Do Dogs Remember Their Own Family Members?

This is based on a true story of a Pomeranian named “Muffy” who has the gift of memory. She can remember her litter-mate, “Precious” and favors her over all other Pomeranians.

Are dogs smart enough to know who their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are? The answer to that question is yes, believe it or not. Some actually do remember them.

Some dogs are smart enough to remember their family members. Of course there are those who do not, as well. As most dogs will breed with one another even if related to each other. It’s not that they have no morals, they just don’t have memory.

Some dogs are very smart and can dig a hole, place a bone in it, then come back six months later and know exactly where they left that bone, even if the grass is all grown up. People have thought for years that a dog’s nose leads them to that same exact spot. Well, this is not exactly entirely true. These dogs have memory as well as a sense of smell.

We all have heard a story at sometime or another, about some dog who got lost while on vacation and ended up back at home. He found his own way. This is another prime example of a dog’s memory.

I myself know of a Pomeranian named “Muffy”, short for (Muffin). She has the ability of memory herself. She and her sister were bought at the same exact time by me. I gave her to my mother and I took her sister, “Precious”. I own other Pomeranians as well, seeing how I am a Pomeranian breeder.

Every time my mother brings “Muffy” over to my house she runs straight for my daughter’s room where her sister, “Precious” stays. She lies right beside her crate until we let her out.

Now, out of all the Pomeranians that I own, why else would she pick this one particular one to want something to do with? She of course has memory.

When I let “Precious” out of her crate along with my other Pomeranians, “Muffy” always plays with “Precious” and never the others. So, no one can tell me that dogs don’t remember their own family. I have proof that they do, “Muffy” and “Precious”.

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  1. so sweet!!

  2. Dogs are much smarter then most people think. Great article.

  3. Loved this story! It made me happy..thanks

  4. I think dogs are smarter than most people give them credit for. They are valued family members!

  5. Dogs are very smart animals. I wish sometimes I knew what thoughts are in their heads. My life would be empty without my dogs.

  6. Great article about dogs.

  7. Thanks for the comments.

  8. What a great story! One month after we had my Pom her sisters came over to play and she didn’t recognise them. lol

  9. I TOTALLY agree… I bred one litter of Boston Terriers last year (but never again as the heart ache from saying goodbye to those puppies was too much to bear again). I kept one of the puppies (Stanley), and the rest were spread out all over the place. I definitely believe that dogs remember their breeders, because i still see the puppies from time to time and their owners all tell me that they react to me in a VERY special way… much different from other ppl they only see from time to time. Also, i raised the puppies till about 12 weeks before selling them and we did everything together, from camping trips to road trips etc… I always used a special whistle to keep them all together. Once in a while i’ll post vids on Facebook of me and my dogs. In one video, i whistled that special whistle to Stanley, and ALL of the owners of the puppies told me that when they watched that video, their respective puppies went NUTS when they heard the whistle come out of the computer speakers and starting searching frantically for me :)

    As for sibling bond, i also believe in it. I hadn’t seen my fav puppy (Rocket) for about 6 months after selling him. We met up at a Boston Terrier event and Stanley and Rocket played together INSTANTLY and non stop, while both ignoring every other dog that was there…

    As for mother and baby bond, that remains as well. When we visit the pups with the mom (Rosie), the pups (who are about a year now) still instantly submit to Rosie, and she instantly slips back into her role as a disciplinarian as if not a day had passed since they left for their new homes. All of the pups were sold to ppl with other animals in the home and Rosie will ignore all other dogs and concentrates on her pup… even a year later. Also (still a year later), she still feels the need to clean their privates and she never does this with any other dog but the pups…

    So without being a scientist, i can say without equivocation that i have witnessed one particular family of mother and littermates who have undeniably kept their bond… Both with me and with each other…

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