An African Carnivorous Frog Feasts on a Mole Rat

An extraordinary Gigantic Frog That preys On Other Small Animals.

                The above picture shows an image of a big vicious African bull-frog chewing away its favourite meal a mole rat.It possess a rough skin which is grayish in colour and razor sharp teeth.This is more than enough to scare away other small animals from its surroundings.

               This carnivorous-amphibian is well-known for its aggressiveness and  is capable of a 3.65 metre leap.A single bite from this creature can turn deadly and  leaves its prey with excruciating pain.

               This enormous bull-frog is also known as Pyxicephalus adspersus in Latin.It usually sits and waits for its victims to appear before striking.It gets stimulated by movements of other animals and hunts only of those within its reach.The hunted animals normally dies from shock or suffocation before being swallowed.If the prey is too big the frog regurgitates it and waits for its next victim to come along.

              In spite of its fierce looks this frog is credited for being good parents.They tend to protect and take care of their young from possible outside threats.Birds,insects,rats and even other frogs are its favourite food.A full grown frog of this species can reach almost 2 kilogrammes in weight and 24 centimetres in length.

             To protect itself from the dry season this frog develops a water cocoon to ensure supply for itself.Originally found in Cameroon this frog can be located  in south and east Africa as well even though the ones found here are  significantly variant in size.

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  1. great share! thanks!

  2. Wow, what a creature.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. i always feel sad when i see that the animal is still alive and being consumed fully conscious. it’s all part of the chain of life and death and is happening all the time in Nature. a great article and well written.

  4. Poor little rat. I had a rat as a pet once.

  5. great sharing did you read mine article which about Osama Bin Laden

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