully. We have switched his food from California Natural to Evo and cooked meat and chicken diet, canned sardines, fish oil. He won’t eat organic yogart, I havent tried Tripe yet. I am almost leaning towards the coconut oil, Zymox or Colloidal Sliver.

    The cost of the Chemo is killing us but I need to have his ear situation resolved for his comfort.

  23. An ear infection can be a combination of bacterial and yeast. This is a catch 22 situation because an antibiotic kills the good bacteria that prevents the yeast from overgrowth. If you are having problems with continuous infections then I recommend cleaning with peroxide to manage bacteria, then treat with a womens yeast infection treatment in the morning and in the evening. Be sure to get it down into the ear canal just like any other treatment then rub it in gently. If this does not work and you have been treating with various prescribed medications and the infection returns – Stop the treatments for a while and they may clear up on their own. If stopping the treatment does not work, wait about a month then resume treatment and it should work again. The medications can be harmful to the ears and may be causing antibiotic resistance.
    If any of you think your dog may have an allergy causing the infection but have tried dietary changes, you might take a look at some of the stuff around your house that your dog is in contact with like laundry detergents for bedding and clothing or their bath shampoo. Dogs have many of the same problems as humans and vets don’t tend to think that way.

  24. Has anybody had any luck treating/curing pseudomonas aeruginosa? I have a little 10yr old westie with this problem, which i understand is quite severe. I am currently treating with Genticin drops (vet prescribed) and applying a garlic oil to the outer of the ear and using garlic in her food. She has a weakened immune system due to a very poor past and so am also open to any ideas to help build her up.
    I would be very greatfull of any information any of you could give me?
    Many thanks.

  25. I have a yellow lab 12 years old. This afternoon when she would walk she would fall over. We took her to the emergency room vet and her right ear is almost closed. The vet cannot find anything else wrong with her. Anyone else have this problem? He gave her a steroid shot and antibiotics. And she will get re-checked in 3 days. The vet is hoping the steroid and antibiotics will take the inflamation down so that they can see what is going on. She still cannot walk without assistance as of tonight. Her appetite is good.
    Thank You!

  26. Marie , a excellent way to help an animal to gain weight is rice,always warm, although any underweight animal will take a few months to gain. break up the meals to 3 to 4 times a day add 1/4 cup of rice at first mixed into each meal you can add boullion or real butter [watch stools] if your westie like that butter added .even eggs if not allergic,the idea is to wake up the taste buds , stretch the pups stomach, use a canned food that contains lamb.always try to feed in a calm setting especially if your pup has had a rough past…make sure her teeth/gums are ok this alsocould affect appetite..Good Luck and God Bless!!

  27. Tonight I have realized my quad breed dog Midnight (lab, Chow, Rot, Shepard) has what I believe is an Aural Hematoma in his right ear. My Dog has been prone to ear infections, but I fear what the vet might say the last simple ear infection ran about 120 – 160 bucks, which I can handle. However I simply don’t have the kind of money to do a major surgery, and I fear its going to be awfully expensive at a time when I can hardly afford to spend that kind of money.

    This all of a sudden came on and got progressively worse quite quickly, although I can only see a sack in the ear flap that is 1 1/2 X 3 inches long give or take, it does not close the ear canal.

    Can they drain it? Is this successful, if so how often is it successful?..and how expensive is it? Surgery is out of the question, as I simply don’t have 5 grand to throw around…

    Please help, I love my dog, and I have been thru losing a member of the family before, and it hurts bad… I am a strong male, but just thinking about it has me in tears now.

    Email me at

  28. I have a 1 1/2 year old Shih Tzu. He has been rubbing his head on the carpet for quite some time now however, we did not think anything of it. He has had his regular vet check-ups and monthly groomings.

    This morning(3 a.m.)he has started scratching his right ear and shaking his head. His right ear is rather pink whereas his left ear is not. Responses #5 (Linn) & #9 (MaryB) mention colloidal silver water, I would like to give this a try. However, like respons #18 (Lisa), I do not know how to use it. Should I put a couple of drops in the right ear only, or in both ears?

    Please help!!

