How to be Clutter Free Fast

Ever find yourself with clutter? Clutter is the fastest way to add stress to your life. Getting rid of clutter is essential for a relaxing stress-free environment.

All in Under 15 Minutes

Don’t beat yourself up and spend hours scouring over your clutter mess.  Designate 15 minutes a day, maybe even two-three sessions of 15 minutes per day to de-clutter.  Remember to take baby steps because getting overwhelmed is the reason that you quit as well as not knowing where to start.  If you feel like going past the 15 minutes because you are doing so well and you don’t want to stop then you can keep going.  Try not to overdo it the first few times because you want to keep a positive attitude about the de-cluttering process.
Don’t be overwhelmed by the big picture because taking baby steps will get you there in no time. 

If your clutter is bad try breaking each room into 4 quadrants, or corners, and picking one corner of the room per week to work on and try to de-clutter.  Always remember, once you decide to remove something and throw it away, take it to the outside garbage can that day so that you don’t decide later that you want to keep it.  If you don’t do this you will never get out from under your clutter.


Purge is the key word when it comes to clutter.  Just get rid of it already.  If you haven’t used it, don’t plan on using it, or it’s stored and you haven’t used it in a year then throw it out or donate it.  Purging can be done in less than 10 minutes and can be the answer for all your small clutter issues.  It is the same thing I do with my mail.  I scan through it, put the bills in one pile, put my magazines in another pile, and anything that says to current resident or even remotely resembles junk mail gets its own pile.  That pile is the one that I spend the remaining 5 minutes scouring on whether or not I want to keep it.  Ninety percent of the time it all gets chucked in the trash can.  The other two piles I put in their designated baskets on the desk for later scrutinizing.

Trash Dash

The Trash Dash is my new favorite move.  I purchased a small plastic bin from my local dollar store and labled it trash.  Once a day I take 15 minutes and dash through the main rooms of my home and pick up all the trash that I can and put it in the bin that I leave in the most centralized room.  Not only do I get a good workout but I also get all the garbage thrown away.  This is a great game if you have kids as well.  You explain that garbage is all newspapers, or anything paper that they know belongs in the trash, empty cans, wrappers, dirty dishes, or full garbage cans in rooms other than the kitchen.  I have found if I make it a game with my kids they like picking up after themselves more often.

The three things will help you declutter fast and in a hurry.  Try them out and let me know how they work for you.  Don’t think that you can’t have that clutter free house you have always dreamed about having.  Get off your seat and do the Trash Dash and start relaxing instead of drowning in your clutter.

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  1. Great share, but I throw everyhing in the trash when its no use to me.

  2. Great tips. I hate clutter

  3. Great tips….I will try to use some of these, like the Trash Dash!

  4. I think if I tried to do it fast, the junk would just go in a drawer or under the couch. Takes me forever to sort the trash from the keepers.

    Good post.

  5. great tips

  6. good share

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