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If you buy books from Amazon you should consider the Amazon reward card from the Bank of America. Details here.

The Amazon.co.uk MasterCard

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Reward Credit Cards

Earn a loyalty point for every £1 you spend with Amazon and for every £2 you spend elsewhere will give you another 1 loyalty point. When you have amassed 1000 loyalty points you will automatically be sent a gift voucher fro £10 to spend at Amazon. If you buy books to give as seasonal gifts and as occasional gifts you might do well to apply and register for an Amazon MasterCard before any major gift expenditure.

Advice for Buying on Credit Cards 

When we researched the information for this article we found that the typical APR on credit cards was in the region of 17%. As long as you pay off the balance you spend before the balance incurs interest you will benefit from buying on credit. You will not lose out if you follow this advice and in addition you will earn rewards. However, if you cannot pay off your balance monthly you will be paying considerably more for the gifts and other goods you buy with your credit card.

Ask Yourself: Do My Friends Expect Me to go into Debt to Pay for their Presents?

If when you ask yourself the question posed above the answer is “yes”, then we suggest that your friends are not the best. 

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