Holding a Successful Rummage Sale

With summer just around the corner, we will soon be seeing signs and advertisements for rummage sales. Having a rummage sale is a great way to get rid of the things we no longer need and make money doing it.

But to have a successful rummage sale you need to know a few tricks of the trade.

Know what sells

Knowing what bargain hunters are looking for gives you a step up. If you have any of these items for sale display them predominately so that your customers notice them first.

  • Bedroom dressers: for some reason these always seem to be in high demand. Depending on the quality this can be a big ticket item for you. Dressers in average to good condition can sell from 20.00 to 50.00 depending on your location and availability.

  • Books: with the rising price of books these days, bargain hunters who like to read always head first to the book box or table.

  • Good quality and condition clothes. Especially children’s clothing. But with so many resale shops now a days, the clothes need to be in almost new condition.

  • Sports equipment: here it depends on what you have as well as the equipment. While volley and basket balls may gain you a dollar or two, skate boards and snowboards can bring in some nice change.

  • Jewelry: woman are always interested in jewelry and if something catches their eye and is a bargain as well, they are likely to purchase it.

  • Small toys for children: A lot of shoppers to your rummage sale bring along their children, while small toys won’t make you rich having several of them will certain help your income.

Make sure everything you are selling looks as good as possible

  • Any clothes you have should have no rips or stains and be wrinkle free.

  • Toys for sale should be cleaned throughly and if necessary disinfected.

  • Jewelry should be cleaned and with no missing parts.

  • Books should be without torn covers or missing pages

Group things together in a package

  • Sell books by the same author in sets: even if someone already has one or two of the books in the set they are more likely to buy the set, than to buy each book separately especially if they get a good deal.

  • Sell a variety of sports equipment in a package

    If you have a great piece of sports equipment and several not so good ones, sell them as one package. i.e. a skateboard can be put in a package with a set of badminton racquet’s, a couple of birdies and a Frisbee. That way you can get rid of the less sought after items and make a few extra pennies or dollars.

Give them Bargains

People attend rummage sale in the hopes of finding a good bargain, or two. So if you want people to buy, you have to offer them a bargain

  • Don’t sell anything at or near store price: Even if you have a new never been out of the box item, don’t sell it for store price. If the buyer is not going to get a deal on the product they may as well buy it from the store.

  • Offer half price items: If someone buys two or three of an item, offer them an additional item at half price. This works well with things you have in large quantity

  • Be ready and willing to negotiate any price: While it is nice to get the price you ask for sometimes it is better to negotiate the price of one item, especially if the buyer is purchasing several others.

Display your merchandise in a way that is easy for the buyer and attractive

  • group same priced items together and make sure the sign displaying the price is easy to see and read.

  • Group like things with like things: Put tee shirts with other tee shirts and tea pots with other teapots.

  • Keep your displays neat and tidy

Pick A day that will insure high traffic

Saturdays are the single best day for rummage sales. If you are planning on having a rummage sale that lasts more than one day Friday evening and Saturday all day are the best times. Holiday weekends could be good or bad depending on the activities in your area.

  • Make sure you open your sale on time. Don’t make your first customer’s wait.

  • Decide in advance if you are going to allow early sales

Be friendly, greet new arrivals as they come and take the time to discuss merchandise with customer’s who have questions.

With these tips, your rummage sale is sure to run smoothly and be a success.

Happy Sales!

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