Different Kinds of Pythons

There are twenty five species of pythons.

Pythons are cold blooded like all snakes, but not venomous, killing their prey with constriction makes them different.

The Reticulated, Ball, Burmese, Green Tree, and the Carpet Python, are the different kinds. 

The Carpet Python is often a house pet, there many different kinds, and come in various colours.  In different regions the colours are not the same. Like the Northern carpet python, is dark brown and it has tan spots, while the jungle carpet python is black and has gold yellow spots.  The length of this python is up to ten feet, also ranges from the kind it is, it can climb trees, eats small mammals, like rabbits, and mice. Found in Australia, and New Guinea. 


Ball pythons, are often known as royal pythons also kept as  pets, this can only be if one has a permit.  A black snake, with brown and gold and yellow markings.  This snake has  a lifespan of fifty years in captivity, grows up to five feet, it is called ball python because  when it is scared it goes into a ball.


The Burmese python, among the largest of pythons, and grows up to twenty three feet in length and the weight is about ninety kilograms.  It eats small prey, like birds and small mammals, lives up in trees, and is docile.


The Reticulated python, this snake is not allowed to have as a pet, it is large and the world’s longest snake, even longer than the famous anaconda.  A snake that grows up to thirty five feet, the temperament of these snakes depends where it is originated from.

They eat dogs and other animals but also can eat people, well sometimes.

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