Three Ways to Actually Cut Your Grocery Bill

If you want to cut your grocery bill, but still have food on the table, check out these three tips.

With the cost of living ever increasing and paychecks seeming to not go as far as they did just a few years ago, many have had to make some drastic cuts to their finances. Of course, turning the thermostat up, not taking as many long-distance trips, and cutting back on extracurricular activities can help. That said, for many families, the cost of groceries remains one of the largest budget busters.

1. Coupons


There are many independent coupon sites that now allow store patrons to print coupons from their home computer. P&G coupons can be found in the local Sunday newspaper. The magazine “all you” usually contains at least $50 worth of coupons in each issue. Furthermore, you can also visit the websites of major grocery manufacturers, such as General Mills, and take advantage of free samples and coupon offers.  Once you have a stockpile of coupons, look for a grocer that doubles coupons or supplements them with in-store reward discounts.

2. Ad Matching


Some big-named grocers, such as Wal-Mart, guarantee they’ll match the lowest prices of their competitors. Unless you’re willing to devote countless hours to finding, clipping, and organizing hundreds of coupons, ad matching can be the most feasible, time-friendly method of cutting your grocery bill. Most stores release a weekly circular to advertise the products they put on sale each week to draw in customers. These circulars can be printed online or collected from local newspapers. Don’t just print the ones from the stores you frequent. Do a local yellow page search for all the grocers, dollar stores, wholesale markets, and such in your area and print them all. You may have different stores available in your geographical area, but I print the following circulars and ad match the prices at my local Wal-Mart:

* Family Dollar
* Dollar General
* Fred’s Discount Store
* Piggly Wiggly
* Winn Dixie
* Sunflower IGA
* Rouses
* Walgreens
* Rite Aide
* Target

Once you have all the circulars printed out, simply use a marker to circle the items you’d like to ad match for a lower price. Between the special sales that each store runs, I can usually obtain everything on my grocery list for a discounted price.

3. List It Out


One last tip to save on groceries would be to make a list of the items you need, including specific meal plans and household goods that you’re running low on. You can correlate your meal plans with any coupons and discount ads you find from the above. While you might have a craving for roast and potatoes that would cost you $15-$20 dollars, it’ll be much cheaper to have lasagna when you have an ad match and coupons for the noodles, meat, cheese, and tomato sauce.

Make sure that you:

* Stick to your list.
* Don’t go to the grocery store hungry.
* Try to leave the kids with a babysitter so that they don’t beg unneeded items into the buggy or distract you from your shopping plan. 

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  1. All good tips, we do need to save any way we can.

  2. That’s a very practical way of saving your dollars. I’ll follow your suggestions. TY.

  3. very good tips here.

  4. nice thanks

  5. Yes! I agree with you 100%!

  6. That’s right! One more thing: Cut off wants over needs.

  7. I have my own garden, and have kept my own hens for eggs, but most of all.. I now work at a grocery store.

  8. Thanks, good info.

  9. Helpful tips for saving money on groceries. Ad matching makes sense.

  10. Relevant and timely. Good post.

  11. very useful article. Thanks jo for the tips.

  12. Very helpful tips Jo.

  13. Well, it is an American based article. Not that this is bad… but for Germany, number 3 does work. We do not have that many coupons and especially not with that many percentages and number 2 does not apply. But I enjoyed reading it :-)

  14. Regarding circulars: Personally just like knowing whats on sale at my local stores (helps me plan my trip better) – I don’t really have time to clip coupons, and I want to spend as little time as possible at the store (just like any other guy). There’s a cool iphone app called “weekly ads & sales”, that lets me view all the circulars for my local stores on my ipod touch.

    check it out:–sales-brings-the-newspapers-coupon-section-to-your-iphone

  15. I’d add to that list a fourth point – knowing when your local supermarket closes and being there in the last half hour of the evening when they are discounting items that are on their sell-by date. You can get a joint of meat quite cheap if the store’s alternative is to throw it away before they re-open in the morning.

  16. Good suggestions.

  17. Very good tips and the good news is that it works also when you shop for other things, we have saved a lot of money on electronics for example by doing our homework and price matching. :)

  18. Nice tips! I’ll be sure to use em. :D

  19. Congrats on the hot content list. All of these tips are simple and easy to do.

  20. These are things that anyone can think of, I’m not even an American and still find it logical to do so. Maybe in a consummer’s society, this is an eye-opening idea, but in my country, everyone buys the necessary things and that’s about it.

  21. I use #1 – a lot. I signed up for MyPoints and will be going to the library to clip coupons!

  22. Good suggestions! Pretty soon we are going to Wal Mart to stock up for winter. Perhaps I can match ads……. thanks for all the great advice!

  23. Im gonna try ad matching. I use coupons, but never thought to do it with ad matching. Is walmart the only place that admatche?

  24. Btw…. Bad for reading purposes when all these annoying ad pop up everywhere. I dont mind ads, but do they really have to followe around. Geez if I want to click on one I will without all that. I know its the site, but that really hurts this author having people read his or her stuff.

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