  29. cedar vinager mixed with hot water could work
    1/4 cedar vinager
    3/4 hot water
    shake it well & let it cool down
    spray in the ear every second day then rinse with warm water after a few minutes.
    Try aproximently five times

    Good Luck

  30. I have a 5 year old english mastiff who other than having the chronic stinky ears that I was told large breed animals have, he never had any ear problems until now. For the past 9 months, he has had some kind of ear infection. He has been to the vet and had the mobile vet treat him at home over and over with ear flushes, several rounds of Baytril, prednisone, and most recently Zymox otic solution. I have spent around $1800 on his ears and still we are back to sqaure one. The vet has tested the debris in his ear and said it is NOT ear mites and NOT yeast. I read the comments from Amy #22 and the debris is exactly the same, it is black gunk that fills his ears daily. I wipe out his ears with tissue and he seems relieved, otherwise he pulls it out himself his his claws and smells it then licks it. I can’t stand him to be hurting so bad, the vet has finally thrown her hands up and referred us to a vet dermatologist. I don’t think I can afford that so I took him to our old vet for a second opinion and she also said he should probably see a specialist. He has VPI insurance but I don’t think it will pay for dermatology and I have already spent a fortune. Although I would pay anything for him to feel better, I don’t want to pay a dermatologist to just try a bunch of crap. He is constantly shaking his head, pulling at his ears and banging his head on furniture and anything he can find. I have massaged his ears over and over and that seems to relieve the pain temporarily. I am very interested in the silver water or whatever it is but I am having a problem finding out more about it or how to buy it. When I click on the link to order it – A Khols ad pops up and takes me to a Khols website. Any ideas?

  31. I use colloidal silver for my dogs when they get ear infections.
    I clean the ear and then put 3 or 4 drops in the infected ear and massage for a couple of minutes. I have also used apple cidar vinegar which also works. I buy my colloidal silver from which is 500 ppm, you can also buy it from the health food stores.

  32. I have a 5 month old golden retriever and we have been battling with a recurrent ear infection for 6 weeks now. He has the black gunk in his ears and also has pustules in the outer ear. He was on prednisone, antibiotics and ear cleaning solutions. The pred. worked somewhat but he started getting worse again. He is currently off the prednisone as its just not safe for a puppy to be on for that long. My vet has also referred us to a dermatologist for help. He is now being weaned off his food and changed over to Blue buffalo hypo food. His ears also seem worse at night!

  33. Right now I have a white standard poodle that has the pseudomonas bacteria in his ear. I have had him at the vet and this is probably the worst infection a dog can have in the ear. Right now I am on a 3-part solution since this bacteria is resistant to everything. We start with T-8 solution for 15 minutes, continue with iodine for 15 minutes and then the antibiotic of Amikasin which is supposedly the only thing that has a chance of clearing this up. He is not on any oral antibiotic right now. I feel sorry for him and I’m doing my best to make sure here’s comfortable. The start was cleaning this out in surgery twice so far.

  34. OMG.. we all have some problems don’t we? :( I have a 1.5 year old australian cattledog/aussie shephard/german shephard mix. 85 pound big boy. he got an ear infection before,about september of last year.he had but redish brown gunk coming out.Doc said no mites, it’s an infection.. Doc gave him a shot of somehting, 2 pills to take for 10 days and ear cleaner, and a tube of ointment to follow cleaner. he’d scream when scratching before this I need to mention this dog had NEVER been a voracious eater since we had him at 10 wks old..
    vet changed diet from evo, to sd prescript cans.. then onto sd dry etc…

    This treatment appeared to have worked.

    Now it’s early july and my dog is screaming a wee bit when h scratches at same ear again. we keep his ears clean no smells, still gunk comes out.. not red,m I see nothing wrong. but he’s cocking his head AGAIN too, and shaking it, and I can clearly tell soemthing is up with this ear, again.. we see the vet today at 4;45.. Hoping this will be another $170 visit at most, as we truly cannot afford much mroe, at this minute.

    I personally use colloidal silver for impetigo, and other liasions on my skin that I get form time to time,it works on soo many things. i never once thought of using it on my dog, so thank you for that!

    It cna be bought in most health food markets too, like whole foods, sunflower, etc. So don’t be afraid to call aorund or google colloidal silver (and enter your city state name) who carries it, etc. or google natural health food stores in your area. MOST carry it in different forms. drops, etc..

    So, my main question is how long and often should I try the collodal silver for, on my dog. if this next treatment doesn’t work, or infection returns, a third time?

  35. OMG. YOU people don’t realise that “scott” is one of the best veterinary dermatologists in the country. Essentially giving you free advice and you are yarping on about colloidal silver. I pity your poor dogs….

  36. Well dear guest, Thank you very much for your frustrated input. I checked Scott’s note and read his report. Good info but not exactly helpful when you have a dog with an ear infection and vets saying try this, try that and none of it works. So between the vets bills, the cost of constantly changing foods because as the vet says, “it’s probably allergies” and having a dog that is still in pain, please excuse us if we’re at our wits end trying to help the little ones.

    My one dog was on meds that almost killed her. In the end it turned out the vet was treating her for something she didn’t even have and thankfuly, the next vet we brought her to came up with the real DX and the solution. This was after spending over $1,000!!!

