Main heart of a person.

money is a main stream of a life to even poor or rich people,rich people earn money for luxurious and poor people to have food for a time,money plays a important role in world,without which no one can survive,money is a factor which bond all the relations,caste and makes to do even horrible things like robbery and murder etc.moneys have a positive and negative factor which harm or make happy a is a vital role in country development and also economy is donated to charity,temples,and is a blood storm of a differences rich,poor,poorest people,hunger can be fulfilled by money money no living.i have own experience of getting my education i have to go for job to pay my fees,so i think money is not a necessity but wants of a person,money fulfills our need and demand,even to save a life of a person operation charges paid is death factor also to bury a person we have to pay it money is in all hands of people which complete a humaneness.

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