Dental Care for Dogs

A tongue-in-cheek look at dental care for dogs.

We’ve always wanted the best for our dogs, but it’s just in recent years that there’s been a movement towards dental care for them. Pet dentistry is big, but how would you feel if you brought your dog home from having a spearmint-flavored fluoride treatment and he then drank from the toilet bowl? Your dog may actually have fewer cavities just by putting fluoride tablets in your toilet tank.

Of course there are dental care tasks that you can do at home including examining your dog’s mouth and brushing his teeth. This is a concept that probably works better on the smaller breeds. Anyone who doubts this should watch the movie “Cujo” sitting very close to the screen, holding a toothbrush and a loop of dental floss.

When we’re waiting for a dentist, we have a selection of magazines. While your dog’s waiting for his dental appointment, he should have something to do to occupy himself too. Perhaps dogs could pass the time before their checkups by sniffing tires. In that case maybe a dentist dedicated to dogs wouldn’t need a waiting room as long as he had a large enough parking lot.

The concept of mouthwash for dogs would be interesting. Flavors of liver or veal would probably be popular, but how would you teach a dog to rinse and spit? If the dog likes the taste of something well enough to put it in his mouth, he consumes it.

It’s quite possible that dogs are self-conscious about a healthy smile. Do they notice the dental condition of their canine colleagues? It’s hard to imagine a multi-breed mutt with crooked teeth strolling past a pack of poodles wearing whitening strips to point out that there’s spinach on a Rottweiler’s retainer. After all when dogs greet each other, they’re often not exactly “face to face.”

If your pooch’s visit included dental work that required freezing, as well as a fluoride treatment, that could complicate things. Aside from avoiding food and water for half an hour because of the fluoride, he’d also have to avoid playing fetch while his mouth was still frozen.

Imagine a watchdog with dentures. If they didn’t fit properly they’d vibrate when he growled. If he was chasing a prowler and dropped them, what would he do if he caught the prowler? Nobody’s ever required stitches from being “gummed.”

Even if you don’t get go for the more involved dental procedures for your pooch, there’s one thing you can do to help keep his healthy smile; If your dog likes playing Frisbee, keep him tied up if the neighbor’s kid is throwing the discus.

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