How to Deal with Credit Card Debt Collectors in The Philippines?

I read a lot of horrible stories about harassment from credit card debt collectors here in the Philippines. So I decided to share with you what I’ve researched on how you can handle them confidently?

1. Regardless how much your credit card balance is, you have the right to ask the debt collector a copy of your Statement of Account (SOA ) duly signed and certified by the bank. A letter with the amount of request to be paid, or a letter showing an offer to pay your credit at a discounted rate are not your SOA.  If in case they provide you an SOA, make sure to call the bank to verify that is indeed a true copy or just another fraud from a debt collector. No SOA, NO PAY.

2. You are the one to decide on how much you can afford to pay them. Send them a proposal letter via email or snail mail about your proposal of repayment and again should be according to your financial capability.

3. If they provide agreement, it should be a written agreement not verbal so at least you have a proof in case they deny that you are really paying.

4. If they don’t agree to your proposal of payment. So don’t pay them instead be confident to say that you will just let this be handle by the court. Challenge them to sue you because at the end of the day it is better that small courts handle this in a legal and fair way. Don’t be afraid to go into jail, being incapable of paying your debts is not a criminal case though, its only a civil case.

5. I doubt if they will pursue this in court to think that it will surely eat their time , money and effort. It is such a waste of energy for them. But if in case they will do, then lucky you are. The judge is so compassionate for debtor that he will ask you to pay your debt but only how much you can afford to pay the complainant.

6. Police came to your home on behalf of the credit card debt collector? Get their name, precint and their car’s plate number. If possible, get them recorded in a video. This is not their job and you can file a complaint against this police. Same story with barangay captains.

7. Credit card debt collector sometimes pretends a sheriff trying to enter your house and get your appliances? You may tell them that you can file criminal case against them ; tresspassing, extortion, unjust vixation etc.

8. Credit card debt collector texted you that you already have warrant of arrest ? Come to think of it, if you are informed in advanced that you have a warrant of arrest…will you not hide immediately? So definitely this is just another fraud from Credit Card Debt Collectors. Warrant of Arrest is just for criminal cases and again not paying your debts is just a civil case. And besides, warrant of arrest is given personally by an authority not over the a phone call, text, fax or email.

9. They don’t stop harrasing you over the phone, going to your house and what not. Tell them the same thing” Just sue me in court anytime”

10. They are saying that they can file RA 8484 criminal case against you. Well let me tell you, this are just for people who tried to do credit card fraud. They are just kidding aside.

Why credit card debt collectors in the Philippines are telling lies? One thing for sure this is only because they need to feed their gluttony. So why waste your money with this people. It’s time to focus more on your priorities and live a happy life. You are not trying to hide from your obligations anyway, its just that you are not yet capable of paying it.

So now that you know who they are, I feel sorry for these credit card debt collectors because they’ve just deal with another debtor like you who knows their modus operandi already. 

For more information about How to Deal With Credit Card Debt Collectors in the Philippines,Here is one of the blog about guideline on credit card paranoia where I read all about this. You will surely learn a lot.


Because I know that you want to know more about facing credit card problems. Here’s another article I just wrote and you will find helpful: Criminal Case For Filipino Credit Card Defaulters? Really? read here

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  1. i have a question cause i have a credit card debt.. somebody told me that you should never run or hide with these people because if you do its a criminal case for them because your intentionally not paying your debt.. im just renting a apartment, and im always changing places, my previous place in manila is they’re always hunting me (the debt collector) my previous room mates said that everyday they keep on calling, im so afraid when one day thay said that 2 police came on that place.. pls help me on this, and also one time i talk to the debt collector and they offer me a monthly plan and it is way too high for me, thats the reason why i move to another place..

  2. hi travis, don’t believe on what the credit card debt collector is saying. and don’t accept their so called amnesty program because there’s no such thing. I was scammed by these people, and today another collector was trying to get money from me when I already paid for that…don’t deal with them, don’t be afraid because not capable of paying your credit card is not a criminal case in the philippines, this is just a civil case .

    Article III: Bill of Rights – Section 20. No person shall be imprisoned for debt or non-payment of a poll tax.

    If the collector said to you that you have a warrant of arrest, let me tell you, it’s just a baloney.

    Yes, some of the bank may pursue the case, they will win but its just a paper victory for them.

    Learn more when you visit the site failuretopaycreditcard dot blogspot dot com

  3. hi clickmarbin just wanna say thank you cause right now i am so freaking out and so afraid to go back to manila because of it.. umm what about my NBI clearance? cause i saw lot of stories that many people didnt get cleared for their NBI because of this case, meaning to say that if we have a civil case we never get a chance to work to another company or work abroad.. right now im working as a call center in ortigas and i was planning to work to another or abroad but because of this issue (NBI CLEARANCE) im having a hard time to resign..

  4. hi travis, nbi is only handling criminal cases not civil cases. you can still work abroad or transfer to a different job locally. Be bold to face this scumbag collectors. If you hide, the more they will have guts to frighten you.Tell them that you are willing to pay your debt once you get the SOA certified correct by the authorized bank ( i doubt that they can provide this, they will send you SOA but its fake, so better to call the bank to verify if its correct). No SOA , NO PAy.

    Remember, it is better that they file this in court because you will get fair decision, they will win the case but it is just a paper victory. They can’t do nothing if you have no money to pay them. You will not be jailed as well.

    And in fact, most often than not, they are not diligent enough to file the case because it takes too long and it will cost them money as well.

    Travis if this collector harass you by pretending to be somebody ( lawyer, police, sheriff or what not ), scare them that you will report them to BSP by violating BSP Circular 454.

    Hope this help and I am also inviting you to visit www dot failuretopaycreditcard dot blogspot dot com

  5. Thank you so much clickmarbin, now i can breath deeply.. really thanks for the advise.. i did open your blogspot, but im having ah hard time to find the credit card thing.. by the way if you have FB can i have your eadd.. LOL thanks anyway buddy

  6. Ummm, what are the worst case scenario if i didnt pay this debt, cause its almost 3 years now and im still not paying my debt… and is that true that its still increasing my debt because of the interest or whatever.. cause i read some blogs that 40k increase to 3million???!!

  7. travis: you might not know it, but after six months, your debt has been written off my the bank and was paid via tax credits. so by then you do not owe them anything already… any payments that you have made after the account has been written off will be treated as miscellaneous income or income from recoveries.

    its not that i would not want you to pay… an obligation is an obligation, but you may still pay after it is written off just to get your name off the blacklist. but let me tell you, they will accept any amount that you propose to pay after this period.

    that is why, per the blog owner says, it is very critical that you get your statement of account so you can propose how much you can pay based on the results of analysis of the SOA.


  8. hi travis, nothing will happen to you…thank you cooldude for added info.

  9. clickmarbin, thanks for posting.
    - Banker

  10. travis,
    visit our forum
    you’re not alone

    good job! i’ll try to visit you site once in a while.


  11. tnx banker and tintin for the visit…your visit means money for me…heheh…tnx =)

  12. i need your advise.can a bank debit your debt from a joint account without any approval? my mother was working abroad while i was a student, she opened an account under both our names(and/or) so i can renew the time deposit every due date. when she returned to philippines, we never got the chance to change the account names and transfer it her name. i got into creditcard trouble in the same bank where my mom has her money invested, and they debit my debt to her money.right now they also placed a hold order for the remaining money in my mom’s account and will only released it once i pay them in full.

  13. Hi Shyleigh,

    No the bank is not authorized to debit your account unless you give them an authority, to do so. otherwise you can sue them for unauthorized access of your account. but you have to look back if you sign anything with regards to auto debit, cause if that was the case then you can’t do anything, but with regards to ACCOUNT HOLD: they are not allowed to hold your account unless its under litigation, from fraud, suspicious account for money laundering, account was es-cheated, or an authority from teh BIR Commissioner due to failure of payment of taxes.

    My answer was quite general cause i’ve been out from banking sector for almost 3 years. hope could help.

  14. hello, i would like to share my problems it is regarding to my credit cards,
    i have my 3 credit cards different bank, so i am planning to stop payment
    for them because as of now i have to pay my first priority like: house,
    so is there possible that i have to put in jail for the reason i could not
    pay my credit cards? i have to work in abroad though i have my unpaid
    credit cards?….pls enlighten mi mind..

  15. @ chelle

    its just a civil case, so no you’ll not be in jail. in fact, you can still work abroad. As I read from my fave blog, prioritize your need not their greed.

  16. @ mamasboy

    thanks for the help answering the Q of shyleigh…

  17. I want to clarify also, is there any basis for saying that the bank already write off the past due account within 6 months?? and the debt collector company buy it from the bank on more smaller amount?? My question is that when we pay some of money on the past due account or delinquent account the proceeds will go directly to the bank?? lets say will be paid on you credit card number not to the debt collector name?? please clarify

  18. tnx to u clickmarbin..but for the last question, since i am planning to stop not to pay my 3 credit cards this month do i have to call to the bank and inform them? or is it possible i say to the bank about the status of my credit card to ask cancellation or else i ask them to stop temporarily? anyway i could pay after a year once my loan is over…

  19. since i am not planning to pay this month, do i have to receive the mail (statement of account) from them or do i have to answer there call once they call me? what should i do?

  20. @ chelle

    if you ask the bank to cancel it, they will surely forward you to collections department. mind you, I emailed my bank for installment payment but it seems they are no longer interested in my account, they keep on sending me to collections. w/c i don’t like because they can rip me off.

    If I were you, just let this done in court, they are friendly and fair.

    @ mamasboy

    i recommend you both to visit the banker’s blog where all your q’s about credit card debt can be answered.

    that blog is my fave. =)

  21. Hi! I had a credit card back in dubai & wasn’t able to pay it because I went back home here in the Philippines for the reason that I’ve had a serious condition when I got pregnant. I’m thinking of paying my debt but I don’t have an extra money to pay because I’m the only one supporting my baby & families needs for I am a single mom. I wanted to go apply & go back in Dubai but I;m afraid that they already issue a travel ban & put me into jail in Dubai. 5 months ago I received email from a certain law firm here in our country saying that I need to pay certain amount & if I didn’t comply to them, they will charge a case against me, actually they said a certain case was filed against me & they will issue a ban for me not to get clearances in any agencies such as DFA, NBI, etc. Now I am applying abroad & need to get NBI but afraid that the case will be reflected to my record & I will not be able to go abroad & worst might put me in jail. Please help me, I didn’t get enough sleep thinking my situation.

  22. @ mary

    hello, nothing to be afraid of, defaulting credit card is just a civil case in the philippines not a criminal case…these collectors are just making stories to harass debtors…try to get an N.B.I clearance and see for yourself.

    face your fear
    and prioritize your need not their greed

  23. and mary…

    Article III: Bill of Rights – Section 20. No person shall be imprisoned for debt or non-payment of a poll tax.

  24. i stop paying my 2 hsbc cc and now my payroll account is in that bank. can they hold my salary in exchange for my debt? also is there a possibility that they will decline by atm?

  25. Hi, clickmarbin,

    I also have a credit card problem and i just wanna ask if the bank collector could file an application for a travel ban for me?
    Because i am planing to work in abroad and i am just afraid
    that i will be hold in the airport, could they do that?

  26. @ allan

    no they don’t , they can’t and they won’t…
    its just a civil case not a criminal case. believe me when I say these collectors can make lies in whatever way they can.

  27. @clickmarbin,

    thank you soo much clickmarbin for this information,
    it is a big releif for me…
    again thank you!


  28. @allan

    your welcome =)

  29. hi clickmarbin,im here in dubai i have 2 creditcard im not paying almost 1 year credit limit is 6,000aed and 5,000aed and this coming nov.i have a plan to go philippines for my vacation,i just want to know what will happen to me in the airport the immigration will hold me or not?please i need your reply asap.thank you

  30. so even if you already have all these debts can you still apply for a different credit card from a different bank?

  31. @ lucky
    nothing will happen

    @ gabe

    why will you have to apply again? don’t fall in the debt trap. Luckily, you are already blacklisted by the banks to get another plastic cards, aren’t that good…start the hobby of paying in cash. =)

  32. ~hi same thing with other people.. collector agents are harrassing me.. am not running away from my hsbc cc debts and i see to it that i can pay at least P500 a month since i dont have work right now..but still they want me to pay more than P500 or they said they will sue me.. what shall i do? thank u so much

  33. @ aimee syquia

    sue you? then dare their bluff. at least in court your case will be treated fairly. the court is your friend.
    stop paying, prioritize your need not their greed. visit the blog of banker. the one I suggested in this post about guidelines in credit card paranoia. thanks for the visit

  34. ~thank you..

  35. clickmarbin thank u for ur reply,.nothing will happen when i go in the philippines for my vacation? the immigration will not hold me for not paying my credit cards in two years? can i go in my country without any problem in the airport im not detained in the airport? please reply again what will happen thank u again

  36. surely none lucky…enjoy your trip back home. wasn’t able to pay credit cards aren’t treated as a criminal case in the philippines…read this ;

    1987 constitution
    article III
    section 20 no person shall be imprisoned for debt or non payment of a poll tax.

  37. thank u again,but im here in dubai are u sure that nothing will happen to me in the airport immigration if im going in my country for my vacation?i have to pay 10,000 drhms for each of my credit card,because i have to make sure that nothing will happen to me in the airport they not hold me?thank u

  38. @ lucky

    so it is a credit card debt from dubai not from ph, am I right? both countries have different laws about debt collection as far as I know, if you want to make sure, you can visit this blog , this blog is manage by Banker…he is helpful and created some guidelines for credit card defaulter =)

  39. hi clickmarbin,

    I have basically the same problem. Someone called the office security and said that a warrant will be served next day. The bad thing is that the caller (represented himself as a police from Makati Police Station 3) talked to the security head & the latter emailed me and my boss.

    Here’s the thing, the office security sent me infos that the called gave to him. A landline and a contact person. The caller also wanted to inform me to call the landline before 9am.

    What I did was to call the number, but I cannot reach it (though it is a landline phone). So I searched for the number of Makati police district and I asked If a certain police by that name is in there. They informed me they do not have anyone by that name in Makati Police.

    I don’t know if its true or not?

    Please shed light.


  40. @ kimosabe

    yay! it’s just another piece of bluff…don’t take it seriously, its laughable anyway…move on with your life and live it to the fullest.

  41. hi clickmarbin,

    im not paying my HSBCand EASWEST credit cards in the amount of 48,000 and 44,000 respectively because i hv a hard time paying on it and still now i can afford to pay the monthly due.. Calls and txts they gave to me but i just ignored them beacause of my situation that i cant pay them. The HSBC called me up informing me that if i will not pay the required amount they will forward the matter to a legal action in the given date, thats why im afraid that one day they will put me in jail…. what should i do?

    On the other hand, the EASTWEST already sent me a demand from their legal counsel or watever in forming that i shud pay the partial amount of 11,000 with the given date and duly signed by an attorney….. All i can say that i cant afford to pay them with minimum amount they suggest…. again, it always bothered me so much….PLS HELP ME…..

    one thing, is there an individual has ben put into jail for not paying his credit cards???

    thanks ….

  42. @ mark

    believe it or not, what you’ve just heard from them are lies. for all you know, they are just the credit card debt collectors who want to reach their quota so they can put food in the table. And also, in the Philippines, nobody can be imprison for not paying credit cards. it is just a civil case. move on and prioritize your needs =)

  43. clickmarbin,

    i just wanna know are you a big credit card holder with a big outstanding balances of ur cards? and u also urself expereincing this kind of instances of not paying ur monthly dues?? because i felt dat ur gud in dealing of this kind of business which is the debts of a card holder.. tnx

  44. hi maria, yes I am a credit card defaulter as well, and experiencing some of the credit card debt collectors horrible ways of collecting money. And because of that, I find time to search the net about these, to know my rights as a debtor and glad that I found the answer. this article was made to help my fellow filipinos who are experiencing the same thing as mine. I have an intention to pay my debt but it should be in the right time, right place and the right amount. thank you for visiting.

  45. hi clickmarbin,

    as i go over with these forum posted in this site, i want to ask u that im currently big amount pastdues cols and txs i ignored them, am i doing my thing just to ignore them??

    also, they told me that they will go to our office with authorize counsel of the said bank just ask the whole amount to be paid, but come to think of it, even a monthly dues i cant pay how much the entire amount….

    im ashame that my co-officemates will know that im not paying my cards and also a big shame to my big boss… can u pls help me wat shud i do??? im so bothered nowadays…

  46. @ georgina

    having debts is a humbling experience, you shouldn’t be ashamed that you have debt, all of us once in our lifetime experience getting into debt trap. even rich people has debt. So what you should be ashamed off. you shouldn’t…don’t hide from it, face your fears because the more you keep hiding from your debt collectors the more that you are giving them the reason to scare you.

    Follow this rule, don’t pay if you can’t pay yet. Prioritize your needs than their greed. Tell them that you will pay at the right time , the right place and the right amount. Follow the steps I enumerated in this article and set yourself free from worries and paranoia.

  47. Hi,

    I just want to ask regarding my case:
    I have several delinquent cc accounts. But I went abroad. I was trying to settle it with the “collectors” given the fact I am out of the country. And after each overseas phone call I was asking for a written statement that we have this agreement, so and so. But to no avail. At the end of the day, I was not able to settle any of them. They are now texting and calling my relatives in the Philippines. I will not pay any cent until I know how can I settle it properly.

    How can I settle and close the account if I am here abroad. I really wanted to get rid of them. It’s been almost 1.5 years. Actually, in the first six months I was able to maintain paying the minimum amount but then what’s the use of it.

    Also, I am going home for a vacation. Is there a way they can have stop or hold my departure at the airport?

    Thanks for these helpful information.

  48. @rb

    don’t mind them, just wait for your summon and settle it in court for fair and legal way of paying your debts.

    collectors has no power to do such ” hold departure” thing, it’s not part of their job description, which in a perfect harass people.

  49. Clickmarbin,

    Hi I just requested for the Statement of Accounts but the collector told me that HSBC will not provide the SOA if the credit collector is in charge in collecting the unpaid credit card obligation.. Is this true? please help.. What would you suggest i do next.. Thank you very much Marb..

  50. clickmarbin,

    my eastwest credit card txted me this afternoon telling me that i shud pay at least 1000 wid a total of outstanding balance of 51,000 directly to easwest bank. beacuse i cant pay the said amount this afternon they will forward my account to law office… shud i prepare myself if one day they will go to to our office and colect the said amount with a summon and put into jail??? wat shud i do???

