The End of The Leisure Class

With millions of people losing their jobs, homes and in some cases, even their children. They are about to lose something far more precious to them. Their lifestyle.

Americans are living in a fantasy.  They have been for decades.  Brought on by the false wealth of the fiat dollar, and the credit boom that came with it.

From the consumers who just won’t stop spending, to the cities that keep expanding, right through to the government that just keeps growing.  They all have one thing in common.

They are addicts.

And their drug of choice is debt.

Americans, like all drug addicts, need to be taught a harsh lesson.  And the teacher is on the way.  His name is reality. And reality is never kind.  At least not for those who have denied it for so long.  He will take Americans upon his knee and spank them like the spoiled little children they have become.  And America will cry.

You may not like hearing that.  I didn’t either.  But the truth is not always nice to hear.  And we need the truth. Despite convincing ourselves otherwise.

Our people have become mockeries of what their fore fathers intended them to be.  A twisted, nightmarish version of the sacred American Dream.  Fat, arrogant, lazy and vain.  Americans are obsessed with their own self interest, and insatiable in their desires.  Like horrible little children.  Filled with fear and hatred.  Too scared to look in the mirror at what they have become. 

That is the American of today.

By all means, there are exceptions.  Some Americans are exactly the type of people we should all be.  Humble and honest.  Kind and gentle.  Always willing to lend a strong hand to a righteous cause.  But they are a quietly dying breed.  A writer here, a farmer there.  And far too quiet to notice amongst the clamor of modern day life.

Overshadowed by the constant tantrums and endless body fat of the self obsessed attention seekers that clog our streets.  Loudly proclaiming how wonderful they are. Despite their obvious mediocrity.

But all terrible things come to an end.  And that includes the leisure class.  

They are about to have their cherished, and completely unearned, lives torn from them.  By bitter reality.  In the form of far harder working and ambitious countries.   Countries who were treated as virtual slaves, but who have finally turned against the vicious slave master.

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  1. Jimmy Carter warned the country in the 70s with his address concerning becoming a consumption-oriented culture. Can’t say he didn’t try to warn them!

    Credit is destroying this culture beyond words. It’s simple: save your cash and only buy things when you have enough cash to do so. See how SIMPLE that is?

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