How Top Triond Earners Earn $323.00 Per Month

A SuccessStory of Top Triond Earner who is making $323.00 per month from Triond (Not including AdSense earnings). Are you ready to make more money from Triond?

Although the income from Triond is small, my articles on Triond has been a good income stream for me for several years. Triond is legit and it is always paying members on time. That is why I like to use Triond to publish my articles.

Top Earners of Triond

Top Triond Earners are earning more than $323.00 per month  (not including AdSense income) from the articles in Triond. That is really an amazing amount. Since we all know that Triond is paying based on number of page views, to reach $323.00 per month (not including AdSense income) from Triond is truly an amazing achievement. 

I found this accidentally by Googling for “Top Tiond earners” and I came across Triond blog for June Payment. A guy known as BlackThunder claimed that he is making $323.00 per month from Triond.

You can check out the comment section of Triond Blog for more details. I was amazed by the income this person is making and he claimed that he has over 1 million articles on Triond and more than 35000 referrals in Triond. 

How to Make More Money From Triond

From the comments, I found that BlackThunder is making more money by publishing in socyberty, healthmed and gomestic. This means that he is focusing on health, lifestyle, social news, entertainment, home, family and pets related articles. 

Are You Eager to Make $323.oo per month from Triond?

I am very happy that there are people making good income from Triond because this proof to me that I can make that amount of money from Triond as well. 

From the comments in Triond blog, I can conclude that if we want to earn more, then we will have to write more and be more dedicated towards writing articles in Triond. The more we write, the better our articles, the more money we can make and of course, we will have to make good relationship with all Triond members to earn more. 

So, let us get started to write more good articles to Triond and earn more. Good luck and happy Triond-ing. 

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  1. Wow.. dats really cool.. I no that Gaby n Jimmy shalao made about 150 each.. but 323 is amazing…

  2. I am amazed with the earnings as well. So I am going to write more to reach my goal. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. unbelievable

  5. Indeed. I wish I can reach that level of income.

  6. I hope I can get it too. :)

  7. Amazing…So people do earn money here.
    Thank you for sharing.

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  9. great

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