Frugal Living – on The Cheap

Frugal living doesn’t have to be painful. You can do a few simple things to start to save a little bit of cash and be all the better for it.

Living frugal almost seems to be the new buzzwords these days in light of our economy.

Frugal living doesn’t have to be painful.  It is possible to save money will still enjoying life.    Here are a few ideas that I have come across over the past few years.


Only use cash when shopping!  When the cash runs out, you stop shopping. Keep your credit cards at home and only use them when booking hotels or in dire emergencies.


Shop at thrift stores and garage sales when ever possible. Often times you can even get new things there or gently used designer stuff! (and there is no shipping fees like eBay!)


Visit your local library. Chances are either for free or a small fee, you can get not only books but DVDs, (my library even has a small selection of blu rays!) We visit it once a week (I seldom buy books because of it and I hate storing them!)


Make lots of soups and homemade breads in the winter. Not only are they a cheap meal but they are filling.  You can make it a vegetarian soup or with soup bones. Also when cooking, try to make double portions if at all possible and freeze the other one for a ready made meal for when you are pressed for time, rather than hitting the fast food restaurants.


 If you need something that you will only use once or twice, see if you can borrow it from neighbours or friends, or even rent it for the time you need it, rather than going out to buy it.


Bartering is a great idea. (my hubby is doing someone’s taxes in exchange for some needed car repairs),


Always use coupons and check out store brands, sometimes the store brand is cheaper than the brand name item even with the cents off coupon.  I have also gotten things for free that way!  Join online coupon websites.  Always shop with a list too.


Check out to see if your city has a free-cycle. You can often get great things there that other people don’t want.  I got a great ceiling fan for my daughter’s room that way.


Growing your own food whenever possible is a great help too. Even if you live in an apartment, you can grow things that don’t take up much space.  We live in a condo and grew tomatoes this year.


Skip the coffee on the way to work.  Invest in a good coffee thermos and take your coffee with you in the morning.  Also, take your lunch to work with you at least part of the time.  You will be surprised how much you save.


Buy bulk wherever possible.  Bulk doesn’t always mean cheaper though.  Check out the cents per pound, it may not be such a bargain.


If you are an impulse shopper, walk away from the item that has caught your fancy.  Walk around the store or better still, go home and sleep on it.  If you find that you cannot live without the item, see if it fits into your budget and then get it.


Stay at home at night.  Rather than going out with friends, invite friends over and have a movie night, make popcorn or play board games and have fun!    Have a girl’s night and pool all the nail polish.  Everyone can get their nails done or even their hair.


If you follow these tips and even come up with a few on your own, you can live life to the fullest and not be in debt while you live it.

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