Aquatic Pets: World’s Most Colorful & Beautiful Freshwater Fishes Ii

A list of the most brightly colored and popular freshwater fishes for aquarium.

Majority of the world’s most colorful fishes can be found in the seas and oceans but some can also be found in freshwater lakes and rivers.

If you found the fishes on the first part of this article colorful, I guarantee you, this next batch of freshwater aquarium fishes are more colorful. Here is the second group of the world’s most colorful and beautiful freshwater fish.

1.) Pseudotrpheus saulosi

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These two aquatic creatures are just beautiful and colorful. And yes, they belong to the same species called scientifically as Pseudotropeus saulosi. These small but aggressive freshwater fish can attain a length of 9 cm. Male and the female species are born yellow but only the males become blue when they get sexually mature.

2.) Altum Angelfish (Pterophyllum altum)

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The awesome-looking Altum Angelfish inhabits the Orinoco River Basin and the Upper Rio Negro watershed in Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia. It is the largest of its own genus growing up to 50 cm in length. It is characterized by 3 brownish/red vertical stripes and red striations into the fins. This lovely fish is the national fish of Venezuela and an image of the fish appears on some currency bills of that country. It is also commonly known as Deep Angelfish, or Orinoco Angelfish.


3.) Hongi (Labidochromis sp)

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The very pretty Hongi is native to Lake Malawi in Africa. This cichlid species is commonly kept as aquarium pet. It can be easily crossbreed so it is recommended to only have one species from this genus.

4.) Dwarf Gourami (Colisa lalia)

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The coloration of the Dwarf Gourami is simply fantastic. It has an almost translucent blue color, with vertical red to dark orange stripes Because of its beautiful coloration it has become very popular in the aquarium trade. But do you believe that in its native range, it is dried for food. This labyrinth fish, which means that it can breathe oxygen from the air through their labyrinth organ if necessary, has a lifespan of 4 years or more.

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  1. Nice showcase of colorful fish.. of course not all these beauties can be kept together.

  2. Just wonder if you live near the sea with breathtaking scenery in the deep of it.

  3. Ganda nga bro.; they are birds under sea.

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  7. i love fighting fish and its colored fins.
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  10. Another nice article on fish. I love to watch them but don’t have the time or patience to take care of them. Loved the pictures.

  11. I like Gourami Fish. They are beautiful!!!

  12. Jack Dempsey fish are beautiful as well.

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