10 Household Items That are Dangerous to Your Pets

List of items you should be careful of for your pets.

Grapes and Raisins are toxic to dogs because they trigger gastro intestinal problems. These are vomiting and diarrhea which can also cause kidney failure.

Macadamia Nuts contains an unknown toxic that can upset your pets digestive tracts and muscles, which causes severe weakness and may cause paralysis. It can also cause vomiting and diarrhea. This is if they have eaten about a handful of the macadamia nuts. Your pets can recover for about 48 hours even if not treated by a vet.

Onions and Garlic have disulfides, sulfur compound that may cause gastrointestinal irritation to pets and may even harm their red blood cells. Vomiting is one of the symptoms if your pet has eaten onions and garlic.

Sugar substitutes like xylitol, which are found in many sugar free candies, chewing gums, and even baked goodies and to toothpastes. This may cause liver damage and low blood sugar to your dog. If they have ingest a gram of these sugar substitutes, you should have your dog visit its vet.

Lilies can be dangerous to your cats because they can result in kidney failure if they have ingest even a very small about of the lily. Dogs may also get sick if they ingest Azalea or rhododendron. It may cause dogs to vomit, drool, diarrhea, weakness, depression of the central nervous system and it may also cause death.

Pine Oil Cleaners are used to scrub floors but it’s dangerous to pets as it can cause serious liver damage. Polyurethane glue is also dangerous to your pets especially if dogs play with the bottle. Dog’s plays with what ever they say lying on the floor and they usually bite it so it’s a danger to your dog. Pennies are also dangerous as it has zinc and it’s a toxic to animals. It may cause severe anemia or kidney problem. Medication can kill your pets so keep them away from your four legged friends. And liquid potpourri can cause ulcers in your pets mouth, throat and it may also cause gastrointestinal tract,

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  1. Chocolate is toxic to cats

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