Avoiding The “Cone of Shame”

Sometimes our dogs need to be restrained from licking their wounds. Here is a less humiliating way that you may be able to use!

I came home one day to see my dog, Cookie, licking her chest.  I thought perhaps it was just itchy but the next morning she had licked it raw and it was swollen and red.  Surprisingly, she willing jumped into the car so she must have been pretty miserable! 

Cookie and our other dog, Gus, apparently had slammed into each other as they so often do and she had fluid build up that needed draining.  When I returned to the vet to pick her up she had a drain, a couple of stitches in a shaved chest and the dreaded “cone of shame” over her head!  She was a very unhappy little dog, especially since the cone weighed more than her little head. 

In fact, she was so miserable that I decided to see if I could modify a tshirt to cover her chest and my first efforts weren’t pretty but it worked.  The cone was gone, Cookie was dressed in a tshirt with her feet through the armholes and her wound protected.  After making sure that she couldn’t get it off, I drove to my local big box store (in other words, cheap) and bought a couple of size 4T turtleneck shirts from the children’s department.

Cookie is nearly all healed now and still wears her tshirts since her hair is growing back and the area is itchy.  Without the shirt she would scratch it raw!  They are comfortable for her, warm and small enough not to have the bottom hem in her way. 

Next time your dog or cat has an injury or patch of skin that needs protection, consider an inexpensive tshirt that you can put on them.  They are much more comfortable than the traditional cones and you can also make them cute and fashionable!

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