  51. @ ace robert

    it is imperative that you’ll ask for SOA which it makes sense that they can’t provide one simply because they are JUST collectors. don’t mind them, don’t let them manipulate your life, move on and be happy..don’t fall in their tactics and debt traps. be calm.

    @ ana bella

    they are just collectors that is for sure. so what if they will file a case, then tell them to go ahead. in court everything will be fair and legal. and again..

    …into jail??? for a civil case ? that’s a baloney. move on and be placid. there’s other things to prioritize than their greed.

    if you can pay . it should be at the right time, right venue, and right amount. SOA first before anything else.

  52. I had a job in Saudi Arabia and during my job I made credit cards of 2 banks I used them for company purpose,un fortunately I lost my job at that time I had an over dues on both credit cards…I cannot pay the credit as i don\\\’t have salary.Than I came back to my Home country Pakistan (Karachi)

    Now after one month one of my friend from my previous company send me an email and informed me that the people from Bank are making inquiry for me ,as I used my friends name as a referance

    Now please help me and support me that what will be the worst possible up coming situation

    Shall they will inquire in my country also through our State Bank by the help of my National ID Card….to what extent they will take an action…may be they call to FIA…

    Many of friends told me that dont worry once you cross the border of Saudi Arabia they cannot do any thing…

    Please guide me


  53. Hello clickmarbin

    I read all comments and answer but I am already one of the victims of the debt collector. I already done paying my cridet cards in Dubai. well it is done already and it is okay no big deal. But, how about personal loan? is it the same as Credit cards problem? I have a loan a year before the fall of Dubai economy and the collector again told me to pay half of the amount of my loan.
    how can I pay that amount now.

    Please enlighten my mind regarding this problem.

  54. Hello!

    Good day!
    Will the credit card collectors could go to the company since the latter is used as the billing address?


  55. @cherry

    Some collection agencies do visitation to the address that you used for the credit card.

  56. hello clickmarbin!

    i have two credit cards in hsbc. with 35,000pesos and 11,000pesos balance respectively…
    i am paying the minimum amount due every month… for a fear that if i won\’t be able to pay at least the minimum they will add a late charge aside from the interest which is making my balance bigger..
    i am really having a hard to pay my credits…
    you said in your post that don\’t pay if i can\’t pay it yet… and just pay it if i am already capable of paying them. but my question is isn\’t it the hsbc will continuously add interest to my balance and late charges if i\’m not paying on time which will blow my balance up. so i will i ever settle that?

    thank u!

    —– juan

  57. Can anyone suggest to me a website that tackles the same issues that are faced with Lending Institutions to include Government/Military Savings and Loan Associations?
    Thank you very much…

  58. Hi po, I am so thankful sa site nyo, it enlightens me, kasi desperate na po talaga ako dahil sa mga harassment ng Collection Agencies. Pinuntahan po nila ako sa bahay tapos pinagawa po nila ako ng promissory note. Sinabi ko na po sa kanila na wala naman ako trabaho at wala talaga ako pambayad, pero pina agree pa rin nila ako sa amount na 72k for 3 months, sabi ko po ittry ko at kinuha nila yung pinagawa sakin promissory note sa isang piece of paper. meron pa po cla sinend sa email ko pero d ko na po pinirmahan for formality lang daw po. last month po yun umutang ako ng 20k pambayad tapos ngayon month wala na po talaga ako makunan ng pambayad tapos nabasa ko nga yung site nyo pero I guess too late na po ba kasi nakagawa ako ng promissory note. pero sinabi ko pa rin po sa kanila na humingi ako ng soa dahil may mga naibayad na din ako na maliliit na amount before. sabi nila bibgyan daw po ako pero kelangan ko pa rin magbayad at ngaun nga wala talaga ako mabayad, kukunin daw nila
    mga gamit ko sa bahay.. ano po ba puede kong gawin?

  59. @ petiteda826

    they can’t do it, it is just another form of harrassment, you can file a complaint against them in BSP. if you can’t pay don’t pay.

  60. hi,

    does information filled up when buying dollar from banks also forwarded to collection agencies? or is it just the name and info of defaulted credit cardholders which is given to them?

  61. hello!!i want 2 sponsor my husband un4tunately he can’t secure Polis Clearance since he had a debt from 2 credit company in Dubai-according 2 his frend one bank company has filed a complain on him:do we need 2 settle all the 2 credit company or the one who makes a complain only:i really need your help-we used 2 got in touch with the HSBC but they pass the phone from one person 2 another & my husband is in the Philippines-i want 2 built a happy family with him!!Thanks & GOd bless!

  62. Hello, i have a credit card and i was delayed in my payment, then i got a phone call from the collector, telling me that I have to pay the minimum required amount on the next day failure to do so, they will send me the billing statement and i will be asked to pay the entire amount .. Do they have the right to do so?

  63. Hi ClickMarvin,
    Ibang story poito and i hope anybody fron this site can helpme regarding sa credit card. We recieved a writ of execution from the court kasi nga daw na default daw kami at di naka attend sa mga sobphoena or hearing kaya nag decide na ang court ng writ of execution. Yun lahat ng Savings ko sa bank ay na freeze nila at diko na ma withdrawn kasi nagkataon na ang bank na pinagkakautangan ng wife ko ay parehas na bank na pinaglagyan ko ng savings ko.Bale kahit na anong settlement or pakiusap namin ay ayaw nang babaan ng Law firm ang amount na morethan 400K. Kasi nga daw may final desisyon na ang court. pwede bang maka hingi ng good advise.Thank you

  64. Hi ClickMarbin,

    Bale ang natutunan kong lesson pala dito ay pwedeng dedmahin ang Debt collectors at Law firm pero pag ang court na pala ang nagpadala ng sobphoena or court hearing (MTC or RTC) ay dapat umattend kana kasi nga pag hindi ay madefault ka mag decide pala ang court ng writ of execution at wala kana palang magagawa. Lahat ng atty: na nakausap ko ay iisa ang sinasabi..pwede nang isequester ng law firm ang lahat ng ariarian mo sa amount na katumbas ng utang mo dahil nga sa visa ng court order. Totoo po ba ito? Salamat ulet

  65. Dear Banker,n contacting me

    Me and my husband have also credit cards of citibank (credit card & psbank loan) same thing I cannot pay because last 2 years our work was closed there we stoped paying our credit cards & loan… and two months a go I received a letter from EDC law office stating my final notice!! the they keep on contacting me to pay…
    what should I do..? please help me.


  66. Hi ClickMarvin,
    I just requested for the Statement of Accounts but the collector told me that HSBC will not provide the SOA if the credit collector is in charge in collecting the unpaid credit card obligation.. Is this true?

    Read more: Please give me the information. Thanks.

  67. Hi ClickMarvin,
    I just requested for the Statement of Accounts but the collector told me that HSBC will not provide the SOA if the credit collector is in charge in collecting the unpaid credit card obligation.. Is this true?
    Credit Card Debt

  68. Hi ClickMarvin,
    I have several delinquent cc accounts. But I went abroad. I was trying to settle it with the “collectors” given the fact I am out of the country. And after each overseas phone call I was asking for a written statement that we have this agreement, so and so. But to no avail. At the end of the day, I was not able to settle any of them. They are now texting and calling my relatives in the Philippines. I will not pay any cent until I know how can I settle it properly.
    Credit Card Debt
    Credit Card Debt

  69. hi ClickMarvin,

    i have a past due account with HSBC 45k and it was forwarded to a credit collector. aug 17 i received demand letter of total amount 57k+ from ENZI CORP.(iloilo), collector office is just one street away from our office. this morning they call me asking to pay one time 33k , so i told i cant afford to pay in whole for now… i ask SOA but then they ask why will you agree to pay as soon as we produce? , i have explained that i need to counter check the amount so i can decide to make compromise but then atty bañes talk to me i need to find means or else she will send mobile ….. i ask what mobile ? police? she answered their legal mobile. etc…. she said she will file case on small claims court to make ti faster since im just make delaying tactics. what the difference when it will be file as small claims? is it possible they will sure for only 33k credit amount?

    pls help . i dont have any unpaid debt except this since my husband loss job my salary is not enough for our daily needs .

    thank you.

  70. @ lani

    just dare their bluff. they can’t sue you, they don’t, they won’t…it’s time to focus on what really is important for your family…

  71. Good day! Thank u for this very informative site. My wife has a credit loan in Dubai 5 years ago, amounting at around 8 thousand AED and the collector already visits my wife asking for payment. My wife already paid it partially. Im working now in Riyadh and im planning to bring my wife here as a visit visa. My wife is very scared to come here because the collector already threatened her that she cannot go out of the country or work for that matter. Can the collector issue a restriction like this or a LAW in GCC country to hold or prison the debtor? Can my wife visit me here without problems from the airport.?

    Thank You!

  72. guys thank you for visiting this post, and i apologize if i can’t answer all your inquiries because of my hectic schedule. thus I am encouraging you all to please visit authored by Banker. thank you all ;)

  73. Hi clickmartin, I can\’t access the link you gave.. it says \”This blog is open to invited readers only\”

  74. Hi? i’m cres, presently i’m now in saudi arabia the situation is this? when i was in dubai i have defferent credit cards sence that i was giving hardtime work for my employer in there i decide to transfer in saudi sense i was in saudi i stop my payment for my credit cards due to the my setuation and how to arrange to send the payment, until now then in my family in the philippines they are afred because there are ligal defence come to my house telling that they want me to put in jail, and during the time when the bank arrange for me the credit card the ask from blank cheque with my signature.

    What kind of case to be charge against me?
    What the action i can do to depend for my self?
    Regarding blank cheque what can i do? kindly explain or that’s my mistake?
    What is my right to arrange the payment? i did not refuse to pay?
    Regarding immegration do they have a right to hold me in the airport? to go in and out?

  75. Cresencio,

    First things first. There is no imprisonment for credit card debt in the Philippines. Second, you cannot be held in the airport for the reason of credit card debt. Third, do not issue any unsigned check to the collection agency.

    The collection agency will not file a case against you. They are threatening you so you will be forced to pay even if you cannot affort to pay right now.

  76. If i cannot pay my credit card debt for say a few months, i am broke, can i talk to the bank to give me a payment freeze or a new installment plan, i don’t want to be deliquent, i just want a few months skip from paying. Are the banks considerate about giving me extensions?

  77. I am very thankful na may ganitong site,this gave me a big help to face those rude collectors. I am also one of their victim.

  78. Meg,

    Your idea of a payment extension is not provided for under the contract you signed with the Bank when you applied for your credit card.

  79. hi! a man from Beukhen International (collecting agency of HSBC) went to our office yesterday and told me about my outstanding balance with hsbc which amounts now to 63,845 which was 6,000 then and told me to pay 16,348 immediately so my account can be settled.I asked for an SOA but he insisted that he cant give me that, he called me again today and said that if I dont pay at least 5,000 on Monday he’ll come back to the office and collect from me the said amount, i dont know what to do, please how will I deal with this? thanks.

  80. hi! a man from Beukhen International (collecting agency of HSBC) went to our office yesterday and told me about my outstanding balance with hsbc which amounts now to 63,845 which was 6,000 then and told me to pay 16,348 immediately so my account can be settled.I asked for an SOA but he insisted that he cant give me that, he called me again today and said that if I dont pay at least 5,000 on Monday he\’ll come back to the office and collect from me the said amount, i dont know what to do, please how will I deal with this? thanks.

  81. @ faith

    that man is just a desperate collector who wanted to get his commission at your expense. tell him that you can’t pay if they can’t provide the SOA ( and I am sure that he can’t, unless he faked it )

    he and his accomplices are just a collector, not from the bank.

  82. @ petiteda

    don’t pay them if you can’t pay, unless you want to get into a never ending financial marathon. prioritize your need this time, not their greed. that’s the golden rule I learned from my mentor.

  83. Hi. Im in the philippines now and I would like to go back to singapore to work again but I have unpaid phone bills in singapore for 2 yrs now.Is there any problem with that?does the immigration will stop me from entering their country?pls help.thank you

  84. hi..our problem is we never paid for 4 years already..we received already a letter from them long time ago to pay the said amount not to mention, as well as the legal officer do ,unfortunately the letter was lost..we dnt know how to contact them now .what shall we do? how to settle our account? what is the first step to do?were both in abroad this time.but next year i will back home..he will it ok that I as a suplementary will settle our account?how? pls help us..

  85. hi clikmarbin, can i get your email? need to inquire something related to this. thanks.

  86. hi clikmarbin, can i get your email? need to inquire something related to this. thanks.

  87. T_T why just now?? T_T

    I mean, I have been into this situation and was not able to read this blog prior to my payment. :( My credit limit was very small when I started with one. 24,000. Then I was not able to pay anymore and I guess, I reached my credit limit.

    I am receiving letter from a law firm telling me that I need to pay the bank because it’s against R.A. whatever. I am a fresh graduate that time and I don’t want to bother my parents about this. So I told myself that I’m going to deal with this alone.

    Came December 2009. They gave me the so called amnesty letter telling me that I owe them around P70,000 already. They asked me to pay around P17,000 in full or P2,560 monthly in 1 year.

    Because I was so bothered by this already, I told them that I’m going to pay monthly because I have no P17,000 cash. So there, I started paying it.

    Just finished paying it this month because they offered me to pay 8,400+ in full instead of paying 2,560 in 4 more months. Now Im done paying.

    If I only knew this a lil early. :( I could’ve asked them for lower amount. :( and I should’ve asked for SOA. :( (

    This is a very helpful site. Thank you very much.

  88. good day,,,

    tumawag ako sa CC company na may utang ako ng 115k,,, ang sabi sa akin nadesisyunan na daw ng cout yung accoun ko kasi at naka schedule na for sherif,, ask ko lang to anybody what to do next… coz i just want to settle may acount bun not in the amount na ganun kalaki sa sinasabi nilang 260k na… 2007 pa yung CC na hindi ko binayaran at d ko sila na intertain. may mga dumating na letter sa bahay namin from court and law firm pero d ko naasikaso.

  89. pathetic debt collectors…. you rock clickmarbin! :)

  90. Hi there! Here’s my scenario. I am applying for a debit card in Unionbank EON since I need to link this to my Paypal account.

    Question is, will I get approved since I am sure I am blacklisted because of credit card debts?

  91. thanks for reading guys…

    @ P

    im sure you can still apply. eon card isn’t a credit card, it’s a debit card. I have one btw.

  92. thanks for reading guys…

    @ P

    im sure you can still apply. eon card isn\’t a credit card, it\’s a debit card. I have one btw.

  93. hi clickmarbin,

    thanks you for all the info with regards to this kind of problem.. by the way i have a question.. right now i am a good payor of my cc account at citibank and i am planning to get rid of this by not paying them because of my other needs at home (i am now confident that they cannot sue me at all)…

    but the problem is, i have a non-collateral loan at their bank, citibank savings which is 4 years to pay, and upon computation is noticed that the total amount that i will be paying after 4 years is almost doubled..and im planning to get rid of this me please..thank you so much!

  94. hi clickmarbin,

    my problem is that; i have unpaid bills with some cc company and it was almost a year since the last payment i made.. I had recieve several call from the bank and from CA later on but i disregard it, call me on my phone but i dont answer my once i knew that its the CA, even received demand letter from their law firm but did not get in touch with them, until such time when our office moved to its new location and phone nos. was changed also… I thought i was a relieved on my side since we have changed our office no. they will not be able to reach me…. kaya lang, just last week i got a phone call from a law firm looking for me and she said that the number was referred to her by a friend/relative i knew… so I am surpised! i tried to figure it out how do they get the no. of my friend/relative that gave to them my new office no.? and came to my head maybe they check on the reference section of my appilcation form from the cc…. my question; do CA do usually this or can CA do this? what will i do now that they have my new office nos. and I am sure they will harrass me again by keep on calling in the office, please help me on this… naka sakit na po ako nag nerbyos but was able to undergo treatment thru session with psychologist for the past 6 months and was treated already at ayaw ko na bumalik sa sakit na yun kasi ang mahirap! Hope you can help on this, thanks in advance and more power to you!

  95. hi clickmarbin,

    i was insulted by a credit card collector and she was saying bad things about me and confidential things to my officemate.
    i am planning to email their firm. i also researching any email ad of law firm association (if there is any). what can i do about it?


  96. ask ko lang,, ang sabi sa akin ng citibank naka file na ng civil case ako at na desisyunan na ng court at kailangan ko na makipag arrange sa law office for mode of payments….

    ang question ko,,,, kung dederetso ba ako sa collection office ng citibank e iintertain kaya nila ako,, im planing kasi na makipag negotiate para sa light terms and discounts,,, im in good faith naman para mag bayad

  97. hi clickmarbin

    a makati police officer named inspector santiago is calling me and he said that he will arrest me immediately. he said to my officemate to call this number 024664905 and when I call the operator said that MAKATI POLICE STATION IN WARRANT SECTION. Is this really true that they will arrest me for not paying my credit card debts. Please advice coz I am really afraid.

    From suicidal girl

  98. @ suicidal girl

    it is not true, they are just desperate to get money from you. visit this link for more details, it is from my fave blog author named banker, I get all these info about my right as a debtor in his blog.

  99. hi. please help. nakakuha ako ng summon letter from citibank and i’m really scared to go in court coz i don’t know what to do. and wla pa tlga ako pambayad this time. i called up citibank and they told me na nasa legal na daw ang account ko so they transferred me to someone who was handling my account. i was asking him if i could pay by next year after i finish one of my cc but he said di daw pwede. will i have a problem if i will not pay? please help..really desperate..

  100. the problem with people, they like to buy things they cannot afford, so they use credit cards or lend money knowing this is only a civil case and they wont be jailed. then pass the problem to the banks of the person they owed. ok, you have the right not to pay and set your priorities because you have to live happily. how about those you owed, dont they have the right to get back what is due them? kung wala kayong pera, you have to live as walang pera, dont use credit cards or umutang sa iba, di niyo pala kayang magbayad! naisip niyo ba yung nautangan niyo, kahit na bank man or tao?? kung lahat ng citizens eh katulad niyo, eh di bagsak na negosyo or bangko, sa tingin niyo magiging okay ang life niyo pag bagsakan na lahat. dapat matuto din kayo! magisip naman kayo! those who are posting here na parang tama kayo, na sinasabi niyo na just sue me in court! naisip niyo ba ang ginagawa niyo na nagtuturo kayo ng di mabuti sa kapwa niyo??? parang tama ang umutang and di magbayad! ito lang ang masasabi ko: KARMA lang naman ito! what you reap is what you sow. so masaya kayo ng di nakabayad ng utang niyo, maKAKARMA din kayo, and tell you honestly, HEAVEN gets back everything, not just principal + interest. IT IS EVERYTHING! kaya nga di kayo umaasenso, kaya until now hindi niyo kayang bumuhay ng maayos, didn’t you ever think IT IS KARMA??? if inayos niyo life niyo ng wala kayong inutangan or niloko or inagriabiyado, sa tingin niyo ba ganyan pa din ang buhay niyo????? baka mas maayos na kayo!!! MAGISIP NAMAN KAYO!!!!

