Five Lies From a Credit Card Debt Collectors in The Philippines

Don’t be frightened from what your credit card debt collectors are saying because most often than not, it’s just a baloney. Here are some of the lies you can hear from a credit card debt collectors in the Philippines:

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Over the Phone they will say :

1. We already have a warrant of arrest for you by not paying your debt you should be in jail. But you have 5 days to reverse the decision of the court, pay half of your debt within 5 days and you’re free.

     Did it scare you when you hear the word warrant of arrest? Yes of course. But come to think of it, if you are really a criminal and you already informed you already have this, will you not immediately leave your house and hide from somewhere else.  Just an F.Y.I , warrant of arrest is given by the authority in their surprise visit. Besides, this is just given for people who has criminal cases. Not paying your credit card is just a civil case though.

2. We will do an occular inspection.

    If you see them roaming around your house, asking your neighbors about your financial status or trying to enter your house to get some valuable things inside your house. There’s only one thing you should do, call the police immediately. You can also file criminal cases against them ; tresspassing, extortion, unjust vixation, etc.

3. We we file RA 8484 against you if you will not pay your debt in 5 days.

    What?! You never defraud your credit card, did you? RA 8484 is for people who do credit card fraud and not for people who defaulted their credit cards. This is really nonsense.

4. I will tell your barangay captain that you have no intention to pay your debts.

    Dare their bluff! Say : I’ll tell my barangay captain that I will file a complaint in the mayor’s office against him. Why? My problem with a law firm is not part of his job. 

5. We are ready to file a case, just wait and see.

    Okay! See you in court!

See how these words scare you. But if you know what’s your right as a debtor and you hear all these from them, you will just end up laughing at them. Why? Because these credit card debt collectors don’t know what they are talking about. Yes, you can hear lies from credit card debt collectors here in the Philippines just to collect money from you.  By the way, if you experience harassment from them, feel free to file your complaint to BSP for their violation of Circular 454.

Be placid and face your fear. Move on with your life, because there’s more important thing to prioritize than spending time hearing nonsense from these credit card debt collectors.

For more information, read this blog Failure to Pay Credit Card. You will surely learn a lot.

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  1. Nice share..

  2. Debt collectors really are awful with the ways they try to scare people. Good tips for people who may find themselves in this situation!

  3. Excellent manner and very well-written sentence is doing, with useful information includes a good things you have in your article.

    Thanks and cheers.

  4. nice share.

  5. how did you know all of these?anyways, thanks for the information.ΓΌ

  6. Hi, reading your article is a great relief for me who is still unable to pay my credit card due to a family financial crisis. But I will surely pay once I have surpassed this crisis. Anyway, I have a scenario which is presently bothering my friend. She got a salary loan from a lending company with her ATM payroll as guarantee for payments. She has resigned from her company and is now connected with another but due to her medical condition which requires continuous medication, she failed to pay her salary loan. Can she be sued criminally and be issued a warrant of arrest and reported to NBI? Please enlighten us.

  7. i learned a lot…thank you!

  8. very nice info..thnx!

  9. as for my case their saying that they already block listed me at NBI, POEA and DFA. can they really do that? Please reply. Thanks

  10. my sister in the same situation but its w/ a telecommunication company… she wasnt able to pay due to financial crisis.. and now she is being harrased over the phone, they told her that she has a now a warrant of arrest for an estafa case. and she has 3 days to call a number that is unfamiliar to us which i tried calling. and they say its the prosecutors office of qc which im not sure if its really true. and they will have a police go to our house and arrest my sister..

    im not a lawayer or anything but you only file for estafa case if you signed a bouncing check right?

  11. If i have credit card utang here in the philippines ksi gnamit ng room mate ko without my knowledge n she went off. She purchased stuff online… So i dint pay. If i will apply a credit card in the US, makikita ba nla yon?

  12. i have also not able to pay my credit card and now they are calling our office that they are now going to publish my name notice to the public in the peoples journal and peoples tonight newspaper…. do they have all the rights to do this? what shall i do? pls i need answers …. hel[p me. thank you.

  13. Hi! Im len, i also had my credit card defaulted.actually i am a good standing card holder.not for long when hsbc charge me with 4 cebu pacific tickets in 2 consecutive days.i complained through a form that they instructed to fax to them and after a couple of days as expected was nit reversed nor erase from my i decided not to pay for smwthing i honestly did not benefit. So there gies debt collectors.this happenwd 2 years ago and smetime last yr.they send me a lettwr from acwrtain edc law office.then until yesterday, a certin major rosriguez from camp crame said the local police to infoem my father who happens to be a police officer also that i have a civil case. How wud i knoq that this case is true and if i so have a civil come it was not sent to me through mail rather than through phone. Pls. Help, my father was so anxious that this will affect his job.

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