Man Finds $150,000 Cash in The Garden

"Look what I found in the garden?", a man said.
“What am I going to do with all this money?”
"Will I have to keep it or return it? But to whom?"

Northern Illinois. It’s raining money. We wish these saying would come true. However, you can not find money without hard work. But sometimes money can be found through garbage. Or a sometimes you can find them in a garden. Who is this lucky man who had found a bag filled with $150,000 cash?

Wayne Sabaj is a carpenter man who headed to his garden to pick some broccoli. He spotted duffel bag that looks like garbage. When he picked it up he was shocked to know that the bag was full of money. The money was stacks of $2o bills and a total amount of $150, 000. But he was not happy for the money he is holding on his hand.

The carpenter who has been unemployed for some time and just making money out of carpentry did not jump for joy when he found the bag of dollars. Instead, he immediately went to ABC7 and reported the money. He said that he could really use the cash. But he also said that the money might come from trouble and he does not want to be involved.

So honest and clever, he alerted the station and the police instead of grabbing or keeping the money. Until now, the money is still under the sheriff custody. It was known and investigated that there were no burglars’ reports or bank robbery in their area. If nobody will claim the money the sheriff will decide for Sabaj. He could keep the money.


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  1. Wow!! That is luck

  2. Good luck on the man. If no one claims it, it’s all his. I just wish he could’ve been more positive about it – such as that it’s not his and not that he wants to get in trouble.

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