  101. nar, malamang taga banko ka. hinde mo ba naisip ang karma nyo? sobra sobra ang kinukuha nyo sa mga tao na umutang sa inyo. lalo nyo binabaon sa utang ang tao. puro nalang additional charges. MAG ISIP KA NAMAN NO!!!!!

  102. boss…tama, wag mo nang patulan si nar. wala lang nakolekta yan nitong 15th of the month. gutom lang yan nar. gutom lang.

  103. I took out a loan at China trust just before i left to the US three yrs ago. It was to help a friend in need and hoping that she would pay it back monthly. I just found out that she hasnt been making payments and the loan should have been paid over two years ago. I learned from someone who i used to work with that a collection agency has been calling my previous place of employment because if unpaid debt. I cant get a hold of the friend i loaned the money to anymore. Now i dont knw if this will affect my standing in the Philippines. It is not a credit card debt though. It is a personal loan that when they released the money they made me sign post dated checks at the time when the loan was released. Do any of you here have had the same issue? Please help. I need answers. I want to settle the debt bt i dont knw if i am dealing with legitimate debt collection agency. I want to knw if anyone of you know who to contact. Thank u.

  104. @nar- tnx for your sentiments…nautangan din ako, many times…malillit na amount pero hindi ako nanghaharass ng tao para makapaningil, if u were sum1 na taga-bank at nabankrupt, i understand ur senti’s..pero kung isa ka naman sa mga collectors na gusto lang magkapera ng hindi naman sa inyo eh i dont think u have a space para maghimutok…dava???
    “don’t judge the debtors…if ur not a judge”! lols!

  105. i am a credit card holder, advise ko lang , be a resposible credit caed holder, utang yan so dapat pa rin bayaran, pag alam nyo na wala kayo pambayad, wag na gumamit ng credit card, pa cut nyo na lang para iwas temptation

  106. @clickmarbin sorry offtopic i just wanna, me topic ka ba about personal loans? same din ba sa credit card yung law? nawalan kasi ako ng work kaya na stop akong magbayad.
    looking forward to you response

  107. Hi I just want to ask this. I have credit card which I haven’t paid in full when I left the Philippines. (I am under installment basis that time) maybe I only have remaining 6 months left to pay it full. It was last year of June 2009. Now my cousin had a fight on a phone because they don’t believe that I am not in the country anymore and they threat my cousin that they will issue a warrant of arrest. I just wanna know if what can I do with them to stop because I know I cant pay the bank anymore coz of interest or charges. And its really possible for them to sue me?

  108. NAR: I understand and I believe on what you wrote but to the point na mangharrass ng tao and yung family nya thats not good diba? Not all cases are the same kc may mga debtor na nagtrytry magbayad but you know how the interest + charges + + + + . He already paid the principal pero nag 10X na yung binabayad nya still sinisingil parin sya..ano yon? tama pa ba yon?

  109. hi dhals and doll, i am inviting you to be a member of this forum,

    dyan makakakuha kayo ng mga tips para maharap ninyo ang akala ninyo’y napakalaking problem =)

  110. ok lng naman pong maningil. tao silang nangutang dahil sa pangangailangan dapat tao din silang singilin…
    My mom in davao is paying her cc through a flexi payment na napag usapan.. but just this evening i recieved a call from her that a certain someone from NBI taft called her demanding that she needs to contact this lawyers .. ’cause a warrant is already issued under her name… Mga LECHE kayo!.. muntik ng atakihin sa puso mommy ko.. anong karma pinagsasabi nyo?… do you think that this people na nkahiram deserves this harrassments?…

  111. share ko lang po..

    on July 4, 2007, during the 14th Philippine Congress, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago introduced Senate Bill Number 1277 entitled “An Act Providing For Fair Debt Collection Practices and Requiring Debt Collectors To Observe Such Practices”.

    here are some of the important things cited inside the bill:

    All debt collectors must fully identify himself or herself and state the institution he or she represents.

    Debt collectors cannot call during times when it is known to be inconvenient, which is initially assumed to be before 8 in the morning and after 9 in the evening,

    They cannot contact the consumer at work if the collector knows that the employer doesn’t approve of such calls.

    Debt collectors may not harass, verbally abuse or use profane language when communicating with the consumer

    They are also prohibitted from using false representation or identity, such as that of a lawyer or a police authority, to coerce the consumer into paying his or her debt

    Debt collectors may not solicit payment for fees other than which is legally owed by the consumer.

    They should also honor a written request from the consumer to stop further contact from them.


  112. nasagot ka na ba? ano na ang nangyari sa bank account mo? talaga bang wala ng magagawa? Kung nag punta ka sa court – ano kaya sasabihin ng judge – pwede kayang mabawasan ang utang mo or totally hindi ka na magbayad? please comment sa aming tanong. salamat

  113. hi father have debt in dubai and went in the philippines march 2010..he didnt go back again..the HSBC bank sent their a demand letter…did my father go to jail if he didnt pay thier debt..because HSBC have also branch in the philippines..what will he do..

  114. sir im yuri pls e,ail me wait ur ans sir thanks
    hi father have debt in dubai and went in the philippines march 2010..he didnt go back again..the HSBC bank sent their a demand letter…did my father go to jail if he didnt pay thier debt..because HSBC have also branch in the philippines..what will he do..

  115. Hi there!

    i used to own a standard chartered credit card which i defaulted payment a few years ago….. my standard chartered account is with the collecting agency.

    now, i’m having problems with my HSBC account. i’m quite struggling with my finances and i’m afraid that i will not be able to settle at least the minimum amount for my HSBC account. in the event, that i defaulted payment with my HSBC card, what will be the effect of it considering that i already defaulted with my standard chartered card.

    hope you will be able to enlighten me with my situation right now.

  116. hi,
    can i tell them to stop calling? or is there anyway we can do this? it’s disturbing my sleep – i usually sleep in the morning coming from a graveyard work. thanks!

  117. help me pls I am a delinquent credit card holder, more than 6 years ago, the problem is, i got accepted to this new call center job, and the salary atm is from …. yes the bank I owed money to.

    Now, Im afraid to come to the office to register and get my certificate because they might trace my credit card debts…

    What should I do? I need the job so badly!

  118. hello,
    i had a credit card, already expired for how many years, but i had the balance, and the law firm continue to send letters asking me to pay the said amount. i called the bank regarding my account and told me that they already forwarded to the collectors. So, i dont have an idea regarding balance. One day, after a year, two persons went to our house (one is account supervisor and one is legal officer) but since i was not there, they left a letter for me and in the letter it says that, if i fail to pay the amount, they will file the necessary case to the trial court without further notice. and the costs will be further charged against me. What will i do? Pls help me..thank you

  119. hi.. this is jennifer. i have cc accounts. i have already requested for SOA. unfortunately, what they have given me is the usual billing statement (although it has a note on top, printed STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT) which is being sent per month. is this the same with the SOA you are referring here? thanks. jennifer

  120. @jennifer, no. they can’t provide it…forget them and move on. enjoy your life

    @ leean don’t mind these people, they are just hungry for money. if you want to pay, pay to the right person (the bank not the collections agency/law firm/law office/ what not), pay at the right amount and pay at the right time. move on and prioritize your needs.

    @ prettymom, find another company, madaming call center sa pinas hindi lang yan. and make sure the next time you apply, ask mo muna kung ano gamit nila atm….and you know what, wala naman sila paki sa utang mo, you can’t be terminated just because of that, nasa law natin yan. ang possibility lang, the bank might get your salary. its either unahan mo sa pag withdraw o kausapin mo ang h.r na i cash na lang ang salary mo. if not possible, madami pang call center, for sure naman matatangap ka no.

    @snob07, pede po, palit ka sim card…seriously…;)

    @ marx, same thing will happen, the bank will sell your utang to collections agency, the gutom na kolektor will harass you because that is part of their job description kuno…if you can’t pay don’t pay, if you’re ready to pay, same rule, magbayad sa kung saan ka talaga may utang, sa bank. kung ayaw ng bank at pinapasa ka sa collections, then move on, enjoy life.

    @ maria v at the court, the judgment will be fair, tiyak naman talo tayo e kasi tayo ang may utang, pero wag ka mag alala kasi di ka makukulong kung wala kang pambayad. wala na sila magagawa dun, nanalo nga sila pero sa papel lang un. pero kung may ibabayad ka naman, sabihin mo lang kung ano ang kaya ng bulsa mo. yun lang un. at make sure they can provide the detailed copy of your utang, the s.o.a,,,gudluck sa collections agency kung meron sila nun, hahahah…

    @caoie23 tama…

  121. Hi clickmartin!

    Thanks for the advice….

    just one more question….

    will there be any difference if you have defaulted 2 credit cards- one after another……will there by any effect in your credit standing?

    and also

    will the amount of the credit card debt matter the way banks/collecting agency demand or harass clients? let’s say if you have defaulted in paying more than 100K… will there be a difference.


  122. Hi. Got a debt from Standard Chartered and I am really planning to settle the debt however it seems that they have already forwarded it to a collections agency,
    Question: Can I continue paying the debt thru the bank and NOT thru the collections agency?

  123. …even if your account is now being handled by the collection agency, you can still deal directly with the bank…

    @caoie23 what happened to the bill you mentioned? it is now 2010?

  124. hi. i just want to ask what will happen if im not able to pay my internet bills. Globe has been calling me and they’re telling me that they’re going to let their legal department handle this. they even told me that they are going to file a case.

  125. Hi. My dad is in big trouble with hsbc collection agents. He’s receiving sms and even notices from this debt collection agency due to my unpaid cc’s & personal loan back in dubai. I was not lable to go back in uae for health reason. He’s been harrassed that the person who sms him apparentlycoordinated with local authorities (maybe local authorities had provided them my dads number). And group of lawyers will come to our place coz they will file a summon against me. My dad was in great shock due to this sms. As of the moment i am out of phils working. What can i do to stop them from harrassing my family?

  126. I have a credit card debt with BPI. They filed a case against me last 2005. My only loan from them is 75,000. Now it balloned to 400,000. They even grnished my salary this month. Please help me what to do. I am very depressed and afraid.

  127. My payroll account was put on hold yesterday. whaat will I do, how can I pay them if they will continue holding my savings account.

  128. hello, i have unpaid credit cards account for years now. my concern these days, i am applying for a car loan but seemed futile and i believe due to these unpaid accounts. What shall i do to be able to get a car loan approved? if i will pay my cards, then i will be left with nothing for my down payment for the car. please help. thanks. a detailed email is highly appreciated.

  129. Hi,

    I have the same problem and not paying already for more than 7 months already. Now, I received a letter of notice from the bank. They said that If I fail to communicate with them, they will exercise whatever rights and remedies they have under the law to enforce such payment. I can’t pay them anymore and it’s getting bigger because of accrued interest.
    Up to what extent they can do to me? What is the best way for me to do? I need your help badly.

    Thanks in advance.


  130. pinanggalingan kuna yan. walang nakulong sa credit card debts! wag kayong matakot! sindakan lang yan! ako nga nung hinaharras nila ako ng 5 card companies ay sila ang na sindak sa akin! natakot sila! sabi ko pa nga ako pa susundo sa kanila apara pumunta sa amin! yun nga lang, kakatayin sila sa amin! haha. di sila makakalabas ng matino! kakalbuhin namin sila! actually meron nakaming kinalbo na isang nag haharass. isang bakla na malakas loob na maningil. ayun kinalbo namin at di na bumalik! haha

  131. di mo naman sinagot yung tanong ko……………………………………………..reply naman plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  132. hello po nag cinungaling ako sinabi ko dun sa bangko na pinagka utangan ko na hndi na ako nakatira at hndi na ako nag work sa ofc na naka record sa kanila…do they have the right e check yung mga mga personal information about me like sss,phil health and pag ibig records

  133. @Nar–sayang naman at ngyon ko lang nabasa ang site na to..nasagot ko sna ng mas maaga un posted comment mo..And guess what? the only thing that is true with ur judgemental opinion –we owe the bank (and we are not denying that); but all rest of ur post is really2 irritating and condescending as if you knew each and everyone of us..Haven’t u read what happened to most defaulters? the reasons why we stopped’s not because we knew that nobody gets into jail for non-payment of’s because certain problems came..and to be harassed by numerous collection agencies is not karma at all; they’re the ones using us to have some money in their pockets..the emotional blackmails and tortures should have been enough as our payment including the interests.Y? What about u and ur family? u must be very2 lucky not to have any monetary/financial problem at all.. nobody got sick that u need to borrow money to buy medications; u are not laid off from work..have u been abroad? do u know what happens to defaulters in UAE.U don’t have any idea! U have not experienced being the breadwinner of ur family? well, if not–u DoN’T have any right to comment on this topic at all! Unless, u really aRE one of those collection agents who don’t give a damn about other people and their current situation..I’m sorry to disappoint u NAr but i don’t see this as bad karma for us–i consider it as a challenge to our character and to our faith in God..Try to read the comments again; even on other blogs like this..We wanted so much to pay–even if it would take us a lifetime–but to the bank and not to the CAs.Get me?

  134. Questions ung mga ngsign ba sa letter from the law firm, they are really lawyers? or bogus lang?

  135. gud pm,kami rin may personal loan from a bank.natigil lami ng pagbabayad kasi nawalan ng trabaho.then ng magka-trabaho eh sapat lang para sa pangangailangan ng family.ngaun lagi kami hina-harras ng collector.mag-inspect daw ngaun sila d2 sa haus para malaman kung ano puede makuha sa amin n gamit.grabe,stress ako ngaun.please help.need to know kung same rin ang laws ng cc at personal loan sa bank?thanks.

  136. gud pm po ask ko lang po un problema ko,sa creditcard me utang po kc ako sa city bank mga 100k napo every month po nagbabayad po ako ng minimum mga 5000 kaso napansin kopo na konti lang po un nababawas sa utang ko at napupunta po sa interest at late payment un binayad ko, anu po ba ang dapat kung gawin willing naman po akung magbayad kaso naiirapan napo ako kc palagi nalang po me interest buwan buwan, pudi poba na makipag deal ako na 2 years kung babayaran pero dna nila papatungan ng interest, wala po akung trababo at umaaasa lang po ako sa padala ng kapatid ko dail dnapo makapagwork dail nagkasakit po ako, tnx po

  137. gud pm po ask ko lang po kung anung dapat kung gawin sa mga naniningil sakin sa credit card kc po pagnagpupunta cla d2 nanghaharas at talaga naman na kinakalampag pa un gate namin tapos kung d namin labasin nagtatanung pa sa kapitbahay kc minsan po kahit ako na un kinakausap sinasabi ko wala na un hinahanap nila, takot na takot napo ako halos d napo ako makapagisip parang aatakihin nako sa takot, gusto ko naman po na makapagbayad kaso sapat lang po naun ang pera namin tama lang po makaraos maghapon, plz po tulungan ninyo ako kc po dna ako nakakatulog sa kakaisip kung minsan po gusto kunang umalis sa tinitiran namin kaso d ko naman lam kung san kami pupunta at wala rin kaming panglipat, dati po kasi nakakabayad ako at d pumapalya kaso nagkaproblema po naluge po kc un negosyo namin at until now dp ako nakakabangun kaya po nagkapatung patung un utang ko, sana po ma advise ninyo ako kung anung dapat kung gawin sa mga bastos na naniningil sakin tnx po

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  140. Hi, i just read your article and became very interested coz i also have the same problem, credit card debts. i have 3 cc the first
    is cancelled becoz i wasn’t able to pay it for months and the amount balooned to 35k. they are threatening me about legal matters. the second card is said to be in the credit collection agency and told me to pay the minimum amount due and they will call me after that to talked about the payment amnesty thing. but since then they are not calling me. the credit limit is 10,000k and i reached the overlimit. it became more than 10k. i paid the minimum amount and my balance became 8,000k plus now but still suspended and the agent is still not calling me. Hope you can help me about this problem. thanks.

  141. @ckickmarbin
    thanks a lot for all advises..

  142. @clickmarbin
    hi, i have cc debt with citibank & hsbc, i wasnt able to pay since 2001.. nahirapan ako ngyn kc ndi ako makapag apply ng line sa mga celfone companies.. i cant even open a checking account with banks.. what should i do? gusto ko mabayaran ang mga utang ko but where will i start? thanks..

  143. @clickmarbin or anyone,
    Can you help me out. I have an overdue CC account for Standard Chartered. Since I was about to transfer to another company last april, I withheld the payment for the minimum due until I received my back pay. By the time that their collections department called me I already had my back pay and so I asked them what is my total current due for which they gave a certain amount of 1,000 which I payed 2,000on the same day.

    A couple of weeks later another person called me saying that I still have not paid my minimum amount due! I told them that I already paid them Php 2,000 so why would I be below minimum? It turns out that when I failed to pay for april, they purposely lowered my credit limit from 25,000 to just 19,000 when my outstanding credit is already around 19,800 hence I got jacked up for overlimit charges and late fees.

    I tried to arrange that they should not charge me for late fees as I have paid them the moment they called me and that if they are going to lower my credit limit (which i am not exactly sure if they are legally authorized to do) they should not do so to force me to have an overlimit charge. They replied that in order to rebate those requests I would have to pay first for what they are asking and then they will rebate them back on the next billing. I do not see any good thing in these since if I pay for those fees now, then they will have no obligation to rebate it the next billing cycle.

    In the end, I keep paying my monthly bills based on MY expected monthly minimum of Php 1,000 and not based on their declared minimum dues which has a lot of surcharge and late fees along with the montlhy interests. It is now December and since I am still keeping my minimum dues, I was able to control my debt from ballooning and is only around Php 21,500.

    Can I contact the bank now and ask them to re-structure my debt so that I will be able to gradually pay off the debt in a year or two? I am really getting tired of the hassles they are giving and I am too close to actually get my own attorney and file my own case of harassment suits on them and their collection agencies. Thanks…

    As of now, the collection agency is resorting to sending text messages that they have filed a court order with Makati City Trial Court (No docket case no. mentioned) and that I should contact Atty. someone to negotiate my debt (an attorney to handle credit card, what the heck?). I am not worried about this only that my brother (who happen to now have my sim card and phone) is… Again thanks.

