10 Friendliest and Stunningly Attractive Cats on Earth

This is about the most friendly and attractive cats on earth.

There are many cat breeds in the world and they have different physical qualities and temperaments. But there are few cat breeds that stand out in terms of their being friendly and at times loyal to their masters. They are also lovely and fun to be with as domestic pets.

Here are they are:

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair is a crossbreed of American Shorthair and Persian Shorthair. The Exotic shorthair has a round, massive head, small ear and large round eyes. It has a medium-size body and short tail. Its hair is dense, fluffy and erect.

The Exotic Shorthair is loyal and affectionate breed and makes excellent lap cats. They are ideal as apartment cats for city dwellers because of their calm and steady nature. They are curious and playful and are friendly to other cats and dogs.


Abyssinian cat breedoriginated from Ethiopia. Its name was derived from Abyssinia, the former name of Ethiopia. Abyssinia was brought to Egypt and eventually to England in the late 1860’s but went almost instinct in the 1900’s. But in the 1930’s it was brought to the United States where it was revived out of extinction. It is now the fifth most popular cat breed in North America.

Abyssinian cat breed has well developed muscles and medium length body. It has a fairly long tail. They are natural athletes, climbers and curious investigators. They are fond of water and can be excellent swimmers. They are very intelligent cats, loyal and affectionate with people.

Birman Cat Breed

Birman Cat is known to have originated from Myanmar, formerly Burma. They have long and silky hair. All Birmans are born with white hairs but they change after about a week from birth. If the adult color is dark, color change start to manifest after about 14 days. The real adult color change is completed in about two years.

Birman cats are highly intelligent, very inquisitive and playful but require plenty of stimulation and attention.


Ragdolls are American cat breed that was created by Ann Baker in 1960 from free- roaming cats in California. They are large affectionate cat breeds that usually weigh from 10-20 lbs. They are slow maturing, reaching full color coat in two years and full size weight and size at four years. Ragdolls are affectionate cat breeds. They are human-friendly and are comfortable staying on floors rather than climbing or jumping. They are gentle cats and safe to play with because they don’t normally extend their claws as other cats would. They are also well behaved and easy to care which make them ideal pets for busy owners.

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  1. I used to despise cats until my fiances son gave me one he couldn’t take care of. Now I have three and one is a Manx who keeps me quite on my toes.

  2. I was always a dog person, but about five years ago I adopted my first stray cat. She is the ho’ of the street. I now have 8 cats….all hers.

    Love the Berman. Great eyes.

    Great job!

  3. I like the “Birdman Cat Breed” the most! Beautiful*



    -Liane Schmidt.

  4. Very well written!
    Thought they’re still too creepy for me..

  5. Awwww… so beautiful ! Ya I am a cat person. I wish I had one of each, but for now Ill stick to my Kittunni.

  6. Great article! Lovely adorable cat pics!

  7. when i met my fiance, i was pleased to find that he had two adorable cats. a female orange tabby (which i hear is rare, most tabbys are male) named ally, and a mix breed (we still don\’t know what kind of cat he is) black and white male named astro. i came across the pet adoption day at my local pet store and was just going to look at all of the cute puppies and kittens. i came across this 5 week old little fur ball and said \”aw how cute!\”as i started to make my way to the other animals, he came to the front of the carrier he was in and stared at me and started to meow non-stop. i asked if i could hold him and when i did…it was love at first meow!! lol! i adopted him on the spot
    i had a traditional siamese growing up as a little girl and always said if i got another cat, i would get a traditional siamese….well, turns out my newly adopted fur baby was a flame point siamese!!! this breed is truely stunning aesthetically and is a delight to have. he talks to me all the time with his meows and chirps. he follows me wherever i go and always wants to be involved in whatever im doing. he is very affectionate and loves to be snuggled and loved. he sleeps right beside me every night…which my fiance finds annoying but endearing all the same. we are so glad we got this little guy and he has been an absolute joy!

  8. I have a Birman and everything said about them above is true. They are the sweetest and most fun cat I have ever owned. A true best best.

  9. I fully agree with this selection of Cats as some of the best cat breeds. I have usually had Himalyan, Ragdoll and Persians but now have a Birman and a Burmese. Their personalities are like Chalk and Cheese but they are both just lovely. My Birman just likes to lay around looking regal and is a real sook, but my Burmese performs Acrobatic stunts that are most amusing to behold. Forget dogs, get a Cat !!

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