Beautiful Wolf-dog Breeds

Wolf-dog is a beautiful canine that’s highly tamable. Hence it’s highly sought by those who want an exotic pet.

A wolf-dog is a result from the mating of a wolf and a dog. The first successful wolf-dog mating was on 1766 in Great Britain where a wild wolf was mated with a Pomeranian dog. The result is an easily tamable canine that’s much less aggressive than a real wolf. This make this type of dog become highly desirable for those who want to have an exotic pet.

There’s only few Wolf-dog breeds existed in the world. This is because only several type of dogs can be mated with a wolf. Usually the mated dogs are those that have a wolf-like features.

Here are four of the Wolf-dog breeds :


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This is a result from mating of German Shepherd dog and Eurasian wolf. The first successful breeding was on 1921. At that year, a dutch breeder named Lended Saarloos aimed to have a German Shepherd Dog that has an immunity to distemper. He succeeded and until now this type of Wolf-dog are highly sought by those who want a dog that’s immune to distemper.

Kunming Wolf-dog

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This breed was first made on 1950 with an intention to make a tamable powerful military wolf. It was first made and trained in the city of Kunming. Although the real breeds of the dog and the wolf are unknown, the wolf-dog’s features mostly resemble a German Shepherd Dogs.

Czechoslovakian Wolf-dog

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The first attempt of breeding was conducted on 1955 in Czechoslovakia. Like Saarloswolfhond, this is a combined breed of German Shepherd Dogs and Eurasian Wolf. However, the distinct different is that this wolf-dog can develop a strong social relationship with human quicker and it’s also known that this wolf-dog is very active and fearless.

Lupo Italiano

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This breed is relatively new compared with other wolf-dogs breed. The first attempt of breeding was conducted by Dr. Mario Messi on 1966. This is the mating combination of Upper Latium Wolf and German Shepherd Dog. This wolf-dog is suitable for the aid in the mountain due to its high resistance against weathering, hunger and thirst. It has also great sense of smell which make this wolf-dog suitable for tracking.

Final Word

Currently, there are about 300,000 wolf-dogs in USA and 500,000 worldwide. Its rarity make the wolf-dogs can only affordable by rich people. The wolf-dogs are great if you want to make a ‘wolf’ to be a pet legally. Remember that a wolf-dog partially retain the real wolf behavior and can sometimes commit a wolf behavior such as howling, digging, or even hunting.

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  1. Really informative article, I didnt know there were wolf-dogs out there! I mean, I dreamed about having one when I was about 6, but I didn’t think it could ever happen. I think I like the look of the Lupo Italiano best, but Im not rich so I doubt my dream will come true.

  2. interesting article. Beautiful dogs.

  3. Thank you for all comments!

    @Aleena : I thought it’s not existed too and just a wild dream for me. But thanks to the Internet, I learned that they exists and can be bought.

  4. ha ha a pomeranian crossed with a wolf that would look cute!

    never knew about one being immune to distemper.

    there are actually quite a few wolf-dog crosses in Northern Canada and you can get them for free… they run around in Northern Communities and are pests.
    Since all dogs are descentants from wolves, and have the same number of chromosomes, I wonder why only some can be bred to wolves?

  5. Yes, maybe it will. It’s too bad I don’t have the picture.

    I can’t believe it can be received for free there! It would be great to have one by just finding it around neighborhood.

    It’s because only several wolf-like dog breeds can be mated with wolf. They could be mated because wolf-like dogs like German Shepherd ancestor was also a wolf back then and has just become a dog several thousands of year ago when human able to tame a wolf.

    Thank you for commenting!

  6. These are lovely looking dogs. Thank you for an informative article.

  7. Indeed they’re all lovely. Thank you for your comment!

  8. Wow, I did not know about these!

  9. I wasn’t aware of this too. But an internet truly gives a lot of new knowledge. Thank you for your comment!

  10. I’m pretty contented with our dogs. =) nice article.

  11. I see, Jane. Thanks for commenting!

  12. This was a really interesting article. The dogs in the pictures were beautiful. I have had German Shepards before, but I don’t have a dog now.

  13. Good article! I don’t neccessarily agree with this kind of interbreeding, but the article is well written. I like that you included pictures of the different breeds!

  14. Thank you for your compliments! I’m glad you love it!

  15. Nice one…

  16. Excellent pics!

  17. Excellent pics!!!!!!!

  18. I have a Czechoslovakian Wolf-dog named Summer and she is the greatest to ever happen to me. They are not as fearless as you would think though, if she feels threatened she just RUNS around like a crazy thing and there’s no stopping her!
    I couldn’t recommend this breed enough, we where told she was a pure bred German shepherd, but after visiting the vet for the first time he told us otherwise! It was a lovely surprise!

  19. i would actually discourage people from owning wolfdogs unless they are experienced dog owners and are well prepared for a wolfdog. they require a lot of work, much more than a typical dog. and the fact that it IS easy to obtain a wolfdog is a worrying problem. you can easily buy a wolfdog for as little as $300, and people get one thinking it will be soooo cool that they have a wild animal as a pet, but then they realize that they couldnt handle them and so they end up in shelters to immediately be put down because of their wildness or end up in the overburdened wolf sanctuaries and rescues. please, do research if you want a wolfdog. sure they can be sweet, but only AFTER you have trained them well and are ready for them.

    ~Jay – a wolfdog owner

  20. I know my dog is not wolf. It never has a slightest blood link with wolf. But I wonder some times it behaves like wolves. It went to the bushes, hunt some reptiles, and some times howls. Some says I tough him to howl. It is partly true, but the truth is he grasped it so easily and quickly. But he is so loving. what I think some dogs have inborn wolf character, and I want to know if there is any instance for a pet wolf.Real wolf , not a hybrid wolf-dog..

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