How Many Months Have 31 Days?

Well, this is a common thing that most people don’t know.

It seems like this is something easy everyone would remember, but somehow, we always seem to forget this common knowledge.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How many months have 31 days?”, then here is your answer:

7 Months Out of the Year Have 31 Days

The following list of months, are each month throughout the year that have 31 days:

  1. January
  2. March
  3. May
  4. July
  5. August
  6. October
  7. December

All of these months, each have 31 days in them. The rest of the months have 30, except for February. The months of April, June, September, and November all have 30 days in them. I hope this helped you find out which months of the year have 31 days in them.

The next time your thinking and wondering how many months have 31 days, be sure to remember seven. Now, remembering the actual seven months is another story.

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  1. I just always remembered the rhyme from school: “30 days hath November, April, June and September.” That fixes that. :)

  2. What the end of that poem?

    “30 days hath September,
    April, June, and November.
    All the rest have 31…

    There’s a line missing somewhere…

  3. I have no clue lol im 11 and i don’t even know!!

  4. cool i already know how many 31 days are in the calander

  5. cool

  6. An easy way to remember is by looking at your knuckles and the spaces between them.. Starting with January its a knuckle and the space between is February. All knuckles are 31 while all spaces are not… easy enough


  8. i always go for the rhyme mom taught me when i was little: 30 days hath September,April, June, and November.
    All the rest have 31……

  9. I know July and August have 31 days, but August originally had 30 days. Sextilis was renamed August. The Julian calendar matched 31 and 30 days (except February). February had 29 days. February would have 30 days in a leap year. Augustus moved a day from February to add to August. The two months have 62 combined days in all. Instead of September, October, November, and December ending in 31 30 31 30, it ended in 30 31 30 31.

  10. COOL

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