Cheap Cleaning for Walls and Woodwork

You can clean your walls and woodwork without expensive chemicals. You likely have everything you need in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Try these home made cleaners and save yourself some cash.

Cleaning solutions do not have to be expensive to do the job and do it well. These tried and true cleaning methods have been proven to be the work horses of cheap and non chemical cleaning.

1.A good all around cleaning solution for painted walls;

Mix 1 part of ammonia and 1 part white vinegar to 16 parts of warm water. You can add 3 or 4 tbsp. of dish soap or baking soda. Wipe well and rinse with clean water.

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Another solution is;

Mix 1/2 cup borax mixed with a bucket of warm water and 1 tsp. dish soap.


Wash with a solution of 2 tbsp. water softener and a gallon of warm water.

To prevent your cleaning water from becoming dirty;

Use two buckets instead of one. Fill one with cleaning solution and leave the other empty. As you wash, wring out your cleaning cloth into the empty bucket.

Paneled Wall Cleaner

A little dish soap in a bucket of water will usually clean paneled walls of everyday build up. Dry as you wash.

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Crayon removal

A little tooth paste on a dry cloth

A paste of baking soda will often work

Or you can use a cloth dampened in a little lighter fluid but be careful. It is inflammable.

Marker remover

On most washable walls you can rub gently with a dry cloth and toothpaste.

Nicotine removal

To clean stained walls; dip a rag in some distilled white vinegar and wash from the bottom up . That way you don’t get streaks running dowm the wall.

Sometimes all you need is ordinary liquid soap and rinse with clean water.

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A more extreme measure is to wipe the walls with a cloth dipped in ammonia and then wash immediately with clean water. Wear gloves and open the window. you may want to put a strong fan behind you at an angle to blow away the harsh fumes.

Remember before washing your walls to;

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Give the baseboards and molding a good going over with the vacuum cleaner wand before washing or rub them down with a damp rag. This removes the loose dirt and grime so it wont attach itself to your cleaning cloth as you wash the wall.

Wood direction; for wood grain molding it’s best to follow the direction of the wood.

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  1. Ruby, this is a very good article and thanks for the tips, I now can save a few bucks..

  2. You are a mind of information. I will have a go at some of these suggestions. Great work.


  3. Excellent practice advice, thank you.

  4. This is very useful. I’ll take your tips, thanks.

  5. Wow, did not know toothpaste can remove crayon from walls. Good info!

  6. Thanks for the tips! I discovered the hard way that “washable” marker is only washable if you get it right away. My mini Picaso decorated her walls quite frequently, and I didn’t always notice it right away.

  7. This is excellent advice. Definetly not going to buy magic erasers again!! I spent a ridiculous amount of money removing crayon off the walls when I moved last time.Great info!

  8. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Spring cleaning time is here! Thanks for the great tips, Ruby.

  10. Great tips!

  11. useful tips

  12. Ruby, how strange, this was what I did yesterday. You never really see how dirty your walls can be until you clean them. Good tips.

  13. SOme great tips – thanks!

  14. Hi,
    thanks for sharing this nice and useful tip. I was thinking chemicals are the only way to clean the walls in my house. i appreciate your help. Thanks


  15. Good tips.


  16. good tips. got any ideas for pine walls. My mom has these pine paneled type walls in her kitchen. They look really cool, but from yrs of cooking, the areas by the stove and oven have discolored from grease. They are original to the house and she doesnt want to paint or strip?

  17. very helpful! Thanks for the tips!

  18. A really informative article. Love the tip about removing crayon with toothpaste.

  19. Thanks, Ruby. This will help around my house.

  20. Ah, the crayon remover is dear to my heart! Toothpaste does, indeed, work for this!

  21. Thank you everyone for your time and interest. As usual I appreciate you one and all. I am always out for the best bargains and I want everyone else to find them too.

    Jo. the best way to clean pine walls is with white vinegar and warm water. Use the two buckets as I suggested above.After the walls are dry rub them with murphy oil. It will brighten and make them smell good.

    Yea for you Pam. I still have spring cleaning to do. and we bought soil yesterday to put out lettuce, basil, and tommy toes on our deck.If I get them out before the leaves leaf out they might get enough sun to grow.

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