Colorful Turtles: You Must be Kidding

Turtles are becoming more and more popular as pet animals. These creatures are among the most sought animals by hobbyists in the pet trade. Here’s a list of the most beautiful and most colorful pet turtles in the world.

Red-Eared Slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)

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The Red-Eared Slider is also known informally in the UK as the Red-Eared Terrapin. It is semi-aquatic and a subspecies of Pond Slider.

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It is endemic to southern US but has become common in various areas of the world due to the pet trade. They are very popular pets in the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom

Western Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta bellii)

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This pretty turtle is a juvenile Western Painted Turtle discovered alongside a pond in Washington County, Minnesota in the US.

D’Orbigny’s Slider (Trachemys dorbignyi)

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The D’Orbigny’s Slider on the picture above is a relative of Trachemys scripta better known as the Pond Slider, a common species familiar to anyone who knows pets. This Pond Slider is a medium sized aquatic turtle.

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The beautiful and colorful turtle on the above photo is an adult Trachemys dorbignyi.

Nicaraguan Slider (Trachemys scripta emolli)

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The Nicaraguan Slider has one of the most unique coloration and carapace pattern amongst turtle. This lovely and peaceful-looking animal is a subspecies of Pond Slider. The Nicaraguan Slider on the above photo is a hatchling.

Pond Slider (Trachemys scripta)

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The Slider Turtle or better known as Pond Slider is a common species familiar to anyone who knows pets. It is a medium sized aquatic turtle and there are three subspecies of sliders in the United States. It occurs in every type of wetland and is frequently observed basking.

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  1. Wow! very nice.

  2. oh they’re gorgeous. I also have a turtle back home and Im wondering what happened to him already. In their office, my boyfriend and his colleagues have two big spoiled turtles. They are really cute.

  3. That Pond Slider seems realy pissed :) Careta careta can be found in Meditteranian too. Here in Greece there are some protected areas for her and her eggs.

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  9. Very Informative,they are beautiful.

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  28. The green turtle looks almost like the one they used for the animated turtle in ‘Finding Nemo.’ My nieces love that movie!

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