Make Over $100/month with One PTC Site as a Free Member

How to make over $100 per month with one PTC site as a free member!

If you are looking for some extra spending cash, look no further. Most PTC sites give you about 10 ads to look at per day, totaling up to $0.20 at most. This can be very frustrating and leads to a lot of people leaving a specific site.

With ClixSense you not only make money from clicking advertisements, but you can make money from completing FREE offer or completing Tasks!

The Tasks is where the money is! Most of the tasks on ClixSense take less than 5 minutes and pay up to $0.50 per task completed. So instead of making 20 cents from clicking ads, you can make an unlimited amount of money from completing Tasks!

ClixSense is the only PTC site on the internet, where you can literally CONSTANTLY MAKE MONEY ALL DAY!!!

If you are already a member of ClixSense, please feel free to use this information to your benefit. If you are not a member of ClixSense, then please join by clicking the link below.


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  1. Another cool thing about completing Tasks, is for every $50 you earn from completing Tasks on ClixSense, you get an additional $5!!!

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