Are Cats Like People?

Mother Cats are compared to human moms in this simple article of motherly instinct.

While dogs share similar traits to that of cats, dogs grow accustomed and more so tuned into their master’s personality through commands and communication, as cats naturally and independently, have similar traits to that of people.

My topic today, centers around female cats and their kittens and much like people, some are cut out to be moms and some aren’t.

Good mother cats, tend, teach and discipline their young.

Commencing from birth, a mother cat will not only nurture, but she will protect and literally draw her young with her paw(s) into her chest when unsure of a situation or person. If a mother cat feels a sincere threat, she will move her kittens to another location and on some occasions, even hide them in blankets, closets or try and hide them outside.

Changing diapers per say is not her favorite pass time and poddy training begins quite young. By the time her kittens reach the age of 3-4 weeks old and are able to walk without wobbling, a mother cat will show her young where the litter box is and expect them to be clean. Kittens that aren’t very clean, are usually the first a mother cat will push away or neglect as a sign of her disapproval. It’s the beginning of discipline.

In play, a mother cat teaches her kittens the basics of defense for later ranking amongst it’s siblings. The kittens are taught to respect their elders while engaging in rough and tumble, however if a play session gets out of hand, mother will intervene. As the kittens grow older, they are weaned and expected to play amongst themselves and when bath time comes, mother cats won’t take no for an answer.If a kitten is reluctant to a washing, a mother cat will pin down the kitten and proceed with her affairs in spite of protests, until she is done. Then it’s bed time.

By the time kittens reach five months old, they no longer require attention, just occasional affection which mother gives when deemed necessary. If another more mature cat is in the same household, the female will keep an eye out for uncalled for behavior and attend to anything that’s out of line. Don’t mess with mama’s babies up to the age of 5-6 months old! She’ll get vicious.

Mother cats are also known to take on and adopt abandoned kittens from other litters, especially if they sense the kitten is in need. Some mother cats will take responsibility of kittens that belong to another and not give them back! Cases like these, usually result in constant battles, growls and screams until finally the stronger of the two wins out.

When a woman has children, she nurtures and bears each child close to her heart. Most moms now a days, breast feed until 4-5 months old, sometimes longer depending on the individual’s beliefs.When a mom fears for her children, she has been known to hide her children and flee, defend and protect.

Poddy training commences with a baby’s sense of cleanliness. If a baby is not accustomed to spending any time in a dirty diaper, it is uncomfortable and seeks to be clean by going on the toilet.

Mothers set examples of cleanliness concerning oneself and in the home in general. Mothers teach with love and discipline until the child learns of mom’s displeasure. Mothers make choices and teach their children the laws of life according to personal lifestyle. Mother’s learn to cut the string between youth and adulthood, yet are there when needed. Mothers have been known to easily and instinctively adopt another’s child and defend and protect that love.

After all, mothers are mothers, whether it be a cat or a person. If you’ve ever observed a mother cat and her kittens, you’ve related the characteristics to that of people and understand that fine line. In observation, one learns the similarities are amazing. Till next time,

Hug Your Cat!

*watch for part two, “Are Kittens Like Kids?”

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  1. Being a dog person my knowledge of cats is quite limited…. thanks for enlightening me!


  2. On the subject of cat behaviour.I had a female cat (Aussie)that after she lost a litter and got prego before I could get her spayed,But however the vet aborted and we found out after the fact.In anycase she was a super mom to say the least.I was one of her kittens.I actually raised her from a kitten but dont tell her that.One morning I woke up to her cleaning me and I dont mean just a lick or two I mean my head was soaked like I had been sweating in my sleep.I thought I had been sweating until my wife laughed and said no Ive been watching her for the last hour licking you and waiting for you to finally wake up.

    In anycase on the other super mom side she had a litter mate named Kit Kat who also had a litter and after Aussie had already raised her own litter and then lost a litter then got spayed and lost another she turned right around and helped Kit Kat while giving birth. I actually have this on film showing her taking care of her sister licking her and cleaning the babies after they were born then afterwards comforting her sister till she knew she was going to be okay.Kit Kat was a terrible mom and Aussie had to show her up and even started lactating and feeding her sisters young after she had been spayed 6 months prior.I was so totally amazed by this behaviour.But she didnt stop there.Her daughter also had a litter and she took care of them as well.I love cats and always have.Im one of those people who have a connection for some reason they love me and it kinda weirds some people out how much they take to me.But anyways whenever I think Ive figured out cats they continually surprise me.Aussie was one of a kind and I miss her very much.

  3. I had a stray female cat appear on my property. I knew she was on the young side and decided to try and make friends with her. After several weeks of putting food and water out for her and endlss hours patiently sitting on my deck, we became friends. She would follow me to the garden and be waiting on the deck when I got home. We finally decided to name her Zoey.She learned to meow at the back door and if that didn’t get my attention for whatever reason she would sit on the ledge of the dining room window. She was never in our home but was definitely a part of our family. Over time she would allow my 6 now 7 year old daughter to lug her around everywhere. We discussed getting her spayed but before long I noticed she was going to have kittens.

    The kittens are now approximately 10 weeks old and she was teaching them to hunt mice and fend for themselves. They were a rambunctious bunch. I watched her walk along the roadside making sure it was clear to cross. She would sit under my legs when she wanted a break from the kittens.

    Last week I came home from school and found her at the end of my driveway. The sight was horrible and I had to dig her a grave. I never reaized how attached I had become to her until that day. I look for her when I come home and expect to find her sitting in the window.

    I know have five kittens that we have decided to keep and wonder how they will do outside this winter without a mother to teach them the things they need to know. We have discussed ways of possible teaching them to catch mice because they have already been taught to play with dead ones. I have only one kitten that seems withdrawn butis slowly coming around. They were still being nursed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreacited. We have worked out an arrangement with our local vet and she will cut us breaks financially with the kittens so they can have check-ups, shots, and be spayed or neutered when it is time.I miss Zoey very much, but I worry about the kittens when I am gone and livig so close to a state road.

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