50 Fun Facts About Dogs

Majority of the population have pet dogs. Do you wish to know some fun facts about dogs. Read for weird facts about dogs here. Dogs fun facts are really funny and interesting. Read on…

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Majority of us love dogs and like to keep them as pets. Shall I tell you the top 50 fun facts related to dogs? I am not going to tell a long story before giving the facts. Here are the top 50 fun facts about dogs, one of the most loveable pets.


1.      First animals to be domesticated by humans are dogs and it dates back to 10,000 years.

2.      First animal to go to space was a dog and its name is Laika.

3.      You must have seen dogs curling up their tail and covering their nose; do you know why they do it? They just want to keep themselves warm during cold weather conditions.

4.      The breed Basenji is often referred as African Barkless. This is because rather than barking, these dogs yodels.

5.      Egyptians are fond of both dogs and cats. As how they shave their eyebrows when a cat dies to show their affection, the same they does for dogs too. Know more about cats here.

6.      Sweat glands for dogs are present in between their paws.

7.      How many eyelids you have? Is this a funny question? Why I am asking this is because there are three eyelids for dogs. It is the third eye lid that protects the eye and keeps it lubricated.

8.      Do you wish to know how long your pet dog will live? It’s simple. If the face shape is either sharp or is pointed, they live longer and those with flat facts live shorter.

9.      Which country has highest dog population? First place goes to U.S. and the second goes to France.

10.  In general, life span of city dogs is three years more than country dogs.

11.  We humans are trying to fight obesity and stay fit. The same problem prevails in dogs too. This is the major problem dogs are facing.

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