10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Place Neat and Clean

Provides 10 simple tips to keep your living quarters a more friendly place to live in.

While some people are naturally slobs, some people are naturally, well, not. Although there are different strokes for different folks cleanliness is a universally desirable trait. How we keep our living quarters does not necessarily reflect who we are, however, it’s surely indicative of our taste in living. It’s useless to have nice things that you can’t take care of because you only deplete the quality of those things and make them look like garbage. Here are some simple, easy tips for keeping your house clean.

  1. If you spill something, immediately get it up. This should be done on all surfaces, countertops, floors, in the refrigerator… Not cleaning a spill causes things to look horribly filthy. Not cleaning a spill properly results in something sticky (in most cases) being left someplace it doesn’t belong, and stickiness attracts dirt. So, spills equate to dirt, basically. Spills on the floor should be absorbed with something dry, followed by a wet mop. Spills on the counter and in the fridge should receive the same treatment, only with a wet towel or sponge instead of a mop.
  2. Close everything you open. If you open a cabinet, close it. If something sticks out and prevents you from closing it, take a few minutes and organize what’s inside the cabinet to make more space. If you open a jar, close it all the way. Leaving a jar partially open means the lid can come off, and things with no lid can easily spill. You really don’t want that. If you open a door, say for instance your closet door, close it. Doors hanging open for no reason are simple things that are in the way, and when things are in our way, we tend to maneuver more carelessly.
  3. Put all empty containers in the trash. If you eat the last of something, save the world trouble and just throw the crap away. Empty containers take up unnecessary space. And if the empty container is a cereal box, milk jug, shoe box, or anything else of a certain size, just house them in a large bag and take the bag to the dumpster. It doesn’t make much sense to put containers that are too big in the garbage in your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. You’ll end up rushing your trip to the dumpster anyway!
  4. If something doesn’t fit into the garbage, don’t force it or place it on top. This makes things extremely messy and it looks even worse than it actually is. When the garbage is overflowing, there’s no reason not to take it out, unless you are just a complete slob anyways, which some of us are. Also, sitting things on top of the trash can cause the trash can to get dirty, and when you have a dirty trash can, you tend not to care how you throw things in it, or on it for that matter. So, just take the garbage out, it’ll save time and energy of having to do more cleaning on the back-end.
  5. Wipe things down with a towel or paper towel at least bi-weekly. The surfaces in your home that you don’t touch can get awfully dusty, and dust layers look horrible as they start to build up. Eliminate this problem by taking a wet towel, dry towel, or just a simple paper towel to wipe things down ever so often. It’ll save you from the shame of guests not being able to see the tv for dust glares. Or maybe not being able to look in your mirrors because the glass is too dusty for them to see anything anyways.
  6. When dirty dishes cannot fit into the sink, wash them. If you have no space in the sink and start piling dishes on the counters, it is definitely time to wash the dishes. Also, when you have to dig towards the bottom of the sink to find a fork clean enough for you to wash quickly, it’s time to wash the dishes. Take a full sink as a warning sign.
  7. Have a designated place where you keep important mail and papers. Having lots of paper lying around in different places can look really junky over time, especially if you probably never revisit these piles until you need to use that space from something else, but it’s already taken. (I need to follow my own advice on this one!)
  8. Don’t leave your sanitary products out in the open. For some reason, this just looks plain old nasty. Dispose of sanitary products so that they are hidden from public view, even if you live alone. Treat condoms the same way, and anything else related to the genitalia, because these things are considered private, and no one wants to know that much of your private business. If they do, you have a problem. Wrap these things in tissue or a paper towel before throwing them in the trash. It’ll save you a little embarrassment.
  9. Make sure that all things that you don’t use all day are stored away properly. This may include the iron and the ironing board, which deserve a proper storage spot. And take a few minutes to coil the cord of your iron some kind of way, in case you do keep it out in the open. A dangling cord just makes things look a whole lot junkie than they may really be. If you have a blender or toaster that you rarely use, put it under the sink or in a vacant cabinet. Keep your vacuum in a closet or laundry area. Keep your eating tray stashed in a corner, and not posted in fron of the couch, making passage difficult or impossible. And if you have lots of dvd’s or cd’s that you don’t watch daily, buy a nice little storage rack, and take them off the top of the tv set or radio.
  10. And finally, sweep and vacuum as often as needed. Dirt accumulates rather quickly where there is any traffic. Keep these areas tidied up as often as you have to. When you can see things on the floor that need to be swept up, then it’s definitely time to sweep. If you have any dirt spots on any floor surfaces that aren’t carpet, then get a mop and do some cleaning. They make simple mops for those of us who aren’t serious janitors (or housewives) where you can toss it into some hot water, pull a lid over the top of it to twist for easy wringing, and the mop is already to go. Cheap mop, great investment.

Follow these simple steps, and I can promise you that your apartment, house, or room will be a much cleaner, clearer place. Clean spaces are friendlier to both you and any guests you may have, as they provide more comfort and ease. People notice when your place is junky, so why should you avoid it?

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  1. I liked it mostly because i can never keep my room clean for more than1 month!!!!!

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