  144. Hello,

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  145. hello po, ask ko lang po kasi humihingi ako ng easy pay s hsbc para mabayaran ko sila ng hindi n tutubo pa iyung utang ko but they declined my request. still, ask pa din po ako ng reconsideration. anu po ba ang dapat kong gawin if they will still continue to decline my request. medyo hirap na po ako magbayad dahil wala ako work. but i am still trying to pay para hindi po ako magkaroon ng mas malaki na problema. sana po mapayuhan nyo po ako. thanks!

  146. Sir, ganito naman po case ko with HSBC. they gave a loan structured payment. pinakamababa na raw ung 2,500 monthly. so, i grabbed that kesa lumaki ng lumaki dahil sa mga interests & penalties. at first month nbayaran ko, but on the second, ngkaproblema na naman dahil d naman talaga sapat kinikita ko sustain that 2,500 monthly. on the 3rd month ngrequest ako na baka pwedeng irecompute to lower the monthly due. hindi raw pwede kasi hindi pa umabot sa 6 months nababayaran ko. Until they told me na ipapasa na sa legal office docs. natatakot ako kasi may pinirmahan akong paper indicating the 2,500 monthly payment ko sa CC. posible ba akong makulong? eh sa wala na talaga akong ipapambayad sa kanila.

    I really am so afraid! What should I do? Can I be summoned to appear in court thru text message? Please help me.

  148. Hi, I just want to know how long will this credit collection agency stop harrassing people with past due accounts on their credit cards? Its been 2 years since I stop paying my credit cards and they been calling on the previous phone numbers I gave and going to my previous address. They can not locate me anymore.

  149. Will they force someone who is jobless for two years to pay the credit card balance? I dont even have a property?

  150. I experience the same as everybody here. Just today, somebody called asking me to pay my credit balance. She even lessened my payment through amnesty program. I am afraid that they might come over my place to insist me in paying my debt. I know it is my obligation to pay my debts but unfortunately, I don’t have a job right now. In as much as I want to pay them but I just don’t have the means. My family doesn’t know about this and I’m afraid my mom would be so angry if she would eventually learn this. How can I prevent them in going to my place?

  151. hi.. i have a problem about this moneycard from psbank mag1year n kc me di nkakabayad, para kc sya credit card n loan coz i can widthdraw hangang 20k, since di n me nkakabayd umabot n sya ng 46+k, may pang3rd n atty. n sumuslat and tumatawag sa kin, itong last ang sbi isherif n daw ako if di me nkabayad within 5days totoo po b yun

  152. hi, im noel, how about personal/flexi loan on bank, is it the same with credit card. because the some of debt collector going to our inviting me at the barangay to fix the issue, di po ako pumunta. . tinatakot nila ako kapag di ako nagbayad. . .pls need opinion or help with my situation. . . 09391872435 my number

  153. hi, ask ko lng kung anu mangyayri kpag finorward na nila sa jurisdiction… kc hndi aq nkpag byad ulit sa agreement nmin ng collection agency.. lumaki na ng lumaki un past due ko… and the collection agency gave me a discount about 47k.. nkapg byad nko ng half then 22,500 nlng un dko pa mbayaran and due nya nun dec..hndi ko pa nbyaran un half, then they txted me na pasensyahan dw kmi pag naiforward na nla sa jurisdiction… anu po ba mangyayare skn pag hndi ko pa mbyaran, kc wla pko pambyad e at wla pko work ngaun… and sbi pa skn pag dko nbyaran un half magiging 39k na un babyran ko.. natatkot aq kc lalki n2man at wla pa aq money ngaun… may possibility ba na lalki ulit un babyaran ko?.. panu kong hndi pa ako mkakabyad?… pls help me….

  154. hello sir clickmarbin,

    tga cebu po ako sir 5 credit card na mayron ako.hindi parin nakabayad minimum lang lagi ang binayaran. ask lang ko if cash advance or cash loan is pwedi bang di bayaran kasi ang kulit ng banko tawag ng tawag sa akin. if i agree to loanable amount.
    pwede bang i accept ko young amount kasi nag alanganin po ako kasi talagang di ako makabayad. ok lang ba tuonan ko ng pansin
    Pls. guide me!!!!


  155. my debt from my cc is the remaining interest i already paid up the principal. it was already 2 years ago they kept on sending me legal notice. I’m glad i’ve stumble into this site, now they’re asking me to settle in 5k, i agreed only if they send me an SOA which they refuse, the collector called back and said I cannot pay only 5k instead it shld be 10k,because of my assets, i ask what they know about my earnings i have no job now to pay that amount. now i decided not to settle after seing this blog. i’m sure they will start harassing me where can i report this matter? besides what happens to the credit shield we paid? they’ve been collecting it monthly, the cc company could’nt even explain what this credit shield is for. anyway, thanks there is a site like this for us cardholders, matagal na pala tayo niloloko ng mga yan lalo na yung mga CA’s…

  156. Hi! I’m glad I found this blog. I have a problem with my card, as of now my debt is 52,399.49. My last payment was august 2010 and i paid 7,000. I’m employed but I can’t pay my debt. My salary is just minimum wage. I’m scared because I have housing loan with the same bank. But I’m paying my loan every month. My mom said she saw it in the news if I will not pay, I will have a record and I will be blacklisted and I can’t loan anymore in the future. I’m waiting for the bank to call me to ask me how much I can pay for it, but no one calls me. They are just texting that my card is already past due etc. please I need advice badly. My debt is getting bigger and bigger every month because of the penalties. I tried to call their call center but no one can help me. Thank you in advance…

  157. hi,

    pwede nyo po ba akong matulungan regarding our situation. kasi ung sister ko nasa abroad na for 8 years and she left her hsbc cc unpaid. problem is un address sa billing statement nya and un contact number is our house so kami un nahaharrass ng collector. since nung umalis siya the collector agency tried to call us and nanakot pa na nasa court na daw etc etc. we just ignored them and after a while nagsawa din sila sa kakatawag. just today, may tumawag nanaman dito sa house ang hinahanap un sister ko sabi ko hindi ko alam kung nasan siya and ibang name din un binigay ko sabi ko din hindi ko siya kilala at hindi ko siya ka ano-ano. un collector para bang nanghuhuli siya na kakilala ko un kapatid ko tapos sabi nya pina CI na daw un kapatid ko, background check etc. anytime daw may pupunta na NBI dito at lawyer para daw makipagusap. sabi nya may nakapending civil case na daw sa court un kapatid ko. tapos nanakot siya na pwede daw ako ikulong kasi daw tinatago ko daw kapatid ko. pwede ba mangyari un? is it true na pwede may pumuntang nbi at lawyer dito? natatakot kasi ako baka pumunta dito un sa house un baby ko lang at un kasambahay namin un nasa bahay at baka harrass sila ng mga un. please enlighten me on this one. i need to know my rights kasi in the first place hindi naman ako ang may utang at ako pa ung nahaharrass

  158. Hi,

    I have an unpaid due in HSBC since 2006 and I haven’t settled it. I know I am blacklisted already.
    My question is, how can I removed my name from the blacklisting?

    Thank you in advance for the advise.

    Also, how does a credit card clearance look like? Do you have any sample copy?

    Thanks again.

  159. hi there, same thing happens to me. not paying my credit card. Last feb 2010 i enrolled @ citibank payment assistance program and agreed to pay the 3k monthly for 4 years,total of 178k including patong patong na interest and the interest on the total reconstructive amount, principal amount is 114k with previous interest and late charges. nakacomply naman po ako for 9 mos but unfortunately last nov26, 2010. di na po ako nakabayad until now wla pa kong bnabayaran sa kanila. nakastate po kase na ipupull-out nila yung account ko sa program if i failed to pay for 2 mos. syempre di na ko nakakabayad, sabi nila pwede dw ako makasuhan ng breach of contract. please tell me what should i do? im afraid they might issue me a subpoena for not paying my dues.

  160. Hi. I would like to seek advice. I requested for a deferred payment from a credit card company for 2 years and was granted. I did that request so as not to make my account bad. I defaulted payment once because our salary was delayed. Then last December, somebody from the card company called me and said i am not anymore enrolled with the arrangement because of the default payment. They gave me another arrangement. But I got pissed off because the amount was as if i didn’t pay them more than 1 year. I really feel bad about this situation. “Lubog ka na nga, lalo ka pang nilulubog”. Then ang panakot nila ay ile-legal ka nila. I really need an advice on this.

    Thank you.

  161. pumirma po ako ng payment arrangement sa bankard at citi bank kc nagoffer sila ng restructuring 1 year ko rin nasunod ung arrangement kso lately kinapos ako s pera due to unexpected expense in the family,,, natigil ako s pagbayad kinukulit nila lagi ako,, nagresing n lang ako kc sobra n ung hiya ko s work,,,,problema ko ngayon pwede b ako kasuhan ng estafa? salamt po,,

  162. Hi,

    I law firm here in Pasig was harrasing me this morning. I called them to ask if they can extend the payment scheme their offering, but instead he said that there’s no way out to extend the payment and he’s harrassing me to pay within five days. I asked for split payment so I it is much easy for me to pay, but then he refuses and he’s really rude. He even tell me that he will see me in our Barangay hall to file complaint and will ask for talk with our Brgy. Captain.

    Please shed some light regarding this. This gives me so much stress that trigger to my Asthma attack.

    Hope to get feed back asap.

    Thank you,


  163. @monica

    try this site, this might be of help.

  164. hi there,

    im leaving with my parents before and yung citibank cc ko yun ang nakalagay na address and contact number. tapos last october 2010 lumipat na ko sa haws ng husband ko and kaya pinapalitan ko sa citibank yung present address ko.Since then di na ko nakakabayad ng bills dahil dami kong priorities, kinukulet na ako ng CA pati ng law firm nila.
    Its possible ba na CA will contact my previous address and gawin nila yung mga pananatakot gaya ng ginawa nila sa iba.


  165. @cooldude… where can we confirm that banks do write off your credit card debts after 6mths? Just curious. I have all the intentions of paying what I owe my credit card. I was just wondering where we can verify your statement. I am sure a lot of readers are also wondering where they can check this out.


  166. i have this card and i cut it into pieces before i throw it,,next thing i knew, i have this huge amount to be paid.. and they’re sending me bills and now harassing me if i didn’t pay it.. is it possible.. to use it again? are there some kinda instances like this??thanks


  168. Hi,

    I have 2 credit cards from Citibank amounting to 50+ and 60+ because it’s been one year I have’nt paid. I cannot afford to pay the payment scheme they provided like monthly payment or lump sum payment. Recently, I received a mail from the Law firm if I did not cooperate or response they will file a case against me. Im very afraid. I inform my relative that I moved out to other place whenever a collection from the bank or law firm looking for me coz I cannot afford to pay and to avoid harassment and embarassment from them. My husband just past away for 7 months. I’m just 2 months working in my new job. I’m the bread winner of the family. I have a son who’s studying college and I really cannot afford it to pay their proposal. What would you advice? What action should I do to resolve this? It gives me stress everyday.

  169. I have a Metrobank Femme Credit Card & was not able to pay accnt. It was forwarded to a collection office (ENZI Corp) & have given me a 1 time payment option. I paid the account on the date given (09/27/2010) & have informed him the amount & receipt number. That was the last time I heard from him.

    Just last friday (01/28/2011),I had another call from a Police Officer. He was asked by an ATTY. ACUÑA to call me because he is going to file again a case in court. I have explained to him the arrangement before but he was rude & doesnt really care about what I am saying & the story gets even better.- I have asked him to put on hold the case so we can have the accnt investigated but He did not really care & just keeps on threatening me for the case.

    I have called the agent from ENZI Corp & told him about this Atty Acuña.Agent from Enzi says he will check the records & could not even give me a straight answer. Bad thing its just now that I have read this column. I wasnt able to get a contract or a document. Our conversation was just over the phone & text.
    Now Im totally lost, I called Metrobank & have advised me that it should be settled by the agent from ENZI Corp.Atty. Acuña is still threatening me for a case. & worst Enzi Corp Agent ERNIE SILVA is not so helpful,could not give me definite answer why this happened & not willing to contact this certain Atty Acuña even just to stop him from filing the case.
    Please Advise me on what to do or how can I have this account closed as 1st agreed by the agent of ENZI. Or do you think they can still file a case against me even though it was a fault by their collection agent.?
    Your advise will be greatly appreciated.

  170. i have unpaid bills from globe and smart will i still go to abroad for work?


    FYI – The main problem hit the Phils. causing cc/personal defaulters abroad in panic was those COLLECTOR AGENTS (CA)here in the Phils. These collector agents were given tasks by the banks abroad to collect debts with a very high commission for each transaction. That’s the reason why the CA’s are very eager to collect debts.

  172. hi im julia..
    i just have a question with my credit card po. cuz im already out of the country and my mom want me to pay my card company, cuz they keep calling my relatives in the philippines. reason why i didnt pay them is because of the collections people that keeps on calling me in the afternoon while im sleeping, cuz i used to be a call center i got pissed and decided not to pay, (lame)then come the time that i got broke cuz of fixing some paper for migration. and i think its been almost 6 months since the last time i paid. and sent me a message just now that metrobank has decided to file a complaint against me. i want to pay cuz i want to be debt free but i dont want to talk to collections cuz thay are all so rude.. please help me nman po.. im currently out of the country since my family migrated.. i dont know if i shud contact metrobank. tnx po

  173. what about the mail their sending me?can they use it against me to file a case when I received them?

  174. hello,just wanted to know if i could still apply for a credit card in another bank?i have unpaid cc debts when i was single,now im already married…and that was 7 years ago…does it mean that my name is blacklisted to all banks?

  175. just want to know if this is also applicable to salary loans issued by banks?wherein you are ask to provide PDC

  176. army01 feb 18, 2011
    i have a problem with my personal loans in the phil way back 2005. when i got abroad, i was not able to settle them bcoz of many finacial responsibilities in my family. This coming april, I want to go back to phil for vacation. will i get into problem when i get there in phil immigration? could i go back abroad again, without any problem in the immigration?. tnx.

  177. Thank you so much…It was really enlightened me. Honestly, i have a lots of sleepness nights because of credits card debts. It was already 6 months that i am not paying my obligation because we have a lot of other priorities. I’m really afraid…And to overcome this problem, my husband and i decided to sell our house and pay all our credit cards amoutning to 300thousand Phillipines Money. Is this a wise decision or we are doing another problem because we will lose our house if we do that. Please, give me an advice…
    Thank you so much and more power…
    God bless…

  178. Hi, is anybody have an idea if credit card is same as personal loan. Some people already post comments in here asking some questions same as mind but nobody reply on it.
    I have a personal loan 4 years ago amounting 43,000 and only paid partial 12,000. Someone called me last week to pay 43T and they agree that I’ll be paying 1,000 monthly. I’m asking for a Statement of Account and said they cant give. I’m afraid to pay 1,000 monthly and in the future they might collect bigger amount for there is no written agreement. Please help me, what will I do?

  179. even if the topics i read was last year,you are really a big help for me and my hubby…. all the questions that we had were answered by just reading this site….. but one question though, what if they tell us to pay the principal amount and lets say we can afford to pay them,are we going to pay our debt at the collections department or the bank directly? please give us a detailed information on this… We will appreciate it so much…. Please tell us what should we do? Thanks and God Bless

  180. hi guys, i am receiving a lot of questions since last year about credit card problem, thanks for the visit and the comments…

    sorry if i dont have the time to answer all your questions…anyway you can try to visit this site where i got all the details about handling credit card debts:

    they will have an eb this feb 26:

    February 26, 2011
    Mcdo Pasong tamo Corner Buendia, 2nd floor
    1 to 5pm

    i can’t come, but if you have time guys, join this group … cheers!

  181. hello how about po sa personal loans . I m willing to settle my obligation po , pero they want me to pay it in full otherwise they will issue a subpoena for bouncing checks . please help. i dont wanna be imprisoned for this

  182. I also have a problem on Credit Card. A legal officer of a law firm visited my house and my wife receive the demand letter. They said that they have visited my home and they personally assessd my properties and find same as sufficient proof of my financial capacity to pay and the reason to recommend to thier cliant, the filling of necessary and appropriate case in court against me and my wife, if any. For the meantime they are giving me 2 days from today to negotiate with them for the seattlement of my account, otherwise, they will file the necessary complaint in court against me and my wife if married, as mandatory party-defendant, under Rule 3 section 4 of the new Rules of court, in order to recover whtat I owe to the said client, without further notice.
    What can I do for this matter and by the way I’m abroad now working and my family at home ? Can they do this to me or my wife? Please help.

  183. Hi guys, i have a question, does your credit card debt could make you blacklisted in the immigration? thanks

  184. Attention: Clickmarbin and cooldude – Just wanna say thanks for your excellent advise! I say this is the best blogsite/forum that I have ever run into. May the net world multiply with people like YOU… God bless!!!

  185. May naiwan ako credit card and personal loans sa Pinas nung umalis ako 5 years ago. Nasa ibang bansa na ako at hindi na rin ako citizen ng Pilipinas. Is there a chance na meron kaso na-i-file sa akin (walang summon na natanggap sa dati kong address) at me HDO kaya? Gusto kong umuwi pero ayokong ma-hold sa airport pag-alis ko ng Pinas. Salamat sa payo at sagot.

  186. hi,, clickmarbin,,

    i owed 30,ooo plus from hsbc credit card,, my dad told me a guy went to my house and give him a letter about my due bill.. they said they going to sue,, me,, im leaving with my own family right now… i dont have a job yet,, thats why i stop paying my credit,, what should i do? pls, advice thank you

  187. to all you guys, thank you for liking this article. for other questions that aren’t specifically answered by this post, dont worry, i will try to create more articles about credit card problems soon, so please bookmark this page and keep in touch. thanks

  188. hi! i just want to know of does rules apply if you have loans also??? What if you took the loan from other country? Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  189. Police came earlier to my house and looking for me. They said its about my Anti-Fraud. I know its for my credit card. They did not know that I am already in middle east. They advice me or someone representative to call them.

    Why police came? This is not their job and they dont have any written complaint. They just want me to call the number from CIDG? Why CIDG? LOL.. Weird..

  190. Barangay officials told me to call a ceratin number from manila triall court because I am about to be issued a warrant of arrest the guy told me that I have to pay in 5 days the full amount and they like push me to send them a promissory note and I complied but really I cannot pay what I have written. Can I be imprisoned because I cannot pay tehm what I have written?

