Awesome-looking Fancy Breeds of Rabbit

Pets, pets, pets!!! Who wants a rabbit for a pet? Like dogs and cats, rabbits are popular animals that are kept as pets. Here are some of the most unique and awesome-looking breeds of rabbit.

First on the list are the Angora breeds, which are adorned with fur. There are many breeds of Angora. The most notable and awesome-looking Angoras are; the unique-looking blue male French Angora, the huggable Chincilla French Angora, the lovely and adorable (my personal favorite) English Angora, and the attractive and attention-grabbing Giant Angora, the largest of all the Angora breeds.

Blue Male French Angora

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Chincilla French Angora

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English Angora

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Giant Angora

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Like Angora breeds, Lionhead rabbits are equally adorable and beautiful pets. They are one of the newest breeds of domestic rabbits. They have long hair on their faces that look like the mane of a male lion, hence the name.

Lionhead Rabbit

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Some breeds of rabbit are known for their large sizes and some can also be taught to perform different tricks. One of the world’s most popular pet rabbit was Oolong. He was well-remembered for his ability to balance a variety of objects on his head.

A rabbit with the name Herman is one of the largest rabbit in the world. Herman is a German Giant Rabbit, a breed developed to provide more meat. Herman weighs 7.7 kilograms.


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Herman, German Giant Rabbit

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One of the world’s oldest fur-rabbit breed is the Flemish rabbit breed called the Blue of Sint-Nikalas or commonly called Blue Sink.  Another Flemish rabbit breed is the ‘Flemish Giant’. This popular breed of domestic rabbit is noted for its huge size compared to other breeds.

Blue Sink

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Flemish Giant

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Lops are popular fancy breed of domestic rabbits which are noted for their very large ears. They were developed in England and one of the oldest breeds of rabbit. Aside from long ears, they are also characterized by bold head and large body size.

The French Lop is a crossed between an English Lop and a Giant Flemish. French Lops has shorter ears and heavier compared to the English Lops.

Mini Lops are popular rabbit breed in the US and Holland Lops that originated in the Netherlands are the smallest lops in the US and known for their sweet temperament behavior.

English Lop

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French Lop

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Mini Lop

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Holland Lop

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Other fancy breeds of rabbit to choose from if you want to have a rabbit pet; the Dalmatian of rabbits – the English Spot, the Polish rabbit, the soft furred Standard Rex Rabbit and the highly intelligent Jersey Wooly.

English Spot

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Polish Rabbit

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Standard Rex Rabbit

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Jersey Wooly

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