    So now we have another dog, she never had an ear problem in her life and now at 8 years old, she’s suffering. Again, the vets are trying different meds. If Blue Power Ear Wash works, or Colloidal silver works, we’re going to use it. If the vets know that either of these two items work and they’re using expensive meds instead, then shame on them. Sometimes it’s the simple things that work. Our intent is not to hurt the animals but to help them.

  37. I would like to Thank You all for all the suggestions I got here to help our family dog. She constantly has ear infections, has been on different meds and the ear solutions so on so fourth and all of course prescribed by vets, I have always pretty much have gotten the same response its because of her breeds she being a mix and all (Rott, Lab, & Hound) they get chronic ear infections. Like everyone else I really can’t keep affording the $200-$500 vet bills monthly.

  38. I have a 12 year old cocapoo, The most beautiful dog, but she gets infections in her ears every couple a months,I need to know what oral antibiotique medication I can give her to clear her skin and ear infection.
    The vet bills have gone to the roof and I cant afford it anymore can anyone help please.

  39. I have a German Shepherd (Maggie) as well…..I have started her on 2000 mg of fish oil per day and went to a grain free diet along with 50% raw frozen food. She has only been on this for about a week now so can’t really tell (since I was just in the vet for an ear cleaning) if it is helping but it can’t hurt…..did you find anything that seems to work for you?


  40. needing help!! Just noticed that my 3yr. old yellow lab has the black gunk in his ears, has never had a problem with it. He’s an inside dog that rarely goes outside. I cleaned his pina area of his ear out with Q-tips and noticed that there is a swishing sound when i rub it. The black gunk keeps draining out of his ear. Does this affect just one ear usually?

  41. Tired of recurring ear infections in dogs ears? Use a natural remedy guaranteed for taking care of dog ear infections check out It really works and it’s cheap too.
    Great for dogs with chronic ear problems or ear mite issues.

  42. Did you get success with CS in your dog’s ears? I intend putting drops in my Maltese/Australian Silky’s ear as I generate my own CS. Would be pleased to hear from you.

  43. My 5 yr old Ori-pei has had this black crap in her ears for many years. Last Vet said it was yeast and prescribed eardrops that did absolutely nothing. This new vet did a culture and we are now enduring a 2-wk long “earpack” (which she shook most of it out the first 24 hrs.) also an Elizabethan collar to prevent itching, which has made her quite depressed and lethargic. Next course of treatment “will be” dietary changes. (not!) If this does not work I will just go purchase some colloidal silver solution and give that a try. Cleaning her ears daily and the silver seems more reasonable to me than putting her through more misery. Not to mention the numerous mortgage payments I have made for the Vets.

  44. try looking for the medicine on line and you should be able to get it cheaper than at the vet. my dogs med is 9.50 per pill at vet and i got it for 4.99 per pill on line.

  45. I have a large german shep, she had ongoing problems with a ear infection. I tried different earwashes, finally I tried tea tree oil.
    Used a gauze square so there would be no lint, soaked in hot water and then put tea tree oil directly on the gauze and cleaned out the dogs ear. I did not rinse any of the residue of the tea tree oil off of the ear. It helped clear up the infection and her ears are almost back to normal. I will keep up the cleaning for the next week or so, to keep any debris from the infection begining a new problem . I bought the pure tea tree oil from a health food store and square gauze from the drug store.

    Hope this may help someone.

  46. So many stories here about dog ear infection. Been there and experienced lots of similar things with my dogs ears. A natural remedy we\’ve been using has been working to control ear symptoms like the fluid ear, itchy, goozy, nasty, stinky ears is called Dr Dogs Ear Oil Its a regular treatment and since using it the ears are not having all those recurring infections. maybe it can help some of you too. good luck with the sore ears. Find out more about dr dogs ear oil from their web site at no more sore ears here. Cheers!

  47. Our dog has a nasty ear infection, we are now on antibotic eye drops (vet recommended) We are also using flushes from the vet. seems to be working it is getting better.

    We are on no wheat in food, and I give them plain yogurt with food, about a teaspoon, good for digestion which can help with the infections.

    Vet recommended vinegar and water flush at least once a week,

  48. I found a great treatment online for this problem of ear infection and ear mites its called Dr.Dogs Ear Oil. you can google it or check it out at I have 2 cats and a dog. It works great

  49. dear-camile,-we-were-able-to-clear-up-one-dogs-ear-discharge-3-months-ago-using-homeopathic-medicine.-it-hasnt-come-back.-however-the-same-med-did-not-work-with-our-other-dog-whose-problem-was-older.-we-are-going-to-try-cleaning-the-ear-withsavlon-and-then-applying-antibiotic-ointment.-oral-antibiotic-therapy–twice,-did-not-work.