  191. Isa po ako sa mga may problema of not paying credit card 4 cc po ito di po ba ako makukulong kc malalaki po ang limit pero almost 4 years na akoing good standing at good payer ngayon lang ako di nakabaad kc maraming nangyari na ospital ako, anak ko asawa ko kya na gipit ako patin standard charter loan pero walang cheque na pina issue pwede o ba akong makulong ano po ang dapat kung gawin kc ang daming tumatawag sa office at bahay namin nahihiya na rin ako sa mga ka officemate ko. nakalipat na kami ng bahay matagal na kya yong info sa application ng card dati hindi na yon ang address pero yong office ADDRESS YON PARIN KC DOON PA RIN PO AKO NAG WOWORK..


  192. Hi Clickmarbin,

    I just have some questions. I hope you can enlighten me.

    Its been 2 years that i owe a bank (Citibank) for my CC amounting to 35K. I used to stay in a condo that i rented out but i left that place already. Now i wanted to settle the balance that i owe them. What do you think should i do?

    1. Will i go to the bank (Citibank) and introduce myself and tell them im willing to pay my debt?

    2. Do you think they will charge me the interest that tranpired in 2 years?

    3. Do you think i should get a lawyer just in case they will sue me?

    I hope you can help me with this.

    Thank you!

  193. i have an hsbc account here and abroad. i haven’t paid my credit card here in the philippines, will it affect my account abroad?

  194. Dear Sir,

    Good day! this just happened today, may group of men (5) na pumunta dito sa office namin and isa sa kanila inaway ako. hinahanap nila ang isang employee na no longer connected na sa company and law office daw sila ng credit card and they need my signature para i-receive yung letter. hindi ko renecieve yung letter kasi di ko kilala yung concern nila, bigla na lang ako sinigawan ng isang lalaki at inaway. sa galit ko, sumigaw ako sa labas para makakuha ng atensyon.mag-isa pa naman ako sa opisina kasi its saturday. i got their plate number kaso di ko alam kung saan pwede magreklamo. please i need you comment and suggestion. thanks.

  195. dear sir,
    dati po akong ofw sa uae,nag loan po ako at may credt card din,bigla po kasing nag ka problema at kailangan kung umuwi,so hindi na po ako nakabayad wala din akong trbaho dito,ngayon na trace po nila yun address ko,ngayon po hinaharass nila ako,pumupunta po sila sa bahay at kung ano ano pa po ang sinasabi sa phone,mag kaiba ba yun loan sa credit card i mean yun tipong makukulong ba ako sa loan ko dun sa uae?pls paki sagot lang po..

  196. hi i just want to ask if my husand has a credit card debt in dubai and not paying for 1 year already because his salary is not enough anymore to pay all the credit card and bank loans in dubai so he decided to go back here in our country including me. Now, i have a job offer in dubai, will it affect on me? because i have a suplementary card from his credit cards. will i have a problem upon arriving in airport dubai?

  197. hi your column really helps us na pano ihandle sa nanghaharass ng mga colecting agencies… since talagang im not capable to pay kasi nag cost cutting kami at syempre unahin ko needs ng family ko … since pati bahay e lumipat na kami sa room na lang … sabi ng isang collector pag lumipat ka daw e panloloko na daw un kasi na tinakbuhan na ang obligation ko at wla na balak magbayad … bakit naman sila ganun mag isip although hindi ko na itinwaga pa nag na lumipat ako … i want to pay pero pag me enough income na sana ako .. masarap ang magbayad ng utang pero diko pa talaga afford… is it true po ba na iwa warrant nila daw ako dito sa utang ko na to..

  198. @ beng

    not true. alam mo, kaya nila ginagawa yan kasi kailangan nila ng commission, kaya lahat ng pananakot gagawin nila. Tama yan, unahin mo ang pamilya mo kaysa mga takaw sa perang collector.

  199. Hello friends and buddies reading this article. Natutuwa po ako dahil marami po sa inyo ang hindi na natatakot harapin ang pagsubok sa credit card. Sa buhay yan naman talaga ang dapat. Harapin ng buong tapang ang problema dahil lahat naman nito ay may solusyon.

    Ako, move on na ko sa problemang credit card. Dahil alam ko, ako ang nasa tama. Alam kong may utang ako, tanggap ko iyun. Pero ang maganda nito alam ko kung paano ito harapin nang hindi natatakot sa ibang tao. Hindi ako sa collector nagka utang, sa banko. Kaya dun ako magbabayad. sa ayaw at sa gusto nila.

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    Maging part na ng grupo ko. Dahil sa akin, makaka relate ako sa inyo dahil pare pareho tayong minsang naloko ng mga debt collector. Na harass. Nasaktan at minsan nga’y tinangka ng magpakamatay dahil akala natin wala nang solusyon, meron pa pala. Napakasarap palang mabuhay at napakarami pa palang opurtunidad para mabuhay ng maganda sa Pilipinas.

    Sali na kayo sa Vera 7. At move on na kayo sa credit card problems ninyo like me. Napaka-ikli ng buhay para mamroblema sa problemang hindi naman dapat problemahin. K

    contact me at this number for those interested to join vera 7: 09325242754.

    Head office Pasay City, pwede ko rin kayo samahan sa Imus and Dasma Branch.Thank you for reading

  200. Greetings Sir Clickmarbin!

    Just like to consult to you re: my GF’s credit card debt problem… She has a debt of 100k w/ Citibank. She’s been using it for 4 years already and been paying it on time. Problem came when her dad was diagnosed w/ cancer. She was not able to pay her obligations thus resulting to a debt of 100k. Her dad passed away and now she’s ready to pay her obligation. Now citibank is giving us a hard time by:

    1. we have to produce a pdc to avail of the amnesty program
    2. they dont give discounts.
    3. if we produce the pdc. subject to verification and assessment of income.

    We really want to settle our obligation but only to the amount that we can only produce. BDO and HSBC never gave us a hard time w/ the so called amnesty program… no pdc… just a contract that we need to pay them. Im starting to lose confidence w/ citibank…

    for your comments and suggestion. thanks and good day!

  201. 1. If you’re a credit card defaulter, are you put on a credit card blacklist/defaulters’ list by a credit card company?
    2. If the credit card company is global (Citibank, HSBC, etc), can they post your name in newspapers?
    3. Is this blacklist/defaulters’ list accessible by all banks globally? Do they list your defaulted/debt amount?
    4. If you are a credit card defaulter, can you open a savings account in that same bank? In other banks?

  202. hi,
    my husband owed 27k sa hsbc few years ago then nahinto muna pagbayad nmn ng mawalan ng work yung asawa ko ng ilang buwan.. then tinawagan kami ng isang law firm daw na bayaran yung utang n more than 40k na… tapos nagkasundo kami na babayaran namin ng 15k basta with in the week lang. ngdeposit kami ng 15k sa hsbc account nmn pero after non wala namn kaming natanggap na paper na cleared na yung utang nmn. binaliwala nmn yon, akala kasi nmn a ok na. but after few months me billing na nmn with sulat from another law firm. tinawagan nmn yung law firm, sinabi nmn na nakipag ayos na kami dati pro sabi nila nilako lang daw kami b4, sa kanila ito daw yung tutuo.. hinaharass kami na puntahan daw kami ng police sa bahay so nakipag settle na nmn kami na bayaran stagard payment 3k evry month for 1yr, ng stop kami magbayad pagka 10th month kasi me dumatig na billing samn galing HSBC na 79k na utang nmn… d ko maintidhn kung bakit paiba-iba sila ng mg statement. naguguluha na kami.. so pina bayaan nmn yung HSBC na yon.. pero ngayon ito na problema nmn… kumuha kami ng house and lot thru bank finanacing ang kaso d kami ma approve sa loan nmn kasi black list ata kami sa mga bank.. pano po gawin nmn para ma clear ang aming name? saan kami pupunta?

    please help us.. tnx

  203. hi, i just want to clarify the case of my friend. me credit cards sya na involved sa fraud transactions. he works in a bank as officer and if ever malaman ng bank na me unsettled cards sya due to fraud, possible ba na ma-terminate sya? what is the possible sanctions for him. please enlighten us, thanks..

  204. hi,the law firm collecting on behalf of HSBC gave letter that my existing outstanding balance reduce to 33k.would i still call HSBC to confirm if this is now the SOA?how will i get the certification that i am clear with my cc?

  205. @liezyl:
    if may utang kayo dapat sa bank kayo directly makipagusap. Makipagnegotiate kayo sa bank kung pano nyo babayaran. For example may utang kayong P40,000.00. Pwede nyo pakiusapan yan na itigil na nila ang interest at babayaran nyo P1000 every month or kung magkano lang ang kaya mo. Wag mo pilitin na taasan kung di mo talaga kaya kahit sabihin pa nila na minimum dapat ay P2500. Normaly di sila papayag sa simula, pero sa huli bibigyan din mga yan. Mas gugustuhin pa nila makatanggap kahit P100 kada buwan kaysa wala sila makuha kahit piso. Tandaan nyo sa bank kayo magbayad hindi kung saan saang account lang dahil pwede kayo maloko. Ngayon kung blacklisted ka na, talagang di ka na makakauha ng loan kahit saang bank. Macle-clear lang name mo after mo magbayad ng utang mo sa credit card. After mo mabayaran hingi ka ng letter sa hsbc na nagsasabing bayad ka na sa mga utang mo.

    i’m not sure, but kung same yung credit card at bank kung san sya nagwowork, baka ibawas sa sweldo nya yon? Kung iba naman di dapat sya pwedeng iterminate lalo na kung di naman talaga sya gumamit

    Yes i think you should verify everythng with HSBC. You can ask HSBC for the certification if you have paid all your debts.

  206. may utang po ako sa cc ko sa pilipinas at nandi2 me sa ibang bansa. may tumawag sa bahay namin na they will file a case against me so that i will deported back to the phil. pwede ba yun na ma deport ako?

  207. mga sir! question how much po ba yung amount na pde na nila ako ipkulong?

  208. @sir vincent, thanks!

  209. hello everyone… just want to ask for your advices. ive been called and told via telephone by a certain Elizalde from the office of Atty Padilla, that in 2 days, NBI’s going to come to my office and arrest me for my credit card problem. Help me on what to do. please!!!!

  210. On this month’s Credit Card statement there is a notice we must supply Income tax records to the Credit Card company under Regulation BSP 622. WE are self employed. Have held the credit card for 4 years and never in default with no overdue balance. What happens if we do not comply with this request?

  211. i have a monthly payment of 1716.5 for 30 months to pay, with psbank, i only left a balance more or less 20k, its already a debt structuring, they already send me an agreement letter but i dont fix my signature. I already wrote to bangko sentral ng pilipinas requesting if they can waive all the interest and legal fees because the total amount i will be paying would be 51k plus. they told me that they cant waive the charges because its my fault,i already told them that i am supporting my parents both senior with maintenance of medicines. together with the continuous increase of basic commodities, its really hard for me to pay the monthly dues they required me. please help me, and they told me that if i pass for 3 consecutive months mababalewala lahat ng binayad ko. please help me,please

  212. Hi,
    My case is different …bigla nalang may pumasok na billing sa SOA ko na Online gaming purchased tapos Malaysian money ang currency. Ringit.
    Na dispute ko to sa BDO and then temporarily na reverse..pero nag send sila ng evidence na ako daw gumawa and may receipt …nag complaint ako uli kasi ang name andun first and last name lang, and the rest hindi ko information. pero mga cc collectors firm pinipilit nila bayaran ko. okay siguro maki negotiate ako sa bank to pay this nalang para matapos na. pero bakit ako mag babayad ng Attorneys fee?.. Form of harassment ba to? secondly bakit hindi yung nasa resibo yung habulin nila. andun naman yung mga info sa resibo?

  213. axel,
    it\’s not the payment that is important.
    it\’s the principle behind that payment.

    BDO will do both things :
    collect from you, and
    will not pay the merchant.
    best of both worlds for the bank.

    you are doing great!

  214. hi,

    i just received a call from HSBC and they are asking me to pay the total outstanding balance of the card amounting to 100k plus. i said to the bank officer that i don’t have that huge amount of money at this moment that’s why im asking if there’s a way to waive all the interest charges and late charges since atleast august 2010. he told me that this is not possible and if i don’t get to pay the total amount on or before June 15, 2011 they will forward my account to the legal department which will bring my case to court. i question him why do they give amnesty to those who don’t pay for almost a year and so and offers them to pay more than 50% off of the original outstanding balance. he said that that situation has consequences which i said i am aware and willing to accept. he then offer me different mode of payments which require atleast 21k down payment and a monthly amortization of between 4k to 7k. i told him that even with that arrangement i still cannot pay the down payment and the monthly payments. he then threatens me that if forward my account to the legal charges the conditions i mentioned before (discounted payment) will not be offer to me and i should pay for the legal cost. he also told me to hire a very good lawyer. what shall i do if this happen?

    thank you.

  215. This is a good article and I thank you ClickMarbin for the this. Knowing my rights and the procedure on how to handle credit card debt. Lets just keep in mind that this article will guide us not to be scam and not to get away from credit debt. Remember that we have obligations to pay for our credit. Hopefully clickMarbin will post another article in good credit card management to prevent credit debt.

  216. HI ClickMarbin

    My case is different. I had a friend who acquired a credit card and he used our office address in his application. For now he moved to another place and cannot be reached anymore. The collecting agency for 2 times has visited our office yet the letters were not duly received due to our security guard did not know the person will I be affected for this situation. Prior to this he asked me if I could manage to answer the person who is doing credit investigation in his credit card application. You said that delinquent accounts are sold to collecting agencies does it mean that all the supporting documents in his credit card application were included. I am afraid if I will be drag to this situation if in case the collection agency will pursue a case against him. Please enlighten my mind, I’m afraid for my family’s welfare.

  217. Good Day.Ask ko lang po bakit mga police personnel d gna approve pag apply credit card?thank you and more power

  218. i want to ask your help because i already received a writ of execution from the pairing judge, i am afraid because i don’t have the money to pay in full or properties to pay…..

  219. Good day, meron akong utang sa bank na 13k+ (incuded na yung interest) for 6 months, di ko kasi maasikaso dahil hindi dumadating yung billing statement sa akin. so pinadalhan ako letter coming from a law office na sabi magsettle na ko ng account ko. problema di ko pa rin mabayaran dahil ala akong pera that time at wala pa rin yung billing statement ko. kanina nagpunta ako sa BDO to settle things and call up their customer service, sabi uupdate nanaman daw nila yung billing statement ko para mabayaran ko yung utang ko. pagdating ko naman sa bahay may letter na dumating galing sa BDO na sinasabi na ifoforward na daw nila sa collecting agency yung account ko. yung latter dated pa June 10. so sa tingin nyo naforward na ba sa collecting agency yun? kung sakaling naforward na sya sa collecting agency, kanino ba ako dapat magbayad? sa bank or sa collecting agency?

  220. good day ask ko po tama po ba na ifax and demand letter since im located in annex and they fax it to main campus stating that i need to pay my outstanding balance and if i fail they file a case against me. is it right to fax a demand letter in office. pls help thanks

  221. OMG! thanks for the advices clickmarbin! they keep on harassing us lately, i think almost every week they’re here! the worst part they said was: the bank will get our house! that’s pretty scary though! but your advice enligtened my mind so well… i shouldnt be afraid now as well as my family! Thank you so much! :) )

  222. may question lang ako regarding my metrobank card ilang months na hidne ako nakapag bayad umabot ng 74k hangang tumawag ang collertor na 27,050 na lang daw ang bayaran para matapos na so what happen i pay them 20k nagloan pako para lang tumaigil na nag tumatawag so what happen in two months hinde ko mabayran yung remaining na 7,050pesos sabi nya ibabalik na daw yung amount sa 74k tapos iless na lang daw yung 20k na binayaran so lalaki na naman yung utang ko nung sinabi ko nawala akong ibabayd sige 17k na lang daw bayaran ko kesa bumalik sa original amount. is it possible na hidne ko na bayaran yung remaining 7,050?

  223. Hi ClickMarbin,

    First of all, thank you for posting this blog. It has been very helpful.

    However, I noticed that a lot of the debts mentioned here are below 50K. My question is: would the collection agency, and in my case the law firm called Lauron Delos Reyes & Partners, run after a person in civil court if the debt owed is above 100k?

    I realize that they may not go through the hassle if the amount is relatively small. However, at what point would they consider filing a civil case from a cost vs ROI perspective?

    Hope you, or others in this thread, can also shed some light on this.

  224. Hi! I just want to ask if it also apply to a personal bank loan, if I did not pay my monthly dues?

  225. hi.pls advice me on my situation.i left uae because of job loss and redundancy in early 2009.Now im receiving calls from certain NSR services asking me to settle my dues with citibank in i checked their background they are associated with bilkish associates in far as i know they dont have jurisdiction here to file a case against me because the debt is in uae.what should i do on this matter?i cant pay them because im a single parent and working at a minimum pay to support my kids what extent can they do an action against me?im worried because they kept on calling my mom’s number.

    They called me up again asking for payment. Ive told them to give me a SOA from the bank and send it through my email. But this is what I have received. Please advise me accordingly. Thanks you.

    Good Day! Hope everything is find with you! This letter is a FINAL NOTICE with regards to your multiple accounts with the following banks:

    CITIBANK CC4920875006893006 AED 6,617.18
    PL00009601031401 AED16,006.76
    HSBCMELTDPLP57339996KSC310624 AED76,942.88

    There are two options to close your unpaid accounts:
    1. 1st option is FULL AND FINAL SETTLEMENT this is a one time payment and the bank
    will give HUGE discount.
    2. 2nd option is PART PAYMENT three to six month installment wherein the bank will
    give only little discount.

    Please be informed that you will be the one to pay directly to the bank. All we have to do is to get settlement with the bank because without settlement the payment you will make will only go to the interest.
    Please let me know about your plan to settle your account.

    Await your reply within today or tomorrow.

    Thanks and Regards.
    Ms. Emy
    Bank Coordinator
    Mobile NO.09198114044;09178841728;

  226. Hi po sa inyong lahat, I also have the same problem with u guys. somebody from a collection agency came into our house and asked for a payment for my credit cards with RBS in UAE. since wala po ako sa bahay at nagpapart time job ako ung mother ko po ang nakausap. tapos bigla tumawag na lang sa work ko ung Dhang na kailangan ko nga daw na magbyad. una sabi nya s akin ay magbyad ako ng full tpos maya maya ang dami dami niyang sinasabi na magbibigay sila ng kaso s akin, tpos irereport nila ako sa immigration tapos magbbgya ng reklamo sa barangay at sa munisipyo. im afraid kung gawin nila un ay malaking kahihiyan sa aming pamilya, since pagkagaling ako after dubai since march 2009 ay wala pa akong permanent na trabaho kaya di ko sila mabayaran. ang option na sinabi nya s akin ay kung hindi ako mkbyad ay magfifile n sila ng case s court. tpos dhil siguro s takot ko ay nakiusap ako n kung pwedeng babaan ung 6thousand hanggang sabi ko kung pwede kahit klhati ng 6000. tpos nagbigay ng account number. dun ko daw ihulog at sa july 23 day due date ko and every month after. pero duda ako kasi hindi clear ung nakuha kong info. at kahit gustuhin ko man ay wala akong pmbyad. pleas advice po. gulong gulo na ako at hindi makapg isp ng maayos. tnx a lot sir.

