Diamond The Barking Cat

My Cat barks like a Dog.

One day my husband, Robert came home with him a black kitten that he had found wondering around at his job.  When he came into the house he said to me, ” Linda, look what I found wondering around on my job.” I responded to him saying, ” he’s so cute can I have him? Robert said, “sure, and let’s name him diamond.”

Then I asked him, why do you want to name him Diamond?  He said, because “he has a little black mark shaped just like a diamond under his right paw.” So we  both agreed that Diamond would be the perfect name for him. 

Two days later Robert’s friend Raphael invited him to go along with him to the dog pound to help him pick out a puppy for his son. But when Robert came home he wasn’t alone.  He had let Raphael talk him into getting a puppy named Skip. At first I was upset. Then I said, “I guess it’s Okay,  now Diamond will have somebody to play with.”

So the next day Robert went to the pet store to buy Skip a dog house to put in the back yard.  Every time Robert went out in the back yard to feed Skip Diamond would always jump up and down in the window because he wanted to go out and play with Skip. Because we didn’t allow him to go outside. 

One morning Robert went out to feed Skip and he had  forgot to close the back door behind himself. Then Diamond ran out into the yard and we couldn’t get him to come back into the house. So every since that day we had to put Diamond’s litter box in the garage and put his food outside next to Skip’s food. Since they had gotten along so well every night the both of them slept in the dog house together.

One day when Robert and I came home from the grocery store, Robert went to check on Skip and he  had noticed that Skip’s stomach was all swollen. Robert called out to him but,  he acted like he didn’t even know his name. So Robert took him to the pet hospital. The veterinarian told Robert that  they need to pump out his stomach and that , it may happen to him again. So Robert told the vet to just put him to sleep.

The next morning Robert and I had noticed that Diamond was missing. We taught maybe he was depressed and ran away because he lost his best friend. So we decided looked all over the neighborhood for him but, he was no where to be found.  Diamond was gone for nearly three months.

Then one day Robert and I had the front door opened for a little fresh air. And a  few minutes later we thought we heard a dog barking down the street. So Robert went to see where the dog was. When he looked out the door he turned to me and said, “Linda! That’s not a dog barking that’s Diamond.” Then Robert yelled out to him saying,” hey Diamond where have you been little fella? Then Diamond ran up to him wagging his tail and the sound from his mouth was arf, arf, arf. He sounded just like a dog. I guess since he and Skip grew up playing together he probably thinks he’s a dog. So every since that day we had to put his cat little and food in Skip’s dog house because every night  he continued sleeping  in the dog house and barking like a dog.

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