Clean Queen, and How to Achieve This Title!

Getting your life back from stuff starts today! Let’s do it together.

Today is the best day to begin your clutter free existance. To start, determinerealistically, exactly how much time you have to devote to the project. All day (6-8 hours), great, let’s tackle that closet. All weekend, how about an entire room makeover. All week, the garage or attic or basement too! Be honest, if your to-do list has about a million things on the urgent side, starting a major re-do will only throw your already hetic life into a major tail spin. Who has time for that??

Got your time line? 2 hours? Good! Let’s get cracking!

The absolute best way to begin any organizing project (once time is established) is to clear out everything. Be it one drawer, (easy, breezy way to practice and gain confidence), or a whole room, a little tougher, great way to stretch your organizing chops!

Let’s say you are a novie and you want to grow into your big person organizing pants. We’ll start small. A bathroom drawer.

Take everything out. Don’t focus (more than a few seconds) on any one item. Used tissue (who put that there?) trash immediately. Little Jonny’s baby tooth (aian, why here?) into the save pile. Half used and mostly gone toiletries go into a ‘maybe’ pile. Any old cosmetics (more than 6 months is my rule) go in the toss pile. Better than a pile, let’s have a can or bag in arms reach. Toss. Making progress! Doesn’t that feel good?

Once the drawer is completely vacant (totally), vacuum any loose stuff (get those hard to reach corners), take a damp cloth and wipe out. For tougher spills (old nail polish, lipstick stains) use approiate scrubbing methods. If you have a sticky question you need a solution to, leave me a comment.

While the drawer is drying (minutes, tops) look at the piles. Do you have several bottles of the same almost used something (like shampoo), pour them together. If the flavors don’t quite match, who cares? This concoction makes for a great bubble bath or doggie wash.

Personally, I hate the end ot the toothpaste. I usually open a new one (love) before my old one is completely out. I will save 2 (absolutely no more) for travel. If I have a short juant, I can squeeze the very last of this tube out on my trip. Ever had a full tube get loose in you travel bag??

An old tube is: a0 light to carry, b)takes up almost no space, and c)I can toss it at the end of the trip, one less thing to bring home.

Time to put the rest of our item back into the drawer. Daily used items in front (toothbrush, comb), weekly used items in the middle (nail file, clippers) and the not frequently used but must haves in the back (nail polish remover towelettes, face buffer, don’t judge).

you get the picture.

How is the pile looking now? If it is STILL overwhelmingly large, go through it again. Be ruthless! You are tough. You are in control!

Absolutely NEVER hang on to something you don’t like, can’t use, just because someone gave it to you. If you really HATE it, never going to use it, wear it, can’t stand the smell of it, IT GOES! You have my permission to toss!

I have a difficult time pitching something brand new. I have no problem DONATING! Where? Glad you asked. My favorites are: (age and person approiate)

Teenagers: they will love the purple powder stuff!

Freind/relative/neighbor: samples and freebies

Food Bank:(Real personal favorite) Our local Care and Share Closet is always in need. If it is new and in good condition, please consider this option!

Now how’s that pile?

Be brutal. This is a war for your time and energy. Stuff wants to take over your drawe

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