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    Thank you! Take Care Always and God Bless.

  228. Hi there! just wanna ask, will u be fired by your company if they will check (CIBI/CMAP) that ur accounts with various card companies are already delinquent?

  229. hi there! 2years ago my brother asked a favor from me if he can use my credit card to purchase a new desktop in an installment basis… to make the story short my brother did not pay me so my debt in my credit card became bigger and bigger. I can’t pay the bank coz it was not my debt but it’s my card. When my debt was already with the collecting firm, i decided to pay partial payment out of that total debt. Since i really need a new credit card specially now I’m applying abroad and most of my requirements are purchased thru on lines, is it possible for me to get a new card?

  230. Hi,
    Balak ko pumunta ng Singapore.Tour lang pero balak na magwork na dun.Kaso natatakot ako na baka pag nasa airport na eh pigilan ako dahil hndi na ako nakapagbayad ng aking CC-HSBC.May dumating sakin na billing statement na zero na ang balance ko.Naisip ko natransfer na sya sa collecting agent.Tapos di ko na pinansin.Ngayon naman nahihirapan na ako bayaran yung isa ko pang card which is metrobank.Dati on time naman.Kaso nagkaroon ng annual fee kaya nag overlimit.Tapos ang dami ng charge.Nung tumawag ako sa banko para ipawaive sabi bayaran ko daw muna bago iwaive.Eh d ko na nga kayang bayaran.Nangutang ako pambayad pero kulang.Ngayon lalong lumaki kc ang daming charge.Overlimit fee.Late charge.iba pa ang interest.Hndi na sya kaya ng budget ko.Balak ko na rin wag bayaran.Posible ba na maharang ako sa airport dahil sa hndi pagbabayad ng CC?

    A Hold Departure Order (HDO) issued by the Regional Trial Court (RTC).

    Circular No. 39-97
    Hold-Departure Orders shall be issued only in CRIMINAL cases
    within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Regional Trial Courts;

    Good luck on your trip.

  232. hi, i had a cc 2yrs ago and left an unpaid balance of 45k++. i stopped paying my balance because of the reason it’s eating up a lot of money on my monthly salary. There comes a time that i’ve been paying more or less 5k in a month but still the balance won’t go down. that’s the start of me not paying my debts w/ citibank. now it’s been 3 quarters that 3 different law firms sending me letter and asking me to pay the amount of 75k-85k.. i was quite surprise regarding the amount they’re demanding me to settle.. i just ignore the first 2 debt collection agency but this third one disturbed me a lot because they threatened my mom that they will send me to jail because of my debts w/ citibank. please help. any advise to enlighten me? it would be deeply appreciated. and by the way.. if in any case i would ask for a copy of SOA, how would i know if it is authentic or not?! how does it look like?! BTW they send me somewhat like a subpoena(haven’t seen one, so i wouldn’t know..) there are some irregularity because if it was public notarized there should be a dry seal right?! hmm.. just wondering.. Thanks, more power and God bless! :)

  233. HI,
    gud pm po, may 2 concerns lang po ako, its my metro bank and my bpi.

    1) metrobank: meron akong 2 credit cards sa metro bank yung isa po dun ay extension ang husband ko also may time deposit din po ako na kasama ko ang father ko (and/or ko ang tatay ko sa time deposit ng metrobank|), in short po di ako nakabayad sa metrobank cc, wat metro bank did was they automatically deducted my utang sa metrobank time deposit po, tama ba ang ginawa nila? can i sue them?

    2)bpi, for almost 3-4 years di po ako nakakabayad sa bpi, if am not mistaken less than 100thou or di po me lalagpas sa credit limit ko na 120thousand ang nagamit ko, bpi keep calling on me and harrassing to the point na nakuha nila contact number ng boss ko hanngang mag padala sila po ng summon, hindi po ako nakarating sa said date ng summon at ngayon po ay may dumating na motion to render summary judgement po, anu po ang dapat kong gawin? (nalilito po ako sa mga advices, some says hintayin ko na lang ang hearing date notice, some says puntahan ko daw yong law firm na nag padala ng summon, ano po ba ang tamang gawin.

    pls.advice me, heres may email ad: thanks and gobless

  234. additonal for bpi po:

    100thou or di po me lalagpas sa credit limit ko na 120thousand ang nagamit ko, pero ang sinisingil nila sa akin ay 619,000++ sa last billing nila dated June 25, 2011, may summon po na dumating june yata po at hindi ako nakarating sa sinabing period. at ngayon po may motion to render summary judgment, plz advice po, thanks ulit.

  235. hi, may utang ako sa ewb and 2 months ko na siyang di nababayaran dahil sa financial problem, maraming beses sila kung tumawag sa office namin and ako naman ang nakakasagot, hinohold ko lang, di ko kinakausap dahil baka manakot lang, di ko rin sinasagot ang tawag sa cellphone.
    nabasa ko yung ibang mga comments at na-bother ako kasi di alam ng family ko to. natatakot akong baka may pumunta ring pulis.
    alam ko namang di ako makukulong pero nakakahiya naman ata pag ganun na ang gagawin. wala pa naman akong natatanggap na sulat dahil yung address ko dun sa bank, walang house number.
    di naman ako nag-apply for that card, thru employee verification nmn ngcmula lahat and nakatanggap na ako ng card sa time na gipit ako. haayyyyy…

  236. hi i have an inquiry about credit card debt. damay po ba ang anak at asawa ng isang may credit card debt? although the family is not included in the credit card as a supplementary…the debt was in dubai so if ever the son will work in dubai, mahohold ba sya because of his fathers credit card debt?

  237. I have an active account and so far paid min amount monthly. I want to close/cancel my card because I dont have enough money to pay for my credit cards bills. Help me what to do?

  238. Hello. My account is active and paid min amount monthly. I want to cancel/close my cards but I dont have enough money to pay for all. What do I need to do? Call them and ask for reconstruct? can i pay only what I can? pls help

  239. I just want to ask, I have an unpaid celphone bill from Globe Telecom, I did not pay the remaining balance because I reported my celphone was stolen, when I received the bill they still want me to pay the balance that was used after it was reported lost, the amount was around 2,400.00, is this also reported in CMAP and NFIS?

  240. I was not able to pay my credit card way back in 1997. My business got burned.

    The card was under my name.

    It is now 2011 and my wife has been using her card for the past 7 years with a very large credit limit. Her credit limit has been constantly increase due to spending. For the past 7 years, we dont’ do zero interest or instalment any more. We pay the billed amount in full, irregardless of the amount. Safer that way.

    My question is, I would like to apply for an extension card. Would my records from 1997 crop up in a way that will make problems for me and my wife? The card in question was a $ Mastercard issued by Far East Bank & Trust Co. (Now BPI). Would the records be already purged from the databases now that it is over 14 years ago.

    My wife’s car is a Bankcard Mastercard Platinum with a 500K credit limit.

    We only got one demand letter in the latter part of 1997. No body went to the house nor followed up collection.

    Thank you.

  241. just to make it short.. practice paying with cash instead of credit cards. but if you’re fine paying those fees and interests then just purchase things that you need. not what you want. that will lessen the chance of you being trapped in huge debts that you cant afford to pay. just a friendly reminder

  242. I guess all of us may utang sa cc. As far as I know ung mga pulis na pumupunta sa haus ay hindi po talgang pulis. It’s not their job pra maningil. Mga messenger lang po yun ng collection agencies pra mag verify kung dun ka pa nakatira sa haus na yun. Ang nagkakaso po ng mabigat ay yung may mga loan na kung saan nag issue ka ng tseke kasi babagsak ang kaso sa estafa. But with credit cards,cla pa nga namilit sa atin na kumuha dba. And with regards sa mga attorney, khit ano pang RA ang sbhin, hay nako takutan lang yun! FYI din po nsa law natin na bawal mang harass ang mga collection agencies. Hindi po dn cla pwedeng mangulit paglagpas ng gabi na kc bawal un. I forgot kung anong RA yun pero nabasa ko yun! And kung pupunta kyo ng ibang bansa..wlang kaso yun! May debt dn ako sa cc sa AIG and citibank and Standard Chartered but labas masok po ako sa Singapore and Hongkong. Ingat sa mga trip nyo po! Yung mga uuwi dito sa Pinas na may mga debt sa car, uwi lang! And makipag usap kyo sa bank mismo regards sa debt sa cc. My colleagues it happens na nagbayad cya sa collection agency..binigay ung certificate na nagbigay but then nsa listahan pa rn cya ng blacklist. She’s trying to verify it sa HSBC kung original yun..Haizzz ayaw mkpag coordinate ng HSBC..Ewan ko ba dyan sa mga bank na yan,ndi ka na nga mkpgbayad, ung ccngilin pa syo yung nagka interest na amount pa..lufet grabe! =)

  243. to ROSARY, ang Globe po pag ndi ka NTC po nirereport. Ipapablock nla ung phone na binili mo sa knila using the IMEI no. nung phone pra ndi mo na magamit khit pa unlock mo pa sa ghills or kht magpalit ka ng sim. If its 2,400 lang it na lang. =)

  244. To Tobi, with regards to cc bkit nman nla idadamay ang anak o ang asawa sa utang. Kung cno ang may utang, yun ang kukulitin. They can’t push you to pay the debt na hindi nman syo kht asawa mo pa. Hindi nman conjugal ang utang! =)

  245. Hello,what will happen to me if i cant pay my personal loan to the bank? can i go ito jail? pls advice. Thanks

  246. to clickmarbin…

    I am to ask you that after several defaults of nonpaying my credit card debt after their infos that my accounts had been forwarded to legal matters and to blacklisting me to BAP with forcing me to pay in levy, my question is can I still have my loan be granted if I apply loan to my SSS and PAG-IBIG? (I’m worry that BAP can have this access if they really put me in grave or will the BAP blacklist me entirely in all sectors?.. but which in fact, it’s my money I should get as loan… one thing more Mr. Clickmarbin, will my salary through ATM be block or hold because of this?)

    wish to have your reply…
    thank you

  247. HI there. Is it a legal for a bank to sell a delinquent account to a creditor. Standard Chartered Bank sold my account to aiqon; and it is aiqon who is now making a followup on my payments. My questions are:
    1. Is my account really with SCB and they are just making it sound like they sold my account so that i will be forced to settle my obligation?
    2. Can they really sue me because of my temporary non-payment?
    3. If my account is indeed sold to aiqon, do i have a legal action against the bank for selling my account without my consent?
    Hope you can shed light on this matter…thanks

  248. hi clickmarbin can you help me pls i need your advise asap.ndi po ako ngbayad ng min.due ko sa hsbc last due date expected may tumawag sa akin na agent from collection dept ng hsbc asking me to settle my due para dw ndi lumaki ung finance charges i told them wala akong pmbyad and gusto kung i settle yong utang ko na walang interest na nakapatong monthly kc 4 yrs na akong hirap sa pgbabayad lng min.amount due pero ndi nbabawasan ung bal ko.ayw nlang pumayag sa settlement na kya ko gusto nla ung program avail sa knla.what will i do cliclmarbin do i need to follow what they tell me or stick to my settlement na alm ko pwd ko silang mabayaran.plssss i need your advice or anyone pls advise nga po.

  249. Hi ClickMarbin,

    I have defaulted my chinatrust salary stretch loan, will the collector files a BP22 against me? I read from Banker from the other blogspot about credit card defaulter that Checking account that chinatrust give to their clients is of different names. Any advice on this?



  250. may database yata ang east west ng mga pangalan at contact numbers, tama ba yun? hindi ba violation yun sa privacy natin? they offer credit cards through phone call or employment’s verification. even in my imagination,never akong nag-asam magkaron ng credit card, pero nung dumating na yung card sa office, na-engganyo na kong gamitin nlng xa. nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi,nung una, confident akong gamitin xa w/o considering “what if’s”. dati isang office number lang tinatawagan nila, ngayon dalawa na, pano kaya nila nakuha yun? what can i do now is to watch-out for these 2 numbers,para ako ang makasagot. nakakais2rbo kc sa mga ofcm8s q kung cla ang makakasagot. maiksi din pasensya nila, pag hinold q,ibababa nila agad ang phone.

  251. hi! somebody pls help me. i have an unsettled account sa unionbank. nung isang araw pinatawag ako sa office ng boss ko dahil pinadalhan sila ng copy ng motion from SPMadrid Law office and they were asking for my company’s assistance regaring my case. meron daw kasi ngpuntang sheriff sa office at hindi ko daw sila pinapasok sa office, which is not true dahil unang una wala naman nagpupuntang sheriff tlg kasi pag meron naman visitor pinapaakyat lang sa office basta alam yung name ng pupuntahan. at humihingi sila ng copy ng payslip ko para daw ipresent sa court. damay na ba ang company dito sa personal credit card ko? meron lang daw ako 2 options. pay the full amount one time or garnishment through my salary. can they do this? at pag pumayag ako na sa court na lang kami magsettle, do i need an atty? kasi wala nga ako pambayad sa utang ko, pambayad pa kaya sa lawyer? pls help..

  252. Hi. is there any instance that unpaid credit card balance in BPI be deducted in BPI Savings account?

  253. hi. i just want to share my problem/situation.i have 2 cc under hsbc before leaving the country i was able to pay in full the one card but the other one was left unpaid coz i have no enought money during that time.after a week i left then 2 to 3 months i received an email from a law firm asking me to pay or settle my account with their client or else they will file a case against me in order to protect their client,i just read it and do nothing kasi up now im still jobless so how can i pay them,my plan is to get in touch with hsbc directly if i have the means of paying them na.lately i found out that they went to the house where i used to stay in the phil and asking those people living there to received the subpoena(with the huge amout),which im not sure if it is the SOA….unfortunately they did not received coz honestly they have no idea about my debt…my question is the law firm can file a case against me ?or the bank issued the subpoena?what is my liability for not responding to their email or rejecting the subpoena?omg i have sleepless night my anxiety level is to the max na….im out of the country magugulo ba nila ako…i have plans of paying but not now….thanks in advance and your an angel to all of us whose suffering from this dilema…..regards

  254. Hi Clickmarvin,

    thanks for this blog, gumaan ang pakiramdam ko.

    I am a HSBC card holder and for the past 3 years good payer ako, kaso for the last six months hindi na rin ako nakabayad. I think around 130k na ung balance including na ung mga interest, overlimit and others.

    I’m receiving a lot of SMS from the collector agent and they are keeps calling our landline kaso sa mother ko un at di na ko dun nakatira. I’m planning to contact them to offer a one time payment of 10-15k. Ito lang kase ung kaya ko sa ngayon and I want to settle na rin ito.

    Ask ko lang if I pay them for this amount and they accept it do they will release a letter stating that I don’t have any obliglation with them anymore and HSBC will remove my name in their block list? Kase kung hindi rin lang naman ma clear or maalis ung name ko sa block list ng HSBC hindi ako magbabayad ng 10-15k to the credit collector.

    Appreciate your reply.


  255. hi, i just want to inquire how will i apply for removal of my name from BAP-NFIS due to cancelled credit card, but i don’t have any balance anymore, i had an overpayment of P2, please advise, thank you

  256. hi there. im not paying my credit card balance for more than 4 years. my name is still in the system as bad debtor? thanks.

  257. Hello to u. I have unpaid credit cards from my banks abroad before (as OFW). Now I am back home to Manila for good. Some agents are calling my family and sending text or legal letters that I will be sued if I will not pay. What shall I do and how long the collecting agent will haunt me? Thanks

  258. hi…i went to the registry of deeds to get et a ceertified true copy of my mom’s transfer cerficate title (TCT) and i found out that on march 2011 BPI had already bidded for our house and lot for 400k plus which is triple the amount of my mom’s original debt. now we only have 4 months to settle or they will get the house and lot…is this really possible? coz i got the copy of the TCT and it really has a a stamp with the name of the sheriff and all…

  259. hi.. want to have an advice. about personal loan sa psbank. nagpersonal loan kmi ng 50k s psbank 5yrs ago, nung una nababayaran nmin sya but dumating ang time ng financial crisis khit minimum di ko n nababayaran.. me mga tumatawag pero dinedisregard ko lng, pti mga demand letter until nagtxt sila this feb 2011 at sinabi na pupunta sila sa bahay ksama ang brgy captain, ky kinausap ko sila, sinabi nila n para daw maclose ko ung account ko kailanagn ko raw magbayad ng 100k in about a month. syempre po di ko kaya un, kinausap ko po sila at nkipagtawaran pra lang maclose ung account ko. hanggang mging 35k n lng sinabi nila n pag nagbigay me ng 35k maclose n ung account ko. that time nsa 300k na ang total bal ko ksma interest. binayaran ko po ung 35k nung march sabi nila ipapadala na lang daw ung certificate ko. but di nman po nila pinadala khit tinetext ko sila about certificate.ang alam po nmin tlga is close na ang account nmin dun until me tumawag uli s brgy at sinabi na me kaso daw kami s CIDG, un pla ung collector ng ps2bank un.sabi nila niloko daw kmi nung unang law firm n humawak ng account nmin ksi di p raw close account. sa ngayon 500k na ang balance nmin. and pinagbabayad kmi ng 400k discounted n raw un payable nman for 24mos or 36 months. masadong malking halaga. po at di ko kayang hulugan. kya di ako nkikipagkasundo. me chance po na mapababa ung babayaran nmin since gusto nmin isettle ung account kso di nman po s amount n gusto nila. ung hinulog nmin nung march n 35k ay nauwi lng po sa interest and charges. ano po ang dapat kong gawin at hingin sa knila. tingin ko gusto lng nilang mkacollect s kin ng malaki. tnks and regards! sana po matulungan nyo ako..

  260. good day po! i had credit card debts that hopefully would be able to settle soon. how do i start paying them? should i email the bank itself and ask for an amnesty on my debts? all i’ve received were from collectors, and from reading this blog, i learned I should not be entertaining them…
    i’m wondering po di ba pag nag settle naman dun ka din maghuhulog sa cc account number mo? pano po napunta yun sa collector at di magreflect sa bank yun payment when dun ka naman po naghulog sa cc account number mo? thanks po very much!

