Do We Have The Right to Keep Animals as Pets?

Animal lovers around the world often debate on whether we have the right to keep animals as pets, or not. This is an exhaustive topic to argue on. The following article shall touch this sensitive subject and provide an overview on should we keep animals as pets.

Why Do People Keep Animals as Pets?
An important question to answer before we ponder on our rights to keep animals as pets. People keep animals as pets for companionship. Yes, we do make friends and have a family as well as acquaintances to keep us company. But bringing home a pet animal gives us a different feeling altogether. Animals give us pure solace and support. After a tiring day at work, it is always a pleasure to be greeted with a slobbery tongue or soft purrs. You can share their deepest thoughts and disappointments with their pets without having to fear your secrets will ever be revealed. Talking to our pets helps unload the burden we carry on our chests. Playing with them helps bring a smile to our faces and gives us our much-needed quota of daily exercise. People who live a lonely existence, the elderly, sick, shy, and the reserved, may find that a pet takes away their loneliness. Taking care of a pet helps inculcate the feelings of responsibility towards another life. Thus, making us proud of ourselves and imbibing the feeling of love in our heart. Animals require care, support, and love. In return, they are staunchly loyal and faithful towards us. In most cases, it is a give and take relationship, where humans offer protection to a vulnerable animal, and the animal gives back love and company.

Should Wild Animals Be Kept as Pets?
Wild animals look extremely cute as babies. But, once they grow-up, they become powerful and ferocious. They may not harm you as they have known you all their lives. But, one cannot guarantee they may not harm others who they perceive as threat or a tasty snack! It is wrong to keep wild and exotic animals as pets. They are not programmed or born to serve you as a pet. Wild animals need appropriate care and expertise in handling them. Most of these poor souls end up living in cramped cages or aquariums. They continue to circle endlessly trying to contain their free-will. This makes them even more wild and ferocious. Before you realize, your little cuddly pet grows up to be larger, stronger and more dangerous than you would have ever imagined. How much ever care you give the animal, you can never domesticate it. This notion will be explained further in the following paragraphs.

Bringing home wolves as pets is a wrong idea. They physically look similar to our very own Alsatians, but are in no way similar in terms of temperament and behavior. Keeping a huge boa constrictor or python is also not a wise idea. You may argue that you’re giving it ample of food, keeping it at an optimum temperature and humidity, and helping it live a lavish life that it cannot afford in the wild. But, do you know that the population of these exotic creatures is dwindling in the wild? Most of them are brought into pet shops illegally. Many are kept in inhumane conditions or forced to breed in captivity to fulfill your cravings of owning a dangerous or exotic pet. Many die during this torturous journey.

If you think it’s cool to own a leopard or a similar wild cat as a pet, you are wrong. This beautiful animal of the wild will be ultimately kept in a cage. You can’t take it along for your shopping trips or picnics. They are basically wild and may harm you or someone else. It is their nature; it is in their blood. And the final judgment passed will label the animal as too dangerous to keep around humans or be called a man-eater. It will either be put to sleep or released in the wild. If released in the wild, it may not have learned survival tricks of the jungle as it was always under human care. This may ultimately lead to its untimely death. Many people who bring home snakes, turtles, iguanas, lizards and other such out of the ordinary animals as pets forget one thing – these animals require a lot of care and attention. Their food requirements are different from the requirements of a cat or dog. They need special living conditions and this may lead to increase in financial costs of keeping a pet. Some do not consider the future, wherein they may have children of their own. This is when it becomes difficult to manage a pet and a child together. The result- abandon the animal on the highway or nearby wilderness.

When it comes to keeping birds, I am strictly against holding a bird in a cage. Look at the bird people! It has wings. These wings are not for show, but to soar high in the sky. They are born to fly, not be held in a cage. They are free birds who know no boundaries. People clip the wings off these creatures of the sky and allow them to walk or hop around the house. Reality check- this is not freedom! There are many varieties of parrots and similar exotic birds kept as pets. Do not hold them in cages or cut off their wings. Won’t you feel happy to see a free bird chirp on your window sill, instead of a caged bird singing sad songs of freedom? If you still want to have a bird as your pet, think of doves and pigeons. Train them to come back to you in the evening and fly free to their heart’s content during the day. This way you provide them with living space in today’s concrete jungle and allow them to live their free natural life.

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