Five Great Tips for Saving Money!

For anyone interested in financial stability, saving is the key to all things. Here are five really good tips to save a lot of money with very little hassle.

One of the most important things in any persons life is the ability to save money.  Every dollar you save, is a dollar added to your wealth, making you richer in the process.

So that means the more ways you know how to save, the more money you will have in your bank account. 

Here are five excellent ways to save a small fortune without much effort.

1. Use coupons!  

This is the most underrated way to save money that ever existed.  When discount coupons are used, you can save anywhere from a few percent on your purchases right through to the extreme of actually getting things for free.  It all comes down to how much effort you are willing to put in to tracking down deals and applying the coupons available.

You don’t have to be an extreme couponer, but you will certainly grow wealthier if you are, getting your groceries for a fraction of the price that everyone else is paying.  Some of the more motivated people can walk away from a supermarket with $500 worth of groceries that only cost them $20.  Think about that!

That’s $480 still sitting in your bank account.  And you get the groceries!

2. Pay Cash!

The amount of money you will save just by paying cash is staggering!  Some estimates indicate that the average person in a Western Country could save up to half a million dollars in their lifetime, just by paying cash!  It won’t just save you money on interest payments, it will also get you extra discounts, avoid financing rates, and keep you honest about how much you spend because you won’t make purchases that you can’t afford.  

And those around you will respect you more, because you’ve paid for everything that you have.  This is the most directly effective form of saving, and will improve your lifestyle greatly.

3. Pay on time.

It is amazing how much extra money people pay because they are late with their payments.  From video store fines, to parking fines, to overdue payments on bills.  Most of this money is spent for no other reason than out of pure laziness.

Too many people choose to return things a day late and pay the fine, when they could have easily taken 20 minutes of their time to go and drop the items off.  And even more people pay their bills late, choosing to have an unnecessary luxury instead, thereby incurring late fee’s or higher interest payments.  Many utility providers even provide hefty discounts for paying early.

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  1. Great tips to think about!

  2. Excellent tips. Can’t believe I forgot about some of those over the last fifty years.

    I got the book and an now using the formula. It’s great. Saved more than $40 in the first weekly shopping.

  3. Thank you for the tips. Was pleasantly surprised by the book. Thought it would be another Robert Kyosaki type of thing, and was happy to find it wasn’t. Saved heaps at the supermarket.

    Using the formula, and have arranged my debt payments. He’s right about saving thousands. Can’t believe my money manager was scamming me like that.

  4. I’ve read a lot of these books and will admit that this is actually pretty damn good. A bit short though. Wish it was a bit longer.

    Glad to see it’s not just another idiot trying to cash in with property or shares. Am going to try the formula and see what happens.

  5. very useful for me.

  6. excellent tips

  7. Very good advice.

  8. Some very helpful tips. Just bought the book last night and couldn’t put it down.

  9. Cool. Why don’t they teach us this kind of stuff at school? Is the book worth buying?

  10. Kiko, you sound like you’re at college. My best advice is to buy the book and use it every day of your life. By the time you reach 30, you’ll be rolling in money.

    Don’t wait as long as I did to organize your finances!

  11. Great article. Great book. It’s time for Americans to wake up to reality and start taking back their financial control.

  12. Agree with the other person – why don’t they teach this at school???

    Good tips.

    Read the book. A bit short, but well worth reading. And I managed to talk my wife into reading it. Next – my kids.

  13. Thanks for the tips. The book is awesome!

  14. These are all really good ideas. I went and bought the book on Tuesday and it’s the best thing I ever did.

    I’ve already saved way more money than I spent, and now I’m finally getting somewhere.


  15. This book is now my bible !!! If everybody followed this, we wouldn’t be having any financial problems or deficits.

  16. All common sense, yet we live in a society without any. Everybody should be doing this. The book is better, learned all sorts of stuff.

  17. I love articles like this. It’s actually useful.

  18. coupons are the best way to save money

  19. a hot content in triond. nevertheles, this is a great article.

  20. I love coupons. They are great way to save money. I use book and save lots. Best advice ever.

  21. Coupons do not save money. Not buying the item saves money.

  22. Very helpful money-saving tips. Once you have some money saved through using the tips here, try these tips to get the highest interest rate on your savings:

  23. saving is the best…for the rainy season..

  24. People have to eat, so username is wrong. Coupons do save money, or are you going to live on fresh air.

    I got the book during the week, and it is fantastic!

  25. I tried to get my friends to read this book, but they couldn’t be bothered. And that is why America is dying. Iv’e been following it for a couple of weeks, and I actually am doing well. But they don’t care. All they do is get drunk, smoke, and party. And they pay for everything on credit card. There is no hope for them.

    We live in a world where everybody just wants to borrow money to buy things, but none of them understand how it is destroying them.

  26. I take advantage of free entertainment when the opportunity arises.

  27. great tips thanks

  28. I do like all of these tips because I know they do work. I am trying to get better at using them.

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