  261. HI. I have a debt with standard chartered bank, which sold my account (6 months ago) to a private company/corp whose main job is to purchase delinquent account from ban ks and collect by themselves. I have been receiving claims that if i dont come up with the required remittance, they will tell my debt to my parents. My questions are: (1) is it legal for them to tell even my immediate family members about my debt without my approval?, (2) Is the private company’s debt collection procedures covered by bsp rules?, (3) what legal action can i do if they indeed will tell anyone about my debt?

    My email is Appreciate your very immediate reply.. thanks

  262. thanks for the information. i also have the same problem with this credit collector. they are calling me from time to time. what will i do? even my coworkers are threatened by these collectors. some are really threatening. i plan to pay them in instalment basis but they are requiring me to pay the high price so i can’t pay.

  263. hi sir,
    a cc collector called to me last tuesday, i asked for a soa but she demanded me to pay the whole amount if she provided me a soa, that cc collector is so rude she didnt stop calling me and saying bad words against me such as “di ka ba nahihiya gagamit-gamit ka ng cc wala ka naman palang pambayad”, kung nagbabayad ka ng utang mo eh di sana di mo ako kausap ngayon”, magbayad ka na kase…. mahiya ka naman!” iniiwasan ko na pong sumagot ng fone baka kase ung collector yun.ano po ang pwede kong gawin? thank you po!

  264. Hey, don’t teach someone NOT to pay debts. You should also understand that the one who entrusted you their money used to be your savior when you need the money most.

    He could be your friend, relative.

  265. miss hipolito, i received exact text message just today, what happen to your case?

  266. Good day, i am currwntly away fromt he country when i wa younger like 2002 i learned how to loan in baks and get credit cards and personal loans, sa sobrang nalulun ako sa kaka utang di ko na nakayanan mag bayad, but i still did tried, then di na ako nakapagbayad and all then they tarted harrassing me for a year, it made my life hell, then it disappeared fir about 3 years ten all of a sudden my 36k an other 72k balance popes out and a collector qent to our house claiming i should pay 790k plus and other one also amounting to 500k, and they said they will turn my case to a criminal case from a civil case, then a police went to my mothers business area claiming i dont appear in court hearings but then again we dont recieve any summons, they also said i have a warrant issued in qc already but i havent done any crimes, is there anyone who can enligthen me here, now im so teoubled idont know if i can go home to philippines and be with mg kida and go back to work abroad? Kase baka i stop ako sa immigration because of the sai case, ang lawyers out here who could help me out.. Please.

  267. a certain marco aragon called my former employer, telling the hr that they will publish my name in tribune newspaper for violating 315 something.aragon said that i have to call timothy arevalo, editor in chief daw ng tribune.pwede ba nilang gawin yun ng ganun ganun na lang for not paying mg credit card?thanks

  268. @anna it’s just a baloney! bogus they scare us to pay our debth that the thing they can do SCARE!

  269. @hompa we dont teach someone to not pay there debth we enlighten there rights we teach how to deal with the cc collector because most of that is bogus! and remember no get in prison on debth!

    @ruth don’t scared if the cc collecter heard you scare they abused you you bettr talk the way you talk to you otherwise you be scared! know your rights they jus a big fat baloney!

  270. hi der hope you can help me with this case i sign up for an insurance using my credit card; as per the contract on insurance the cardholder should make a request to call her credit card issuer if she like to it make the amount on defer payment which is P17,000.00; unknown to my knowledge the insurance called my credit card HSBC to defer the payment& even update my phone #.the phone # is not my mine. i only found this out when i called HSBC; & the sad thing the HSBC agent told me that i’m the one who requested it; which is not; i paid the insurance already however since the insurance requested the defer payment; im being charge of handling fee;i also requested HSBC to review the call bec im not the one who requested for a defer payment; can i sue the insurance?? is that consider identity theft

  271. hi der hope you can help me with this case i sign up for an insurance using my credit card; as per the contract on insurance the cardholder should make a request to call her credit card issuer if she like to it make the amount on defer payment which is P17,000.00; unknown to my knowledge the insurance called my credit card HSBC to defer the payment& even update my phone #.the phone # is not my mine. i only found this out when i called HSBC; & the sad thing the HSBC agent told me that i\’m the one who requested it; which is not; i paid the insurance already however since the insurance requested the defer payment; im being charge of handling fee;i also requested HSBC to review the call bec im not the one who requested for a defer payment; can i sue the insurance?? is that consider identity theft

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  273. hi, i received a text message that says my credit standing is officially block listed in CCAP and BAP and All banks refer for backgound checking in terms of loans and work application to justify their concern.. i’m not worried about loans coz I don’t plan to.. it’s just that, will this really affect my work application to a certain company? I’m planning to apply for a job this year and I’m afraid I couldn’t get one because of being block listed. I’m a credit card holder of EWB and i havent paid it yet for 7 months now. I need an advice that’s why I ended up here in your site. more thanks

  274. good day banker…may loan po kc ako sa bank..personal loan po sya…kc may promo b4 ang hsbc once that your a good payer nagbigay cla sakin ng personal loan amounting to 42k..tas ung best friend ko needed the money so niloan namin ung 30k. at first..naging ok ung payment..but due to problems and ntanggal sya sa work…di n nya mbyaran sakin ung utang…b4.i tried paying it para di madamay ung credit standing ko plus di madamy card ko..but eventually finreeze nila ung card ko…of course d naman ganun kalaki ung pera ko to settle everything at di naman ako super yaman para bayaran ung utang na di ko namn napakinabangan… ngyon po..may atty na nghaharass sakin and even telling my mom na may kaso akong estafa….banker pls help me…thank u po

  275. Thank you for the people who raised their concerns in this website. In any concerns about your loans, credit card debts and payment issues, we need to raise them properly to those banks who lended their “trust” to us because they are regulated by law to do payment programs. There are alot of trends in the internet but it would always be best to face this and go in terms for them to pay our debt. Small payments will always be negotiated compared to not paying at all. Obligations do NOT wait because it is expected of us at all times to make our payments. If we ran away from our debts, the more it becomes delinquent, more penalties, higher interest rate due to default and possibility that it will be endorsed to another agency (who has a more diverse collection practice) or to an attorney’s office. It is a misconception that the bank will not pursue its goals of “reclaiming the money” because the expenses will be shouldered by the debtor in return. Hence, it will be wiser if we step out and start working with our creditors on how to start making our payments. It is a challenging aspect, but once we started to work this on, long term benefit will be better credit history and societal problems against law will be avoided.

  276. hi guys,

    i just want to know how can i make a complain for a debt collector who disclosed my debt to a third party?
    it’s a personal loan from citibank.
    what is the phone number to call for complain?

  277. Hi! I might be traveling to the US this month. And the company I work for will be paying for the trip. I’m just concerned about being declined to travel when i get to immigration. Can they actually deny my entry to the US because of my unsettled debts here in the Philippines???

  278. to citi financial debt collector: as a cc defaulter, i really want to pay my obligations. situations beyond control , talagang darating sa tao yan. i once called my bank, kasi gusto ko sana aayusin at installment na lang, kaso wala na daw sa kanila yung acct. ko. What should i do? they already forwarded it collection agencies na mga bastos. at puno pa ng pananakot. as far as i know, puede akog magsampa din ng demanda sa mga taong ganyan, mga nagpapanggap na attorney, they will publish my name daw in a newspaper, may kaso na daw ako pero wala naman akong natanggap na summon, etc… tama ba naman yan? i tried to ignored calls na lang kasi sobrang nakakastress na. sana naman sa lahat ng mga banks concerned, harapin naman nila kung gusto makipagsettle ng creditors, huwag na ipaubaya na lang sa mga bastos na collectors! kaya nga nakipagnegotiate sa kanila kasi gustong magbayad at hindi gustong tumakbo. Di na mababayaran ng pera ang hassles na dinadala ng collectors na yan, yung pamamahiya at pananakot. anyway, kung babalik cla , i already know what to do..thanks to this site! ibayad ko na lang sa abogado ang nakalaang pambayad ko sa cc para maka sampa ako ng demanda sa mga yan!

  279. hi. im a credit card defaulter. 73k na lng po utang q sa BDO. mag 1 yr na d nagpapadala letter ang collecting agency. monthly po kc nagbabayad aq sa bdo ng 500. un lng kya q since nawalan n me work. nung feb20 nakariciv po aq ulit demand letter from the agency. at may phone calls pa po n medyo nakaka offend tono ng pananalita nila. every month after i made my payment which is 500 nga..bine verify q agad sa bdo kung pumasok ibinayad q. at nababawasan nman po. ngayon nga eh 73k nlng. ang tanong q po eh tama po b ang gnagawa qng pag ignore sa collecting agency?,,and instead sa bdo talaga aq nababawasan nga nman utang ko. pero continous p dn me nkakariciv damand letter. sana po msagot nyo tanong ko. tnx po.

  280. how about personal loans na me issue ng checke po. dna po nabayaran kc umalis na sa bansa ang nagloan . yung 15K ay 100 thousand plus na po, 3 yrs na nakalipas ..wala nang umalis.. nagpadala ng letter dati sa addres ng barangay captain. sasampahan daw po ng estafa. posible po ba yun? ty po

  281. hi, I would like to ask, i have a credit card hsbc which was issued long time ago , i think its almost 10yrs ago, now I’am applying for a job, I try to get my NBI clearance which part of the requirement, but i sad to know that I have HIT, I verified it with one of my friend they found out that the case is about my unpaid credit card amounting to P169,000. As far as I know I only have 10k credit limit and as you have said they can’t file a case on NBI, because they only handle criminal case, how come they file a case on me? can you help me what to do, and how can I get a NBI clearance so that I can work again?


    go to this place all you inquiry recgarding CC is here!

    remember the golden rule!

    Rule No. 1 – If you cannot pay, don’t
    Rule No. 2 – Prioritize your need ; not their greed
    Rule No. 3 – Don’t let them control your life. It’s your life
    Rule No. 4 – Disregard.. .delete…Dedma
    Rule No. 5 – Dare To Fight Back ; Dare Their Bluff.


  283. i got a summons(summary procedure) from the court( i assume cos it says there from the metropolitan trial court). what shall i do? it says there i need to answer the complaint within 10 days…

    my problem is -

    i dont know what to do? shall i go to the court? consult a laywer? help please….

  284. hi chameleon,

    i also received a summon and i dont know what to do. if u know, please advise me also. thanks

  285. hi everyone! Still may account in HSBC is very complicated. There was an error on their part way back July last year that results into to a complicated account. I paid the whole installment, but then the agents who handled my account did not terminate the installment.So it\\\’s still appearing on my billing.They treat it as an overpayment!

    Since then I tried calling and requesting for re-computation and ask for a correct billing before I pay them. Since then I started paying only the minimum amount due because I\\\’m still receiving incorrect billing from them. They do not accept their mistake and even did not correct the error on their part until now. They are claiming that their charges are correct since I am only paying minimum amount due. But how will I pay for the whole amount when they are giving me incorrect billing statement. From then they keep on putting charges in my account. The original amount is only around 60k but then now its almost 85k.

    After all the efforts sending them emails, calling them and talking to their agents and collections department still they do not honor my request to waive all the charges. I told them I am willing to pay only the balance I used excluding their charges but on a monthly basis.

    They said my request is already answered/closed and the resolution was final. They are giving the payment arrangement 1st option is to pay in a discounted amount of 63k but I have to pay that in full for a month only!First is 20k on the 2nd week of March then the remaining amount is on the end of March!

    2nd Option is 12mos Payment arrangement, wherein the overall balance is around 80k included some of the charges and still I need to initially pay them 20k in cash then before I can avail of their offer 12mos payment.

    3rd option is 6mos payment, wherein the overall balance is around 70k included some of the charges and still I need to initially pay them 20k in cash then before I can avail of their offer 6mos payment.

    I explained to them that the only option I have now is to pay them on a monthly basis only and I am willing to pay them the whole balance I incurred 60k.But then they do not agree!

    Since due to their late respond and action in my case the money I have allotted for them last year was used to other priority because unfortunately, my wife lost her job that time so I need to budget my earnings for the whole family needs.

    They told me that if I will not pay them for the said period of time they will put my account to their legal department. I still insist that I am still willing to pay them to the way I can base on what I can afford to pay them.

    I already told them that I will wait for the court to decide for me. Since from the start if only my account was handled correctly by their agents, my account will not become complicated like this.

    I also told them that what\\\’s important is the willingness and eagerness to pay..

    Any advise you can give me…

    Should I ignore them and still be firmed that this is their fault so I deserve to be given consideration.. besides I am a good payer and responsible card holder to them!

  286. @chameleon
    @ worried girl

    visit this! be a member

    this blogspot help you enlighten your inquiry regarding CC know your rights Don’t let them control your life. It’s your life
    anyway! it’s time to fight back!

  287. @chameleon
    @ worried girl

    visit this! be a member

    this blogspot help you enlighten your inquiry regarding CC know your rights Don’t let them control your life. It’s your life
    anyway! it\’s time to fight back!

  288. hello everyone i need some advice regarding my default card, been ignoring calls and demand letters but now 2 policeman came to our house and they gave my sister a note that i should call and talk to a fiscal at qc prosecutor office branch 38, if not a warrant of arrest will be issued against me because of im not attending the hearing which i dont know because i dont received any the police tell my sister that i should call the said fiscal or it will be worst at my part.. im so freak and nervouse at the same time and im been humilated..please healp me with this problem, i really need advice of what to do.. thanks a lot

  289. I just like to express my heartfelt gratitude. Thanks!!

  290. Hi clickmarbin,
    may I know ur email id.I would to ask advise regarding my CC.

  291. Can i open a savings account in the bank where i have debt in my Credit Card

  292. Can i open a savings account in the bank where i have debt in my Credit Card

  293. Hi,

    Is unpaid bank loan only civil case or criminal case?

  294. Hi, i had an unpaid credit cards in Eastwest bank, and Metrobank..and now me and my husband is applying a housing loan in the bank. But, our application was put on hold by bank specifically union bank, since they found out that they are credit cards that were cancelled and they are asking a certifcate from the said banks that we are all cleared… my question is , will they issue a certificate if we\\\’ll just pay the balance in half?–::::

  295. Hi, i had an unpaid credit cards in Eastwest bank, and Metrobank..and now me and my husband is applying a housing loan in the bank. But, our application was put on hold by bank specifically union bank, since they found out that they are credit cards that were cancelled and they are asking a certifcate from the said banks that we are all cleared… my question is , will they issue a certificate if we\\\’ll just pay the balance in half?–::::

  296. Hi Mr. Banker,
    I need an advice on my case, please enlighten me. I been in Qatar before and leave for good last May 2011 and having 2 cc, before I leave I paid the other one in full amount but other one left around 4K QR. Since I’ve directly bound to other Asian countries to seek employment; I used the credit card again to pay my daily needs.
    I got returned here in Philippines last September and by month of December I received an email to an employee of BILKISH stating that I need to settle my debt coz I leave the country with no any information on the bank (Please note that before the day I left Qatar I paid 2000 QR and another 700 QR month of June and 500 month of July 2011 which my friend pay the 2 months). Early January 2012, a collection officer went to our house but unfortunately I wasn’t there and my wife entertains them. They called me discussed what they want and what they demand. I also visit there office in Makati twice and discussed what happened why i failed to pay my monthly dues. We didn’t end any agreement what I still insisting is i will pay them once i will leave the country for employment. I have a Job offer in Asian countries that time and i’m just waiting for deployment, but sadly something went wrong and i was only informed by the agency on month of April that i loose the opportunity.
    Lately i’m not answering calls of the CA coz the same thing they will say. But later on my wife received a caller they demand my wife to pay my debt and threatens her they will sue me and harassing her and pushing/forcing her to sue me (we’re not in good terms anymore, marriage conflict). I ignored all of it and told my wife to calm coz those bastard will do everything to get their quota’s. Last week of April i received a call from the CA, that gay doesn’t want to give his name and thrash talked to me and saying bad words (P.I). Sir can I make a complain? After that incident on the same day i received a email directly from the bank, i exchange email and they gave me a discount, but the problem is i don’t have yet the capacity to pay and they just gave me till april 28 to pay otherwise they do a legal action on GCC. Now i’m still contacting their representive to extend the dateline they gave.
    Lastly, I obtained a family visa bound to Oman, Muscat. My fear is that the authorities in Oman immigration will hold me? Or what will happen to me when i landed to a GCC countries?
    Please response coz by next week we will purchase my air ticket.

  297. Hi ClickMarvin my issue is not about credit card though but its also a form of debt through a cellphone network which is offering a cellphone plane payable for a 24 month commitment.I recieved a summon from them and the letter says if I fail to show 22 days from the time it was sent they will take a legal action.Can u pls. help me that?coz im really bothered.thanks a lot..

  298. Hi, I’ve been warned by the legal office hired by my cc bank not to dispose, sell, transfer any real and personal properties. First of all, I just stay in my sibling’s house and I don’t own any appliance, car etc. It says that if ever a civil case for collection of sum of money has been filed and the Writ of Preliminary Attachment has been issued by the court I will be subjected to Contempt of Court, if i have violated this.

    I requested repeatedly for a one time payment with an amount i could afford to close my account but wasn’t granted. I stopped using my card and continued to pay the minimum for a few months and stopped payment because as I have told them in my requests that I’m in financial difficulty.They offered a small discount instead. I am jobless and pwd without regular income. I just sell once in a while some foodstuffs.

    I had two cards with this bank and the first one they granted me a one time payment with about half my obligation.

    I have repeatedly talked to and emailed their cr and col dpt for months until they forwarded my case to a legal office. My obligation already ballooned because of the interest they charge. This time they offered a compromise amount, but this amount is the amount of my obligation the time I’ve been requesting for one time payment. I already cant afford this amount at that time and up to now.

    What could be the consequence of all this?


  299. “Consumers buried in credit card debt may have their worries eased should talks between the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and banks on a relief system prosper.” An article released by Phil. Daily Inquirer, link here

  300. Sir, any thoughts about this website? medyo nakakaalarm. I’m so scared and frustrated with what happened sa finances ko right now. Your help is very much appreciated.

  301. HI guys, i have a problem, i have a defaulted cc from east west bank, unfortunately, my new employer’s payroll is thru east west bank, can they deduct it automatically from my payroll acct w/o my permission, has it happened to anyone here? apprecuate your response. -Crissy

  302. hi…i have an existing HSBC credit card…. i have a debt and i cant pay anymore….i have a pending BDO credit card to be delivered….is there a chance that my BDO credit card would be affected by my case in HSBC?would i be blacklisted?or would the BDO block my BDO card?

