How to Bypass The Trade Limit

Have you ever accidentally traded money onto a new account you made and wanted it back, but then discovered there is a 25k trade limit? This article shows you how to bypass the trade limit set on newly made accounts.

If you don’t already know, an update recently changed it so that new accounts made will have an automatic 25k trade limit set on the account. Unlimited money can be traded Onto the account, but only 25k at a time can be traded Off the account. This 25k trade limit is permanent unless you make the account members. This poses problems if you decide to transfer money onto a new account and want it back. A easy way to by pass this limit is to take the account you want the money transferred with and put the money into the money pouch. That step is really important. The money has to be in the money pouch or else it will not work. After the money is put in the pouch, take your character into the red portal at clan wars and kill it with your other account. After your character is killed, the money will appear on the ground. Note, once again, the money must be in the money pouch or else it will not work. Also it is advised to find an empty world to avoid player killers. Also note, drop trading no longer works either. 

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