Ten Signs That Your Boyfriend is a Creep

Humorous list of signs that your boyfriend is a creep.

Has your boyfriend been a big disappointment?  Is he being unkind and selfish?  Here are ten signs that your boyfriend is a creep:

1.   Your boyfriend writes obscene messages on your email just to see how you will react.

2.   Your boyfriend consumes more alcohol in a day than you do in a year.  He shakes a can of beer and opens it. The beer overflows on your fresh, cleaned carpet.

3.   Your boyfriend says that you are built like a bell. He mocks you over your weight.  You just want to ring his neck

4.   Your boyfriend munches on chips, cookies, cake, and other snack foods.  He feeds his face in front of you while you are on a diet.

5.   Your boyfriend complains that you are not doing his homework.  He expects that you will do his school work everyday.

6.   Your boyfriend smells of garlic, onions, and rotten eggs.  He plops himself on your new sofa while flossing his teeth. An hour later he is serenading you with a series of burps and farts.

7.   Your boyfriend compares having sex with you to a moose.  He tells you that you need to grow a pair of new antlers.

8.   Your boyfriend pretends to snore in his sleep just to keep you up all night.  He also uses the bathroom far too long.

9.   Your boyfriend says that you have no musical talent.  He tells you to abandon playing the piano.  He suggest that you play the harmonica instead.

10. Your boyfriend describes his idea of the perfect girl.  His description matches your best friend.  You suspect that your boyfriend has been cheating on you. You are right!

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  2. Who wants a boyfriend like that? Do you still call him your boyfriend???? :-)

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