  50. Thanks,Greg.-I-will-keep-this-in-mind-for-my-as-yet-not-cured-dog.


  52. My 8 year old Cocker Spaniel went to the groomer yesterday who happens to be a Vet Tech. She informed me that he has an ear infection, as she had cleaned a significant amount of dk. brown gunk from his ears which were/are red and inflamed. Since then he has been shaking his head alot, whining and laying around more often. She didn’t think it was a yeast infection because it didn’t smell as it does when he’s had a yeast infection. She suggested I start with treating him for ear mites for several days then if don’t see improvement at that point she suggests I start a round of Cephalexin antibiotics twice a day for a week. I would like to try the col. silver before the Cephalexin mainly because I’m a laid-off worker and money is REALLY tight right now. Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  53. The Best Cure is Apple Blossom Naturals All-Natural Ear Treatment & Cleaner!
    It treats:
    -fungal infections
    You only use 1-2 drops, for a day or two and the infection is gone! A bottle, even for chronic ear problems lasts a super long time, like a year.
    go to or on amazon!

  54. The Best Cure is Apple Blossom Naturals All-Natural Ear Treatment & Cleaner!
    It treats:
    -fungal infections
    You only use 1-2 drops, for a day or two and the infection is gone! A bottle, even for chronic ear problems lasts a super long time, like a year.
    Most vets will prescribe antibiotics and if it’s very bad, a steroid. These medications can cause damage to internal organs, like the liver, as well as upset the good bacteria in the intestines. Apple Blossom Natural’s product treats the infection directly, quickly and without any side effects. So skip the expensive vet visit, and go for an all inclusive natural cure!
    go to or on amazon!

  55. Hi S. Reagor: it does sound like yeast – vets dont know everything as I’m experiencing with my dog who has some sort of staph bacteria in her left ear that I cannot seem to clear up – tried everything. However back to your dog: I purchased Ox-E drops from this website: which I found to be really great for clearing up yeast ear infections. It’s a natural product. Yeast doesn’t have as much of an odor as bacteria which you would really notice!…so I’m thinking it is yeast. Also, if your dog is not on a grain free diet, I would suggest you change to one. (allergies to food can happen at any time in a dog’s life). My dog also had yeast prior to the bacterial infection which I did clean up with a mixture of 50% white vinegar and 50% distilled water and just filled the canal, massaged, and let her shake it out. The vet said I did a good job of clearing it up…Good Luck!

  56. My dog (big, hairy floppy ears) had theee worst yeast infection in his ear. Yellow discharge, foul smelling, red, bleeding for scratching, puffy. I tried the everything the vet recommended and this carried on for two months! I DIDNT try ACV or white vinegar treatment because I read that it is really painful especially if they have cuts from scratching their ears. He was in so much pain and I couldn’t take it! I tried TEA TREE OIL AND WARM WATER and within two days his ear cleared up. I also gave him plain yogurt and vitamin c boosters in his high protein dog food. He is a really big dog (80 pounds) so I did 10 drops of tea tree oil to one oz of warm (not hot) water. I did this twice a day and cleaned his ear with pet ear cleaning wipes before adding the warm water and tea tree oil….It was a soothing, nice smelling experience for both he and I and it totally worked!

  57. I have a 3 year old rescue neo mastiff who has chronic ear problems including yeast, infection, Inflamation, shaking head and rubbing ears on everything. His poor ears are now bald from a night if rubbing. He has environmental allergies and had injections twice a week to help his skin. He is impossible to medicate at home as we can’t get the steroid meds down his ear canal, it’s just too deep in his ears and he will growl and get angry so today back again at the dermatologist I have decided to have ear wicks inserted. I’m happy to try this but worry so much about the anesthetic and he will be put under a total of 4 times in 8 days. Has anyone had this procedure done before and how successful was it?

  58. I also have a ori-pei she’s just under a year old and is occasionally having terrible itchy ears at night , scratching like crazy until she bleeds . She almost goes crazy from the discomfort. I clean them with peroxide and its usually some temp relief but seems to keep coming back. The wax that comes out is brown not black and I’ve checked for mites no sign of them, I think it may be from food and I think its my kids giving her scraps so I can’t figure out what it is. I feel do bad for her, do I need to subk it up and spend same money on a vet trip or will it be a waste? Did u find a result that worked

  59. I also have a ori-pei she\’s just under a year old and is occasionally having terrible itchy ears at night , scratching like crazy until she bleeds . She almost goes crazy from the discomfort. I clean them with peroxide and its usually some temp relief but seems to keep coming back. The wax that comes out is brown not black and I\’ve checked for mites no sign of them, I think it may be from food and I think its my kids giving her scraps so I can\’t figure out what it is. I feel do bad for her, do I need to subk it up and spend same money on a vet trip or will it be a waste? Did u find a result that worked

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