Why Do Credit Card Companies Charge So Much? Maybe Because They Waste Money on Tooth Fairy Surveys

Visa says “tooth fairy” left $3 per tooth – did they charge for that?

There’s a news article out that says credit card company Visa found the “tooth fairy” left about $3 for each tooth a child in the U.S. lost in 2012. Wow, can you think of anything more important for a financial company to be doing?

The survey was of 2,000 adults and found that the “fairy” was leaving more under pillows than last year.

Now, at first you may smile at this little publicity stunt. But then you might wonder why in the heck would this company be wasting time and money (yours not theirs probably) to tell us about the mythical tooth fairy. It’s all for a good purpose says the company – after all this is a “teachable moment” about how to budget your money. Yeah, right. And while you are at it teachers or parents, don’t forget to tell your kiddies how to use a credit or debit card, preferably a Visa card.

Would The Tooth Fairy Lie?

Perhaps some truth in advertising should have the tooth fairy also leaving some information along with the $3, information like the interest rate on that credit card is enough to sink a battleship. Or how about the advice that if you fail to pay your minimum balance you could lose your house, car and everything else of value. Or, if you pay only the minimum balance it could take you three lifetimes to pay off your credit card debt.

One other thing – in order for that $3 to be worth anything you’d have to have more teeth than a school of sharks. And after we deduct all the fees that accrue on your credit card that $3 will end up being “you owe us $3.”

It’s so nice for the credit card company to tell us all how warm and fuzzy they are. We feel safe and secure knowing they are looking out for us and reminding our children that the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and father Christmas are looking out for our financial well being.

Sleep tight little darlings and don’t let the bed bugs bite; but the credit card company might and there’s little you can do about that.

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  1. Oh boy! I wish the tooth fairy would leave me enough to pay for the interest card companies charge.

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