Can The Prices Go any Higher

How is it that the government expects Americans to live with the high prices of groceries.

I went for my biweekly grocery shopping spree last night, and WOW.  I have never been so upset to find out that I had to go to 3 different stores to pay even close to what I have been paying for main staples, like eggs, ground beef, and coffee.  Can food prices possible keep rising?  What is our government thinking with allowing the rising cost of living to just keep steady increasing week after week.  Has anyone thought about all those people that are on food stamps?  It is a avalanche effect.  example:  You are on food stamps, you go buy groceries at these prices, then our tax money pays this bill… duh!!!  costing the government more money overall and that bill just keeps on rising week after week.  Is there not some breaking point?  I really have a down to Earth thought for all.  If it was a requirement for all men and women working in the government to live on, well,  let’s say a simple $50,000 per year salary.  Do you actually think they would see the problems in the country?  I believe that if they were all forced to live like 80% of Americans have to, that they could and would do something to help the PEOPLE of this country.  That is what they were elected for.  The rising price of fuel is ridiculous, how much money is enough!!!!.  This county runs with the work of medium to poor income persons everyday.  Just really think about what I am telling you.  The waitress that served you breakfast, the dry cleaner clerk, the valet, every person that did a service for you today.  All these have average incomes of $27,000 per year…  That is absolutely unacceptable and should be to all that are in power to take action and fix some of these problems.  There has to be some stopping point for the greed of money in this country, question is where is it and when will it finally reach it..

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