Cockatoo Color Variations

What cockatoo color variations there are to chose from.

Do you love cockatoos are you interested in buying one. Would like to know what the different breeds of cockatoos look like? I will run down the list for you, so you can see the differences In each bird.



Umbrella cockatoo

This is an umbrella cockatoo; it is a white parrot, with brown or black eyes.

It has a grey beak, when it is surprised like above picture it entends a large and striking crest.  Similar to an umbrella, hence the name unbrella cockatoo. The umbrella cockatoo can live up to 80 years. The umbrella cockatoo is 19 inches long.

Palm Cockatoo

This is the palm cockatoo, the palm cockatoo is a large smoke-grey or black parrot. The palm cockatoo also has a red patch on its cheek. The palm cockatoo has one of the
largest bills of any parrot {the hyacinth macaws is larger.} It measures about 55-60 cm long.

Moluccan cockatoo

This is the moluccan cockatoo, Beautiful bird. It has white to pink
Feathers, with a definite peachy glow. It also has one of the louder calls in the parrot world. It measures 50 cm long so it is the largest of the white cockatoos.

Goffin Cockatoo

This is the goffin cockatoo; they measure at 31 cm long. The goffin cockatoo is the smallest of the cockatoos? They are a white parrot with some salmon or pink feathers. And pale grey beak. There eye color ranges from black to brown, the pink to salmon color is around the beak and eye.

Rose breasted cockatoo

This is the rose breasted cockatoo, they have grey feathers on there back and pink feathers on the chest and head and under there wings. They are 35 cm long. The male has brown iris and females have a red iris. Surprisingly these birds are known to be less dusty then other birds.

Bare eyed cockatoo

This is the bare eyed cockatoo; they look very similar to the goffin cockatoo except for the bare eye, hence there name bare eyed cockatoo. There average length is 36 – 40 cm.

Sulphur crested cockatoo

This is the sulphur crested cockatoo, they are a white bird with a striking sulphur yellow crest hence the name sulphur crested cockatoo. It normally has yellow markings under it’s
Tail and wings. They are about 40-55 cm in length.

Cockatoos are very beautiful parrots, and make wonderful pets for those who are committed to giving these birds their time and there commitment.

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