  303. Hi Denden,

    About your 1st Concern on harassment – you can record the conversation and have it presented in the collection agency.

    2nd – You have made mistake in visiting them, why?
    Because you dont have any money that time, and you have told them that you are about to leave the country for a job opportunity.
    If you have tell the collector the same thing, they will answer it with travel ban and police notice with GCC.

    3rd – as you said the amount balance is just qr 2,000 not that huge.

    4th- tell your wife to ignore the calls and visit from the collection agency, it is waste of time to entertain them it is because all CC and Loans obtain abroad is already paid by insurance provider of the country where you have applied. it is the additional interest and gain for the bank and BPO once you pay them here :)

    last, if you donot want to pay and ur not leaving the country , dont pay.

  304. Hi Denden,

    About your 1st Concern on harassment – you can record the conversation and have it presented in the collection agency.

    2nd – You have made mistake in visiting them, why?
    Because you dont have any money that time, and you have told them that you are about to leave the country for a job opportunity.
    If you have tell the collector the same thing, they will answer it with travel ban and police notice with GCC.

    3rd – as you said the amount balance is just qr 2,000 not that huge.

    4th- tell your wife to ignore the calls and visit from the collection agency, it is waste of time to entertain them it is because all CC and Loans obtain abroad is already paid by insurance provider of the country where you have applied. it is the additional interest and gain for the bank and BPO once you pay them here :)

    last, if you donot want to pay and ur not leaving the country , dont pay.

  305. HI GUYZ.. I need help

    Hi i got my citibank last march, my credit limit is only 25k i used 15k maybe, and when i saw the SOA frm citibank, their minimum is too high and i cannot afford to pay since my father in law got sick and i am preggy, and i have a 2yr old son to support…. i rented the house, pay water bill and meralco, buy foods and everything we need. in this case i cannot afford to pay my debt at citibank anymore. the one who called me from citibank threatening me to pay my bills or else mababaon daw ako sa UTANG and wala daw AMNESTY program ang citibank. IS THIS TRUE?????????

  306. what if its a personal loan from the bank? is the case same with credit cards? because i am only 4 months delayed with my payment but asking them to give me time to update my account. they told me they will submit it to litigation…

  307. Thank you for the informative article. I was almost close to tears when I read your article. You are heaven sent.

    You are right! I was actually paying the minimum fee for my credit card, but i realized if the credit card company offered me to pay in installment i should have fully paid my account in two years time. So I find it unfair. A friend advised me to default and let the court decide.

    sleepless in seatlle

  308. I use to have 6 credit cards from different banks and used to be a good payer. But now, I cannot afford to pay all of them because of current situation now. I was receiving demand letters and receiving frequesnt calls from the collection agencies asking me to pay my debt in full including the penalty charges. They even mentioned that if I do not pay, it will cause me more problems and embarrassment. They would even sue me for not paying the balances. What should I do? What my husband and I are earning right now is not even enough to compensate our household needs. I don’t even want to talk to them since they are saying the same thing everytime they call me. I’m not hiding, it’s just that I really don’t know how to deal with them. I even told them that once I find a way to pay my balances I will pay them eventually, but they keep on saying that I should pay them on or before the dates that their giving to me. What should I do? Please help.

  309. gud day, ask lg po about hsbc cc kasi po di ko na binabayaran yung principal amount po ay 29k ngayun naging 64k na meron po pinadala ang enzi corp na amnesty daw peru ang mahirap lg gusto nya bayad agad ako ng 29k this june 11 (1st option po yan binigay nila)yung pangalawa po 3 payments daw peru aabot ng 57k tapus yung pang huli offer nila 5k a month peru gud for 1yr. tumawag po sila sa celfun ko sabi ko po kung pwd yung 29k bayaran ko within 6months 5k a month ayaw po nila dun lg daw po ako pumili sa offer nila.ang hirap kausapin sumisigaw pa, tapus sinabihan pa po ako na, ako na daw tinutulongan ako pa yung matigas huwag daw mag papakapal ng mukha, wala naman ako magagawa kasi ayaw nya sa offer ko po kaya sinabihan ko na lg na e case mo na lg ako, kaya nagalit ulit tapos may sinabi pa syang papunta na lg daw sa bahay.problema pa po ang naiiwan sa bahay katulong lg, tapos sa office sinasabihan na sila ni boss na nag resign na daw ako, pag ka receive ko po ng letter tumawag po ako sa hsbc sabi ng hsbc na sa legal na yung account ko tapus binigay yung number ng legal nila tinawagan ko naman po sabi ng legal wala na daw yung account ko sa kanila tinawagan ko ulit kung enzi corporation hindi raw po sila enzi corp, tapos yung letter na pinadala atty perez peru d po sya ang nagsign nilagyan lg ng for at sign. help naman po

  310. Hi Po, ask ko lang and some advise kung anung gagawin. kasi po meron akong personal loan sa HSBC un ung pinadala sakin na parang damy checks tapos pina convert ko sa cash, pero ndi nako nakabayad, maraming tumatawag sakin sa bahay, sa opis sa celphone, pati ata sa barangay namin tumawag na din…at sinasabing sa clerk of court daw sya….ask ko lang kung totoo un or kung may nakukulong ba about naman sa personal loan? pareho lang ba nito ung process ng CC. Sana matulungan nio ko…Thanks

  311. Hi rolette, same tayo ng case…sana kapag may nakuha kang information sabihan mo ko…txt me nalng at 09064747095. Thanks

  312. ask ko lang., meron po ksing tumawag sakin pakilala CIDG sila from anti-fraud divison etc. meron daw pong reklamo sakin si Atty . Jose Flores civil case RA8484 and criminla case ayaw ibigay yung code…. kaya ngataka ako tawag daw po ako sa cellphone#09225120605 dahil within 48 hours daw po may pupunta sa office at bahay dadamputin daw po ako tawagan ko daw si atty… sa cellphone number nya para tanungin kung bakit then call daw po ulit ako sa CIDG para mahold daw yung subpina… tinatanong ko po yun name pero pilit n sinasabi taga CIDG daw sya…

  313. wow this is something that i could have read before,.I never thought of this,. i just finished paying four of my CCs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont have any savings, my mom is mad at me, my dad died last year worried about my debts, my brothers dont look up to me anymore… i almost lost my life..everythings changed.. i gave up all my savings

    because i was worried that id be put to jail..

  314. hi po. ask lang po any advice..I admit na meron akong utang sa credit card. sa pagkakaalam ko 46K lang utang ko ngaun may tumawag na taga molaer credit collector sabi ill have to pay 83K for my utang with interest and add charges..gusto nya bayaran ko kaagad or if not sabihan ko na daw kakilala ko attorney..meron din kasi akong napirmahan na undertaking nung may pinapunta sa ofis na ganito babayaran ko…will i go to jail for this? aaminin ko hindi ko kaya bayaran ang 83K but i am willing to pay 46k in a monthly instalment yan lang kaya ng bulsa ko kaya putol na din CC ko…please advice.. thanks

  315. Hi!This is Momskie. I have 2 credit cards om PCIEquitableBnk. Di ko na sila nababayaran for quite long then noong binili ng BDO ang PCIEquitble , MOLAER napo naninngil thru BDO. OFW po ako kadarating ko lang at like ko makipag settle ng monthly instalment sa BDO hindi sa MOLaer pwede ba diretso sa BDO ask ng SOA? one thing legal po ba yong pagtransfer ng PCIEQutable sa BDO ng Credit card delinquent payment?

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  317. hi! i have a debt of 40,000 at HSBC.. I stopped paying them half a year ago because I cannot afford it anymore.. i’m not answering their calls on my home, cellphone, and work.. my problem now is ENZI Corporation is starting to call me.. they called me at my home, my mobile phone and at my work.. lucky me, i’m not available when they call. How can I stop them from calling me at my work? because I don’t have my own number, it’s kinda humiliating for me if they will always call me.. thanks!

  318. Hi Sir,

    Actually Im facing a problem, currently Im in dubai, last 8 months i went home to Iloilo because of an emergency happend to my family.And I stopped paying my credit card in dubai, after 8 months 8 I decided to come back here in dubai, then suddenly One day I received a call from enzi corp. in iloilo, that if I will not settle my payment they will put me in jail once I get down the airport in iloilo.. Is it true???? please help me

  319. hi! I am very stressed about my situation:apparently I owed 800k from HSBC in the PHILIPPINES ;I had an account with them before I left the country 10 yrs ago;now I had been Wnding money to pay but I guess I was fooled that it didn’t go to HSBC payments;the orig amount was only I believe 12-14k pesos;now after 10 years,a Madrid law firm in the Philippines hot my info of my home and work phone and has been harassing me;first call I was so scared I was willing to settle;they said they can give me 75% off ,pay the balance off and am cleared ;told them no way I can afford ;they said I can go to an installment plan but I have to pay 50k first in that day;my husband d and family in at home said no..I need info

  320. hi! I am very stressed about my situation:apparently I owed 800k from HSBC in the PHILIPPINES ;I had an account with them before I left the country 10 yrs ago;now I had been Wnding money to pay but I guess I was fooled that it didn’t go to HSBC payments;the orig amount was only I believe 12-14k pesos;now after 10 years,a Madrid law firm in the Philippines hot my info of my home and work phone and has been harassing me;first call I was so scared I was willing to settle;they said they can give me 75% off ,pay the balance off and am cleared ;told them no way I can afford ;they said I can go to an installment plan but I have to pay 50k first in that day;my husband d and family in at home said no..I need info

  321. hi! I am very stressed about my situation:apparently I owed 800k from HSBC in the PHILIPPINES ;I had an account with them before I left the country 10 yrs ago;now I had been Wnding money to pay but I guess I was fooled that it didn\’t go to HSBC payments;the orig amount was only I believe 12-14k pesos;now after 10 years,a Madrid law firm in the Philippines hot my info of my home and work phone and has been harassing me;first call I was so scared I was willing to settle;they said they can give me 75% off ,pay the balance off and am cleared ;told them no way I can afford ;they said I can go to an installment plan but I have to pay 50k first in that day;my husband d and family in at home said no..I need info first .how do I stop them from calling ESP at work and harassing me saying they will go ahead with litigation process and have their representative here and back home work on my case.ifbi ever have a balance,I am willing to settle ;should it be te original amount ? Is it true that it can amount to 800k? Pls give me advice on This..thank u so mucj

  322. Hello..

    Ask ko lang po.. kasi kanina pmunta ako sa HSBC branch sa ortigas na-captured ung atm ko which is payroll ko un.. nlaman nila na may utang ako sa Credit card. Hinold nila tas di ko daw pwde mkuha at possible daw mpnta ng collection dept. un sahod ko.. May right ba sila i-hold at i-debit un? since wala naman ako pinirmahan sa Credit card mag auto-debit sila.. tawagan ko daw muna ang colleciton dept.

    What to do??? need ur reply po asap..

  323. Hi clickmarbin,

    I was lucky to came across your site, and just like the others here, I, also share the same sentiments…

    Ask ko lang po since next year, gagraduate na po ako ng Elec. Engineering and be taking board exams after, makakaapekto po ba sa pagkuha ko ng board or hindi po kaya ako magkaka-problema ang pagiging defaulter ko sa credit card sa pagkuha ng PRC License ko kung sakaling makapasa?

    Salamat po

  324. Tanung ko lang pwede ba i-balik singil ang account natin na delinquent na sa matagal na panahon. Kasi may account ako sa security bank that was 8 or 9 years ago I think, kasi kasabay yon sa hsbc at standard na hindi ko nabayaran at inuna ko ang dalawang nabanggit na banks at sila kasi ang kulit at laging nang haharass. I remember kada taon iba-iba na ang tumatawag siguro iba-ibang collecting agency yon, at lagi itatanong kung ano nangyari sa account ko bakit nagkaganun na hindi nabayaran, sagot ko naman paulit-ulit lang din at yon rin lang naman ang masabi ko na kulang at walang budget para pambayad. During that long period of time hindi ko naalala na tumawag ang security bank. Pero November of last year may tumawag sa akin nagpakilala taga security bank daw at tinanong akong bakit daw ano nangyari sa account ko at nakatanggap pa ako ng statement galing sa collecting agency na grabe na kalaki nga account ko umabot na sa 3M na at pabayaran na ng 270,000.00 Yon ang problema ko ngayon tatlo na silang tumatawag sa akin lagi.

  325. Hi, Thanks at merong ganitong site.Ask ko lang what to do regarding my Security Bank credit card. May tumawag sa Barangay bnamin at sa akin saying na CIDG daw sila at pupunta sila kasama ang sheriff nila.. Natakot ako at the same time nagagalt kasi kung ikocompute ang balance ko nalang kung hindi isasama ang ma additional charges will just be Php5000. Kinuha ko ang name ung guy SPO2 Masangkay of Camp Crame daw po sya. I told him na ibeverify ko sya sa bayaw kong CIDG and at sa police super intendent. Kasi di sila dapat nakikialam dahil civil case iyun at di criminal case.
    Ang warrant of arrest ko po daw ay iseserve nila this afternoon case #00-704 artcle number 318,deceit and violation of small claims law.
    Tama po ba ang ginawa ko ? what else should I do? Parang kulang pa yung 5000 sa ginagawa nilang pambabastos eh.

    Please advise.
    Thank you so much

  326. I just want to ask about my credit card before na hindi ko nabayaran for almost 12 years then lately somebody call to the office and they asking for settlement daw sa credit card, ano gagawin ko po. thankx

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  328. at the end of the day, Saint Peter will check on his Book of Life whether you have been naughty or nice, whether you have been religiously paying your debts or you have been busy escaping valid obligations, which, in the first place, you have validly entered into… this means, no credit cards, no obligations to pay…

  329. hi banker and travis, i have the same situation, credit card din ang problema..talaga po bang kailangan puntahan ako ng pulis sa work ko at sa bahay para singilin? tumawag daw po kse sa office ung taga Prime Alliance about it and may pinakausap din na pulis sa officemate ko, from manila city hall daw po ung pulis PO3 Garuido/Garido po ang name..ang sabi ni Marlon (from Prime Alliance) dapat daw akong makipagkita sa kanila bago sila pumunta sa office or sa bahay namin..nagtatago daw po kase ako which is hindi naman, they all have my contacts and if nagtatago po ako hindi ko na sana sinagot ung tawag nila sa cp ko..hindi ko po kase agad agad ma-settle ung amount na binigay nila sakin in a short period of time..gusto ko na rin po matapos ‘to eh, pwede po ba ko makiusap sa kanila kung magkanu lang po ang kayang kong ibayad or hihingi po ako ng installment sa kanila na kung san po kaya ng budget ko.. thank u po in advance. god bless po!

  330. hi clickmarbin,

    need ko po ng advice mu..i have the same situation, credit card din ang problema..talaga po bang kailangan puntahan ako ng pulis sa work ko at sa bahay para singilin? tumawag daw po kse sa office ung taga Prime Alliance about it and may pinakausap din na pulis sa officemate ko, from manila city hall daw po ung pulis PO3 Garuido/Garido po ang name..ang sabi ni Marlon (from Prime Alliance) dapat daw akong makipagkita sa kanila bago sila pumunta sa office or sa bahay namin..nagtatago daw po kase ako which is hindi naman, they all have my contacts and if nagtatago po ako hindi ko na sana sinagot ung tawag nila sa cp ko..hindi ko po kase agad agad ma-settle ung amount na binigay nila sakin in a short period of time..gusto ko na rin po matapos ‘to eh, pwede po ba ko makiusap sa kanila kung magkanu lang po ang kayang kong ibayad or hihingi po ako ng installment sa kanila na kung san po kaya ng budget ko.. thank u po in advance. god bless po!

  331. Good afternoon. I have an unpaid credit card bills with HSBC since 2009 up to the present. In 2009 I was also a victim of harassment by the collecting agency named Alexis Molaer Collecting Agency. At that time I didn’t paid them any single cent. They are telling me that they will fille a criminal case against me, but I ignore it. Hangang huminto nalang sila sa kakasingil sa akin. Ang tanong ko po may time frame po ba ang isang utang? May nag sabi po sa akin pag three (3) years na daw po na lumipas hindi ka na daw po pweding singilin. Salamat po.

  332. I was crying before I got into this site because they send me txt messages that they will file a criminal case against me. Thank you for the relief, but still worried if they can get into the office where I work. I haven’t paid my credit card for a year already and I believe it’s the collection agency who keeps on calling and texting. I wanted to pay but I am not capable as for now because I have 2 kids and my husband got no job and the interest rates and charges discouraged me. I am just bothered by their text messages and everytime they call I will not answer because I am afraid. Please advice. Thank you!

  333. hmmm.. i dont have a credit card but ive worked as a negotiator for a US debt settlement company, this is how the US collection agency do, but it is true that they sue the debtors if they cannot pay their debt (but this is for US only) I dont think we have this kind of law here in the Philippines,. Seems like Filipino are trying to implement a US federal law here in the Philippines.

  334. Hi,

    I have an unpaid credit card debt with HSBC since last quarter of last year. Now a debt collector called me last week, March 8, 2013 informing me to settle my debt which totals to 40k. Sabi ko I can only settle my debt end of March but the agent insisted that I have to pay 10k asap tapos yung remaining sa commited date ko. Wala po ako cash on hand now and sa end of March pa talaga ako magkakaron. Is it okay na I ignore the demand of the agent and instead pay the debt on the day I committed? Im worried na they would go to my office and home address. Right now they are calling my contact numbers non-stop.

  335. Please help! The debt collector called me again, kaylangan ko daw magbayad kahit 2k lang ngayon and instead of 40k na utang ko 24k nalang daw, that is yun na daw ang maximum discounted amnesty for me only if i pay 2k.

    i keep on telling the agent na i dont have money now pero i will settle the amount in full by end of this month.

    Is it okay if i ignore the agent’s demand? Am I dealing with a legit collector? Thanks

  336. Hi..i asked the law firm to give me an authorized SOA for me to pay my debts and this is what they said…
    Good Day,
    Got ur message ma’am,prior sa request mo, under the law CIRCULAR 251-00 “any RECORS ON CUSTOMER IDENTIFICATION, ACCOUNTS FILES AND BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE should be kept for at LEAST 5 YEARS AFTER THE ACCOUNT IS CLOSED”.
    pero if ma provide nmin yan lahat ng legal xpenses ng opisina babayaran mo at wla kang ma avail na discount.

    Please help me..i don’t know the next step or what to reply to them since it’s my first time to experience this. What should i tell them?

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