10 Things a Dog Would Say If It Could Talk

Do you think your dog would say some of these things to you if it could talk?

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  1. “Why do you like to wet me with water and make my fur all bubbly?  Do you do that too?”
  2. “You should really consider sharing your food with me, because I wouldn’t mind sharing mine with you.”
  3. “How exactly does that magic necklace I wear keep me from itching?”
  4. “I am a boy dog, and I’m offended by how much you humans try to degrade each other by calling one another a son of a (bad word here).”
  5. “Dogs dont believe in racism, so why does your kind?”
  6. “Can I go outside and play with the dog next door please?”
  7. “Don’t touch me or my dinner plate while I’m eating since you won’t share with me.”
  8. “How come female humans only have two breasts and girl dogs have more?”
  9. “You wouldn’t think any less of me if I were a mixed-breed would you?”
  10. “I bet you can’t beat me in a race human.”
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  1. liked it

  2. I like it you give the animals a voice. Has your dog read it yet.

  3. Very clever. Good write.

  4. Haha :D This was really good. I was laughing through it :D Good job :)

  5. That was freaking lame. What are you 7 years old??

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