A Smart Guide to Starting and Succeeding as a Personal Finance Blogger

How to make money blogging about personal finance.

Personal finance blogging is a blogger’s goldmine. People are always  in need  of information and advice, about personal finance.

It covers the following topics: 1. how to invest money and how to make profit from investments, 2.how to save personal income 3.debt and loan payment solutions, 4.tax payments, 5.business and entrepreneurship advice etc.One of the popular examples of a personal finance blogging site online is www.wisebread.com. You can learn all about personal finance there, it is also a site you can write for and get paid.

How to blog :

To get started, you have to ask yourself the following critical questions 1. Do I have any knowledge about personal finance? 2. Where can I get relevant information to help me blog about personal finance? 3. What style is best used when writing blog posts on personal finance? 4. How can I keep a steady blogging schedule? 5. How can I make money from personal finance blogging?

To begin answering  these critical questions , we have to assess the level and type of education you currently have. If it is outside the fields of economics, business-management and finance, then you must be ready to carry out research .you can do this on the web, or at the local library closest to your home.

Some of the best free research tools you can use on the web, include the following: A. ultimate research assistant, B. article research automator 1.0. These tools will help you to find the sources of information you need.

When you have gotten the sources of information you need, you should make out time to study them. Make sure you understand the retrieved information related to personal finance. Researching and understanding relevant information will settle the first two critical questions above. You can also use the free tool www.gistweb.com to get the relevant gist from the sites in which you find personal finance information.

To settle the first of the other two questions, you must understand the writing styles other personal finance blogs or sites use.There are two wonderful tools, that will help you analyze the style of most personal finance blogs and sites.

These two tools are a. ‘http: //gobbledygook.grader.com/’s’ text grader, and b. ‘www.paperrater.com’s’ grammar analyzer. With these two tools, you will be able to derive the sense of style, which is best for personal finance blogging. You have to copy and paste articles from (personal finances sites and blogs), into the free tools at these sites.

As a smart start-up personal finance blogger, you should  select sites and blogs with good grammatical composition .Paperrater analysis will rate the grammatical correctness of sites’s content for you. Goobledygook  will help you select sites and blogs that write in a simple web style language.

Be sure to select blogs and sites that use good grammar and simple language.For a start simply imitate them, in almost every regards but please don’t plagiarize their content.

We now move on to the question of a schedule, which is very important . First of all get a free zero-distraction text editor (at writer.bighugelabs.com). Also visit www.cozi.com, to get help in creating a sound blogging schedule.

Where to blog :

The last thing to do is to monetize your blog, and ‘Google adsense is one good way to start.You should follow this link http://www.earnblogger.com/list-of-get-paid-to-blog-sites/.It will give you access to a huge list of 26 sites that will pay you to blog about personal finance and anything else.

Good luck to you!!!

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