Effective Ways to Make Money in a Bad Economy

These are four effective ways to make money when you’re in a bind. They won’t let you down; unless you completely botch them and get arrested.

I’m sure most of us have been down on the times. In an economy like this we’re losing our jobs and the cost of living is going up. But don’t let that crush your spirits. There are still ways to effectively make money, even in a horrible economy! Sure, you might be arrested if you screw up, but there’s a simple solution: don’t get caught.

Don’t try these at home, folks! Seriously… don’t. These are spoof ways to ‘earn’ money in a bad economy. Sure fire effective ways to make money FAST!

  • Car Wash Coin Machines – This is a good Money Making tip for beginners. In the dead of the night go hit up a small town and hunt down their car wash. Don’t go for the big name car washes; you’ll want to find a quaint little one. Break into the coin machines and bag those quarters. Divide the change up into some jars and trade it in at random banks a few towns away from where you live. No one will ever know…

Tip: If there are cameras around the car wash make sure to cover your face and wear undistinguishable clothing. Do not park anywhere near the car wash.

  • Steal Money from your Workplace – If you work at a general store then you’ve got it made. Slip a pack of cigarettes here and there, no one will notice. Steal a few scratch tickets while no one is watching. Activate pre-paid cards without buying them. Simple, easy, and EFFECTIVE. You can get free phone cards, pre-paid visas, and more. Browse the selection.

Note: You’re likely to be fired and charged for theft if you slip up. So watch your back and keep your criminal activity on the down-low.

  • Rob a Bank – The most effective way to quickly make money is to rob a bank. You’ll want to work your way up to this one. It’ll take a lot of planning and some cunning to make it work. So here’s how:
  • Pick out some clothing you won’t mind burning, a full face mask, gloves, and a new pair of shoes. Wear nothing that could be associated with you.
  • Get your friend to drive you to the next state over and offer to pay for the gas. Make sure they know that they’re the getaway man. (Hint: Advise them to steal their ex’s license plate and replace their plate with it.)
  • Select a smaller bank at random and hit it up around closing time. You’ll want to use a fake but realistic looking handgun. Think “Fun with Dick and Jane.”
  • When demanding the money act very calm and sure of yourself. Be polite and DO NOT show that you have a weapon unless absolutely needed. (If you’re caught later, it won’t be armed robbery)
  • Head back home and have your friend fix their license plates. Ditch your costume; turn it to ashes!
  • Hoard your money until later on. Deposit and use it very slowly to avoid suspicion.  

 Disclaimer: Just like Job Security these days, these methods of money making can backfire on you!

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