Dog Breeds: The Seven Giants

To fit into the giant category, these powerhouses weigh from 100 to 260 pounds.


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This good natured, devoted, obedient and intelligent breed reacts to their environment with great courage and alertness. Rottweilers are believed to be the oldest herding breed and they are capable of working all kinds of livestock under a variety of working conditions. They can weigh up to 110 lbs (50 kgs) and stands up to 27 in (68 cm).

Saint Bernard

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They are the heaviest and one of the largest dog breeds in the world. Saint Bernards were named after an 11th century monk and were originally bred for rescue and as working dogs. They are highly intelligent and easy to train, extremely loyal, gentle and generally fond of children. They have an incredible sense of smell and believed to have a sixth sense about incoming danger from storms and avalanches. This very ancient breed can grow between 160 and 260 lbs (73–117 kgs) and 27½ inches to 35½ inches (70 to 90 cm).


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News or Newfies as some people call them are dogs with webbed feet and water resistant coats. These even-tempered intelligent canines are known for their natural water rescue tendencies the reason they are also called lifeguard dogs. Newfoundlands are extremely gentle, protective and loving with children. They have been known to weigh over 200 lbs (90 kgs) and measure over 28 in (70 cm) at the shoulder.

English Mastiff

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These giant homebodies give an impression of power and strength. They are well-mannered, calm, easygoing and gentle and good with kids. Being extremely loyal to their families whom they will protect with their lives earned them the distinction as the world’s top five guard dog. A fully grown male Mastiff can weigh as much as 250 lbs (110 kgs) and stands 30 in (76 cm).

Great Pyrenees

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For centuries, this beautiful breed with thick long coat has been used as a livestock watchdog.  The Pyrenean Mountain Dog or Great Pyrenees is best as a one-family dog as it is very cautious with strangers. Males grow to between 110-120 lbs (50-54kgs) and 27-32 in (69-81 cm), while females reach between 80-90 lbs (36-41 kg) and 25–29 inches (63–74 cm). They have a lifespan of up to 12 years.

Great Dane

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The breed is known for its giant size and gentle personality the reason they are sometimes called “gentle giants.” They are dignified, kind, affectionate and sweet. They’re excellent for homes with kids as they are playful and patient. It loves and needs to be around with people. Great Danes are also brave and loyal making them good watchdogs. They should be thoroughly obedience trained when still puppies so they will be manageable when fully grown. A full grown male can weigh over 198 lbs (90 kg) and should stand not less than 30 inches (76 cm) at the shoulders while the female can weigh as much as 130 lbs (59 kgs) and shall not be less than 28 inches (71 cm) at the shoulders.

Akita Inu

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Akita Inus come in five beautiful colors: red, fawn, sesame, brindle and pure white. Sometimes called Akita Sen, this breed originated in Japan and is not common in many countries. Akitas are double-coated making them waterproof and well-protected from fierce winters. The breed is well known as excellent house dogs as they are clean, very friendly, intelligent, and loyal and train easily. They are also quiet and will only bark when there’s a need to do so. They’re suitable for well-behaved children especially if they’re raised with them. Being bred to hunt, they can have aggressive tendencies toward small animals and other dogs particularly those of the same sex.  This breed stands from 60–66 cm (24–26 in) at the shoulders and can weigh up to 119 lbs (54 kg).

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